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  1. I know. At first when I heard about this I said the same thing. But after taking the time to read through this guys work' date=' lets just say, I am convinced. Michael C. Ruppert, who is the owner of From the Wilderness publications, is someone who knows what he is talking about when it comes to drug trafficking. About Michael C. Ruppert I have not read through all of the information on his site, but something I have read really caught my attention. Article: Bill Casey Classified Letter Admits CIA and Drugs You will probably have to enlarge these: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Also I read in his book Crossing the Rubicon that $500-600 billion dollars in drug money flows through the US economy per year. How much are we paying the CIA per year for the War on Drugs, well it appears we are throwing the fight.
  2. Michael C. Ruppert is a former LAPD Narcotics investigator who discovered a link to the CIA and narcotics trafficking in 1977, he was fired in 1978 for no cause. He has been an investigative journalist for awhile now and has reported some serious criminal actions in American government and institutions that everyone needs to consider very carefully. He seems to be one of the very few people who are willing to step up and ask the hard questions that need to be answered. He reports with 'fearlessness'. Here is his site: http://www.fromthewilderness.com Also his book Crossing the Rubicon is a definate must read, you make up your own mind.
  3. The sad thing is that greed often leads to companies researching treatments rather than preventions. Treatments are more profitable, because if you make preventions and no one gets sick, eventually people will be to healthy to make treatment type medicines so profitable. Sad but true. Greed for moral values would serve humanity alot more than greed for wealth. But thats not how we have set up our civilization.
  4. Last night I was watching a documentary. In the documentary it illustrated how the clear cutting of trees in alot of cases leads to increased landslides in the clearcutted area. The landslides can lead to silt buildup in the creeks, rivers, and lakes in the area causing massive harm to the fish populations. Also the products that are sprayed (Usually a roundup, made by the Monsanto corp.) gets into the water systems and does even further damage by killing the eggs of fish. I think this is a good example of how humans make a natural environment unnatural.
  5. I don't know much of the history of China but I have been following this thread learning a little. No offense Cadmus but it really seems to me that you jumped on Aardvarks opinions with alot of insults rather than information as to why you think his opinions were off base. I don't know whos opinions are closer to the reality but can we keep this thread going with information rather than bickering, I was enjoying reading the information presented.
  6. Here is some information I found about it. http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ciadrugs/index.html
  7. Yes. It may not be written down anywhere but as a human being I think it is a moral duty to mankind. Yes. We all came from Africa, we all originated from the same bloodlines, and we are all humans. Weather you believe compassion is a gift from god or a natural development it doesn't matter, we all have compassion, we must have it for a reason. Defeating the roots of the problems. First you must look at the what the problems are, then you must look for what caused those problems, then you need to make sure those causes go away. For example genocide, everyone knows what the problem is, but how did it come to be. What causes people to commit genocide and what causes people to do nothing to stop it? Usually fundamantalism of some form starts the process, people follow because they either have bought into the fundamentalism or they want to be on the winning side (You are either with us or against us, good vs. evil mentality). What is the differance between genocide and war? Thats a question I don't think everyone will ever agree to an answer on. If the freeworld is going to fight genocide it first needs to stop commiting it.
  8. If peak world oil is now, as many experts believe it is, we could be facing depression in less than 10 years. That doesn't really give us a whole lot of time. The media has been very irresponsible in reporting this, and our leaders have too. We really need to start making serious changes now. Has anyone seen the documentary The End of Suburbia? I highly recommend it to anyone who has not seen it yet.
  9. I believe rail used to work good in the past for the US. Until GM, Firestone and Standard oil began buying them out and destroying it so they could produce GM Transport, with Firestone tires, and Standard oil's oil. In this case greed really destroyed our rail system, I think these companies were even convicted of a crime in doing this. I don't really think there is an alternate form of energy that could replace our fossil fuels that could drive the dependancy that has been built on these energies. The answer comes to less consumption, localization, and re-evaluating everything we do, and making proper adjustments to be more self-sufficient. I don't think keeping on with the way things are, like our massive consumption, has any kind of long term future even if a replacement for oil is found.
  10. I agree. And no matter what we will be forced to adapt, and I know we will. I am just concerned on how bad the problem gets before we do make those daptations. Its not just oil and gas prices that will be forced to increase but also product prices, food, basically everything. Shipping and trucking will become alot more expensive to maintain, agriculture and packaging, basically everything will boom in price and those adaptations will take alot of time. I don't know exactly what will happen, no one can predict the future. And like I said I think we should be pessamistic, when you challenge something and say "we are going to be screwed" its a challenge to everyone. People respond to challenges and make the effort to prove pessamists wrong and show how much human innovation, adaptation and inginuity we still hold. The best thing we can do is start raising awareness. How many people really understand what peak oil is? Not alot. We need to educate them. We need to convince them that this is serious, and alot of major corporations, shipping industries, car manufacturers, agriculture industry, and on and on need to take steps to begin weening themselves of oil addiction.
  11. Question: Does anyone know anything about the CIA and the drug connection?
  12. I hope you're right, but when one considers how much we rely on oil, especially for agriculture, food distrubution, our trucking industry, our import/export systems, our public transport systems, our plastics, and all of our private uses, it is difficult to think we can adjust fast enough with the drop. If you think about it demand goes up and supply goes down those two things are going to continue to get further away from each other and fast. As they do the problem will get more serious and mmore serious as time passes by, hopefully you are right and we can make the adjustments fast enough. As of right now it doesn't seem like we are making the proper moves to do this, if peak oil is here its time to get moving. The dems and repubs are argueing about the energy plan, Bush wants to start getting supply from Alaska, the dems want to start breaking into our reserves to meet demand... both need to concede and do both and stop bickering, imo.
  13. I think alot of what happened in the 70's was misinterpretation. M King Hubbert who is accreditted for bring peak oil to light predicted that sometime in the 70's the USA would peak in oil. Many of his critics often said in the 70's, "see this guy is a loony toon, we have never produced as much oil as we did in 1970". That is what peaking is, it is when you reach the maximum production. The year(s) you peak are when you will produce the most oil. After that you landslide downhill. The USA did in fact peak in 1970, and what came in the years after that was recession. Eventually we became very dependant on foreign oil. And when that foreign oil peaks there is no easy fix, such as getting it from somewhere else. The problem is here and is now or very soon. There is no propaganda behind it, Both sides of the fence, and all areas of the world are in agreeance, there is no dispute or debate as to if it is going to happen. The only dispute is when it is going to happen, and that dispute ranges from already started to 2012ish. We will not run out for many many years, heck we may never run completly out. But we are at the point where we cannot produce as much as fast as we use, and we use alot, that will be devastating for many industries as prices skyrocket. Excellent post btw Ophiolite! But I have not heard about the 2025 timeframe, what I have heard has put it much closer than that. Maybe those predicting 2025 were saying that before it was discovered many oil companies were inflating their reserves by up to 60% to raise their stock prices.
  14. Here is something I often follow, Michael C Ruppert is well known for his reporting and expertise on peak oil: http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/030805_world_stories.shtml#0 Keep in mind I am very pessamistic about peak oil, intentionally. Better to be safe than sorry, I am already trying to eliminate my families dependancy on oil, where I can. It can only help.
  15. I think the problem is being over-simplified and underestimated. Many experts think Saudi Arabia has already peaked. And remember when Saudi set the goal for $25/barrel - that was when it was at $35/barrel, instead of going down it is now nearly $50/barrel. Price increase is a good thing, that will be the factor that makes people pay attention. If Saudi Arabia has peaked then essentially the world has peaked. Peaking is not when we run out, it is when we reach the point that we can no longer extract it at a rate that it was once extracted at, discovery of new oil will not change that, once it peaks, supply continues to fall. Right now demand continues to increase, and if we are at peak supply will soon begin to fall. Increase demand, decreasing supply = higher prices, and those prices will never stop rising. There might be little waves or good points but in general oil supply will continue to steadily decrease. Its seems ideal to just say lets change over to something else. Well, its not that easy or that realistic. To make a crossover it will take alot of time and a collective effort, and we need to determine a good source that will be able to support the absent oil from the demand. As of right now I am completely unaware of anything that will do that. There is alot of ideas and hopes but so far as I have seen nothing will make an effective replacement. Not to mention natural gases and other resource depletions. Electricity is also becoming a problem, remember the blackout of 2003 that left 50 million people without light for 3 days? That happened because we reached the threashold of maximun output. The branch that fell excuse was pretty bogus, sure a branch fell on a line but the system tripped because the output was so close to max the branch caused a disturbance that took down the power to 50 million people. I suggest the documentary The End of Suburbia for anyone interested in the coming problems, it also gives some great insights on things we can do here in America to prepare/help adjust for the problem.
  16. Its not really a problem right now, it will become a problem soon. What I fear the most is that no one takes the problem seriously. This problem of peak oil has the potential to destroy the US economy and the world economy, send us into a great depression and cause much devestation. We can't expect the problem to go away without a collective effort so I think people need to make themselves aware of the facts of peak oil.
  17. Pangloss, I am very interested in oil and natural gas and the problems the world faces in the future due to the peaking of the two. I would love to discuss this. I just need to know where to start. Why do you feel that there is no problem? And what do you think the consequences of peak oil and natural gas will be? Also me and Aardvark had some good conversation about peak oil in this thread: http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=9398
  18. Great post! We seem to agree alot, I am a little more pessimistic however. I think being pessimistic in a threatening sense will wake people up to actually start doing something about it. I like your comparison to heroin addiction, it fits very well. I am concerned that the habit will be a little harder to break than you think though. But I hope I am wrong.
  19. Its probably their way of relieving their conscience from not reporting peak oil. And they won't report peak oil because really, whos stocks will go up? A couple companies that sell solar panels.
  20. Here is an article from today: http://www.adelphia.net/news/read.php?id=CP_3145&ps=1018
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