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  1. We know that by adding 3 by 3 times 3+3+3 or 3*3=9 We also know that by multiplying 3 by 3 times 3*3*3 or 3^3=27 what will be next level? 3^(3^3) or (3^3)^3 or what? this was upper level of ^ which we dont know? Now can you tell me Lower level of + Because upper level of + is * and upper level of * is ^ Lower level of ^ is * and lower level of * is + '----- Is upper level of ^ is superpower Is Lower level of + is subplus '------ Although we know that there is nothing in maths like this but can you please have knowledge!!! Solve This complex complexity
  2. <Date 2150-13-0> Ok you know that SquareRoot(-1)=iota Can you please know that log(-1)=jeota
  3. We can create many things like pen book etc but how to create own dimension ??? Total number of dimensions? What is dimensional unit.
  4. 0/0 = Set of All Numbers The Value of 0/0 depends upon from where it has come like (x2-9)/(x-3)=0/0 if x=3 but if x->3 then (x2-9)/(x-3)=6 so in this case 0/0=6
  5. 1/0 = +Infinity 1/0 = 1/(-0) = -1/0 = -(1/0) = -Infinity so Infinity = -Infinity
  6. Math is used to solve universal questions and the iota is a part of math. Let the speed of object is 81 km/s. Apply a method so that the speed of object becomes square root of its speed. The speed of object equals to {9,-9}. Apply again that method. After this the speed of object becomes {3,-3,3i } I want to find this method... Extra Question: Is it true that -infinity = +infinity?
  7. so it means that we can travel in time or 4d by driving car on iota speed.
  8. X Y Z Time 5d 6d 7d my position is 10^3.4 , 10^4.7 , 10^7.11 , 2013 , 1/0 , 1/0 , 1/0
  9. What do you mean by life? Is it not like a robot?
  10. What is the way to travel in other dimensions ???
  11. How I can reverse the time of universe???
  12. what do you mean by iota? What is (i)^(1/2)? What is the position of iota in counting dimension? Where is the position of iota
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