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  1. Trying to make a coilgun with no switch is kinda dumb and I can't really read your writing.


    You're lacking capacitors, a transformer (get it from an handheld bug zapper), battery holder, some switches, and an LED light (optional)



    Just asking how old are you?

  2. Unless your mother is a human and your father is a genetically modified Eagle then no you can have wings.

    Cross-Species Genetic...only prob is if the eagle takes over 70% your DNA the you'll be Dumber than a 3rd Generation Incested Family of retards lol

  3. No one really knows what a black hole in space is but the most common and generally insaccepted theory is that it's something that's made from Star Giants exploding and that the black hole has a very intense gravity field in which EVEN LIGHT cannot escape from it once light is withing it's reach, anything ceases to exists once it'side a black hole, however there are certain occasions in which a GIGANTIC black hole becomes a Pulsar which is one, if not the most deadliest thing that nature has ever created.



    EDIT: sorry forgot about that kinda forgot what giant black holes do thanks arch

  4. 1. Yes it explodes

    2. since you don't know what sodium is and the answer to 1 then I agree with mister mod...you shouldn't play with things you don't fully understand.

  5. People thought it was impossible for a man to travel to the moon...nothing is impossible for science

    Because, as has been pointed out more than once in this thread you can't. The clue is in the word eruption. You cannot drill a sufficient number of holes to penetrate the magam chamber.

    You cannot drill any hole that will penetrate the magma chamber and remain open. You cannot prevent magma solidifying within the hole you have drilled. The list goes on. This is not just an impractical suggestion, this is an impossible suggestion with any realistically projected technology.

    With a lot of time and you can drill enough holes, every problem has a solution. People thought that it was nearly impossible to make a fusion reactor that can withstand the extreme heat and pressure that are needed to sustain a nuclear fusion reaction but now with a lot of research time and funding we are only a few years away from testing the first ever Fusion Reactor that will be used for power generation. Impossible but possible dream.


    So as crazy as any theory may sound, as scientists we should always open our mind to any possibility and think that nothing is impossible for man to reach as the Americans showed us that even man can reach the heavens and beyond when they put a man on the moon.


    any other suggestions/.

  6. Space is continually moving and it's really fast. The only thing why we don't feel that it's moving is because of gravity. Given the right calculations and a magical button that says "Stop Gravity" we can go to planets/systems that our forefathers only imagined of going to. Warp speed and Warp Travel can also be possible but without internal gravity inside that vessel then everyone in it will die just like how pilots pass out when their air crafts take tight turns increasing there speed and pushing your blood down to your feet in short, warp speed w/out internal gravity = exploded brain (Figure of speech) but warp speed with internal gravity = awesome cruising

  7. CERN found anti-matter right? then why not just detonate an anti-nuclear bomb...of course we still haven't mastered the art of isolating and producing anti particles but if ever we do make those then the anti-nuclear reaction will annihilate the ordinary nuclear reaction. Now since the end result of antimatter meeting matter is a release of energy proportional to the mass as the mass-energy equivalency equation shows.. the only thing left is how to contain the huge amount of energy that will be produced by this reaction?


    And when you have spent you money on a waste recycling centre, what do you do with the un recyclable stuff?

    (especially since you now can't afford the incinerator?)

    It really does make sense to burn it and recover the energy (the energy recovery part is why it's expensive)

    You got a point. why don't they build a Solar Toxic Material Treatment Facility? harness the energy of the sun to incinerate and vaporized hazardous and un recycable materials and at the same time get energy.


    Saturday and Sunday for Chem Treatment while Mon-Fri are for energy making?



    Err citation please...


    First: most cancers do not cause mortaility in humans until after their reproductive potential has been met (e.g. average first-time mother age in the US is 25 http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/databriefs/db21.pdf). As a result, evolutionary pressures will not select for "immunity". Only cancers which cause significant mortality BEFORE reproductive potential has been met have the possibility to be exposed to selection pressure.


    Second, tumor supression (the most commonly cited form of cancer "immunity") comes with several, significant trade offs, such as early aging, lower fecundity and reduced tissue repair capacity: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0169534705002284 as such, cancers with a low rate of pre-reproductive mortality in a population will not be selected against heavily enough to cause allele frequency changes, if their negative consequences are an equal or greater limit to fecundity as that mortaility rate.


    Third, a cursory literature search doesn't support your claim.

    thanks for the citation. Guess am just good at Physics and tech


    thanks man

  10. hmmm..... .I. <---hand almost every nation knows this sign


    now for a serious answer Life and Death


    Kill an alien then the aliens will retaliate

    Save an alien then the aliens will save

    Reproduce an alien and seal it in matrimony then you get to have an allyien

  11. Recycling plant only way to go.

    Spending 500m euros on recycling not only makes is AWESOME but generate revenue too.I mean...come on? recycled plastic ware/bags/trash bags/and Trashcans are great. The Plant gets the trash then separate the metals/plastic and stuff then recycle...you get awesome stuff while helping motha nature

    corruption....500m on an incinirator?

  12. We evolve because we need to and not because we want to...

    Say...why did a certain species of cave lizards lose skin pigment? they didn't need it anymore cause they see,feel, experience light anymore...oh and they lost there eyes.Giant Salamanders have Electrical Receptors on there skin cause they needed it to survive (they also live in caves)And now our species are evolving Ecuadorian Genetic Mutants are immune to cancer...why? cause cancer is disease that we humans need to adapt toso why do we need radio waves to communicate?our bodies take out unnecessary abilities that we don't need ex: If we don't intake Lactose (dairy products) then we will develop lactose intolerance cause our body said "we don't need this anymore" so it forgets how to process it.



    I agree, i think this is more likely to happen in our future than biological evolution of such traits...





    Agreed...Technology is faster but nature has more quality...Father Tech is AWESOME but Mother Nature's better


    Cancer...never found a cure so Motha nature gave us immunity xD

  13. I'm not adding water directly to the magma...


    I think some are forgetting the scale of what is being considered. Volcanoes erupt from the ocean floor under thousands of feet of water and make it to the surface, often quite explosively... adding water would be less than useless. Drilling a hole to relieve pressure? magma domes can be many miles across, not gonna make a difference...


    Funnel in the salt water and use an RFG to make the water soften a new route


    RFG =Radio Frequency Generator


    Remember that asian guy who made salt water as a fuel for fire by using radio waves to burn the salt water by disrupting the bonds?


    as for the length why nor use a laser? thought it will be costly but hell...a life has no price

  14. Any suggestions?

    never really made one...



    Thinking of adding a high voltage transformer and shoot mini tesla coils using a coil gun





    15 Camera Capacitors? for power

    then I'll add a pulse laser so it's actually a Tesla Coil-Coil-Pulse Laser Gun / TCCPL Gun








    so it's like you shock then bruise then burn...


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