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  1. hmmm starsare "bi-sexual" beings

    MAybe they are pure energy beings?


    MAybe There complex Nuclear Reactions may be interpreted as neurons of the human brain. They Communicate via radiation (light) and move via Gravity or electromagnetism. They self-reproduce like plants and certain animals and they "see" things with radiation. They evolve when they explode.

    Certain species of stars may evolve into certain species of stars. The "breathe" and they "exhale" using solar wind thought it takes millionsof years just to suck in and exhale...


    Breathe= get hydrogen and start the reaction (just like babies) Exhale= LOOOOOOOONG TIME Give off Solar wind Cough/sneeze= Solar Flare

  2. umm pretty much the material use they will use to produce the reactor for ITER project is very heat resistant...The main goal of ITER is to create an environment that can handle extreme heat /pressure and magnetism to sustain a FULL nuclear Fusion Reaction

    Plus why not just Funnel in some salt water to make underground cracks then use an RFG to burn the crack and melt them?

  3. Volcano-------------------------------Drill

    ---+--- l

    --++-- ll

    -+++-- <----Magma chamber ll <----Tunnel

    --++-- ll

    ---+---______________________lll <-----EM Tunnel

    I________________________[ ]_______________________________ <--- new route

    I <-----Magma chamber



    Funnel in some Plasma Lined EM Drill (Remember ITER?) to keep magma away from the drill/just laser i through you puncture/thinned the Tunnel/chamber let it do it's work?

    Another Theory


    Volcano BIG RFG


    v v

    v v v

    Chamber Rock = Molten Rock = new path




  4. You don't need a way to store the plasma, it can be created upon pulling the trigger, what you need is a way to instantly ionize a high volume of matter and shoot it in a straight line. You can heat up matter to millions of degrees but it usually takes a long time, or at least a non-instant amount of time for a macroscopic volume of matter, it usually uses powerful lasers, so why not just quit while you're ahead and use lasers themselves?


    I know that you don't need to store plasma, what I was talking about is the energy needed to create plasma.


    plus it's actually more awesome to create a self-ionizing (Future thingy...anything's possible) plasma ball that you can control via magnetism so you can actually use it in tight turns making it safer for the person shooting it on narrow/enclosed tight areas smile.png

  5. Let's see...very sleepy


    We have gravity,light,matter,life,energy and stuff.


    now Facts:

    The moon is orbiting the earth, earth orbiting the sun, sun orbiting teh galaxy, and the galaxy is moving really rerally fast...

    and we don't feel it because we are affected by the gravity of earth,moon, etc...in einsteinas' theory crap...GeneralRelativity in spoace something makes gravity andstuff...gravity is energythingy now...is it possible to creat artificial gravity inside avessel that will cancel out all the othereffects of other forces of gravity exerted by matter outside the vessel? so that if everpeople go inside it they would not be affected by inertia when they would travel to space at 2times the speed of light.


    Explain how if you say yes


    P.S> if our bodies are travelling at the speed of light it doesn't neccesarily meana that timestops/slows down for us cause we can't/our brainscan't proccessthings at the same rate as we are travelling for our speed/body speeddoesn't affect out capability to think right? ignore this P.S. ifyouwant just answer the top question :D Gnifght to you all :D

  6. The mention of "gun" seems to imply directed plasma projectiles. Although, I guess a trebuchet with a flaming projectile counts.

    LOL ^ that counts



    if you're asking about very hot balls of plasma being shot at people like the predator then...that technology is still yet to come.


    First, you need to find a way to keep the plasma hot and at the same time hold it's form by means of magnetic confinement.

    Second, these things require massive amounts of energy so you need to find a way to store the energy and at the same time make it compact.

    Third, You need to have either a VERY Powerful and Advance Fusion chamber or a very small but powerful magnet inside the gun


    so yeah they can be used as weapons

  7. It can pass through anything transparent,how ever there are also exceptions.

    The only radiations that can pass through matter easily are X-ray,Alpha,Beta and Gamma Radiations and any other things that may be discovered that has more energy inside them.

    Such exceptions are Polarized crystals that do not allow UV light to pass.


    - House glass (ones in everyday normal windows)



    - Cardboard (used for packaging)

    Depends on thickness


    - Paper

    Depends on thickness


    - Plastic



    - Water



    - Cloth (Like window blinds)

    Dot and composition


    - Metal



    - Umbrella

    Pure black = no Transparent ordinary plastic = yes

  8. If we leave something alone, the natural tendency is for it to go from a state of order to disorder. The only way to reverse this situation is by creative

    intervention. One result of this law is if you want to create something, you must expend energy to the point that the disorder you generate is more than the order you create. In the transfer of energy from one point to another, there is always some waste left over.

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