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  1. I guess the big thing with having this kind of power in terms of engine is that it can require an equal amount of power from your computer. When opening a new level the terrain is set well below sea level and a sea is actually automagically added. The sea is using normal mapping and reflection algorithms, much of which is optimized or specifically for a DX11 GFX card. In the thumb I posted, if you blow it up you will notice the poly count. I had simply used a terrain brush to render a flat island with sheer cliffs, followed by a height brush to pull up some spiked mountainous formations. I dropped a big rock on the island and added a ton of vegetation. The terrain hadn't been textured yet and hence the large black line on it. But, the poly count is 1.3Million because I plopped down a considerable number of 3D rendered vegetation, as opposed to trying to fill it in with a terrain texture. I'm still running 56FPS, something that most will not achieve on their computers, especially in an editor. But at the same time, by applying proper techniques, CryENGINE 3 presents to users a rapid game development strategy that will significantly reduce time spent on redundant tasks like adding in a sky box manually.
  2. I'd blame the hormones, but that would be lacking a certain logic . . . . .
  3. CryENGINE 3 is very powerful and state of the art! It also ports quickly to both XBox as well as PS3 . . . . . the editor is quite different from others:
  4. I'm sorry DJBruce but is homeomorphism the proper word or should you not be using homomorphism? I'm not so sure a matrix itself can be considered a topological space. My understanding on this matter is limited but from my crude understanding of topology this is in fact wrong as matrices generalize to well beyond consisting of a topology. I should probably add that homomorphism was probably the right word . . . . .
  5. I advocate for Taurine supplements. Although without the added caffeine found in energy drinks you might not feel the kick, I think it does essentially achieve the effects that you desire.
  6. I don't see how pragmatic ethics, a socially normative approach to ethical theory, jives well with God and The Law, or natural consequence. Instead I would think this is quite in opposition to your statements and your view that today's society is amoral, where most I'm sure feel we have a well defined set of evolving morals, even if we are having some social difficulties. I would like to point out that from a historical point of view murder, rape, theft, and all the other little nasties are actually quite low in contrast, even if they have risen over the last few decades. Socrates, Euthyphro Tn. H. N. Fowler
  7. Or both partners could be on the same page . . . . it's not entirely unheard of . . . . . maybe?
  8. It's DirectX 11 now and Shader Model 5.0 using HLSL, so nothing has really changed. 3D Gaming engines with integrated game editors have been publicly available since the late 90's, commercially available since the early 90's, and pretty much since the advent of DirectX. I am personally a fan of the Source Engine. I would have dug deeper into Cry but they hadn't made their newest engine publicly accessible when I had last looked--this has changed. I don't see having a built in asset editor, aside from world map editor, as being beneficial. XSI is an amazing product and most game engines will not release anything even remotely as competent. I will probably have the opportunity to Co-Op with EA Blackbox, EA Burnaby, or Vivendi's Radical while I am completing my bachelors degree. I already have a game design diploma from VFS and a previous portfolio, which I should update. I am rather curious what sort of feedback the OP was looking for?
  9. Precisely, whose reason? Neglecting to point the finger at the source of the reason in question, also failing to to delineate for us the precise reason in question means that you have not presented an argument. At least you have now taken a step forward and have actually plainly presented a thesis statement "because of the change in education, our youth are basing their judgements on feelings, instead of reason." Can you give examples of where the youth of today are basing their judgements purely on feelings alone? I find it incredulous to reason that historically speaking people were driven, not by the need to mitigate their pain or to capture an amount of joy in their lives, but purely to pursue some moral statement--that they were incapable of defining none the less. What do you think schools teach? How do you figure that students are not taught morals in class? Much of what is taught expands into areas of human rights, animal rights, understanding the effects of media, and not to mention historical beliefs and traditions. Sex education consolidates the need to think and be safe, but also presents ideas on what it means to be parents, as well as presents the ideas of diversity and that we are not all made according to some master recipe where the ingredients never change. Students are taught to see and to reason why a piece of artwork makes them feel a certain way. Students learn both competition and teamwork in the gymnasium, and many go on to become the finest mechanical specimens of human to date. Athena please step off the horse, gather your facts appropriately, and assemble something worth discussing. Your opinions are valued, and I'm sure everyone would be more than happy to discuss your arguments and reason them through to their own benefit, otherwise they would simply have ignored you from the start. Or, continue to presume that your readers are aware of what you are on about, and watch as the thread continues to go nowhere!
  10. Try this yoda. It is a free online text, and from an overview it doesn't look entirely too evil for a man with your history!
  11. The only stats that I could find were on strictly overall male vs female adoption. There are significantly more requests to adopt female children, and a significantly higher number of single women adopting over single men. I would conclude from this that significantly more single women who adopt wish to adopt female children. But, at the same time, the adoption rates are much closer to each other. There are just as many boys as there are girls awaiting adoption at any time, and so girls are generally only adopted at a slightly higher rate as most parents wanting to adopt remain fairly flexible in their final decision. Google pulls up plenty of statistics, both national and international, but none include this specific statistic.
  12. I really enjoyed this

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  13. Just out of curiosity, does anyone else orgasm as the clippers pass by the right ear @ 3:20+ in ? I only bring it up because it is this very peculiar sensation that drove me to my sexual activities, which are quite in contrast with my desire to marry and find happiness in love and long lasting relations.
  14. It's funny, I see you as far more Prussian. You follow your commander in blind imitation, convicted to a set of morals you can't even define. You tear down a new generation, without even considering its mannerisms, form, or manifest. You perceive to create in your own mind, but leave nothing for anyone to delight in.
  15. I hate it when I'm unknowingly involved in extramarital sex . . . . unless the other spouse is knowingly OK with it . . . I'm not entirely sure how I fell about video taping it for them though :/
  16. I'm not sure biologists ever see 'the usual' as I'm sure they tend to prefer a set of tools and an input model such as FASTA, I'm no biologist either though. Maybe a set of solvers that could be used to build more complex models.
  17. That's kitten, as in upper case Chi Greek hard c or k, and like bambii with two i's, Xittenn.

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      In the words of the song - "What's new Pussii Xatt?". :)

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  18. It's supposed to be pronounced kitten, taking upper case Chi Greek hard c or k, and like bambii with two i's, nn.

  19. Thanks zapatos . . . just to be clear my statement below isn't directly tied to anything said in any of those posts and is more a consequence of my experiences with how people in general approach what they consider moral values and how it can affect me personally. I have no contempt for any of the posters on the forum.

  20. Better yet, Athena can you reference literature that best represents your overall position. Preferably something written in the last two centuries, that doesn't require argument about literal translations. It often helps your argument when you share sources that support the fact that there is one. As a follower of the thread I would even accept references to media such as film, maybe drawing comparisons against a movie like Jim Henson's - The Dark Crystal which has much to say about God, spiritual sojourns, and moral law. Just a thought though, I never know how seriously anyone takes anything I say (a very important point when considering any of my posts.)
  21. I have also had a sort of hearing impairment most of my life. My ears get clogged and I get ear infections, where often my ability to hear is affected. For the last few months my ears have been a problem. I get headaches and dizziness that make it difficult for me to think. I don't believe these impairments push anyone in this sort of direction, especially these days where we have corrective devices. I guess there are the exceptional cases where it disables a child, as suggested by CaptainPanic, but I would push to say that these are the more extreme cases. I have to agree with CaptainPanic with regards to activities. I was unable to join into most sporting activities when I was young because my family couldn't afford it. I did manage to scrape together some funds to join martial arts and cadets in my teens, but in all I hadn't spent near the time as many on these sorts of activities. This left me with much free time to pursue more intellectual and creative endeavours that required more imagination. I believe that my activities played the most important role in my personal development, as I am sure it is with most.
  22. I'm a little confused why the title includes 'sneaky' . .. . it sort of implies that a more straight forward method of compiling an accurate answer exists, which which it doesn't. I believe simply "Methods of Estimating Pi" would have been most appropriate, however less fun . . . . or "Numerical Methods of Estimating Pi"
  23. My biggest concern with sex has always been STI's. Oddly enough, given my level of concern, I've only used protection maybe once and almost all of my companions have been complete strangers. I obviously have reason to be concerned, but this really goes for anyone and everyone. It has been mentioned to evaluate and be prepared, as well as consciously aware, but little emphasis has been placed on exactly what that means. Most men will say "well I have little chance of getting . . . " which isn't really the case. Men have a tendency to masturbate which can break the skin and HIV is easily transmittable at opportune times. There is also HPV which can get pretty ugly. How do you feel about blood tests? Sleeping around with a conscious means a lot of blood samples will be taken. I am personally very lucky to be clean still at this time, especially given who my partners were, and these are things you are really going to want to consider. Condoms break, all the time, are you ready to have children. There are girls who will lie to you about the state of their birth control. Often young women really want to be mothers and they can go to extents to get what they want. Honestly wait, it is not worth the hassle. Find someone you really like and take your time there is no rush! Maybe first discover what it means to be a friend of a women first and then consider what it would mean to be more. All too often young men are entirely too preoccupied with the end result, and they have never even made friends . . .
  24. Athena, I'm still having a hard time with the premise of this thread. Could you please confirm if I have this straight? Before 1958 we followed God or how you are saying The Law. But, then something happened to change our process and we renounced The Law in favour of our own laws, and this has caused some disruption in society. You feel that this disruption is a consequence of our straying from The Law, God, or morals have you, and you feel it is time that things be set straight. Having done some reading you feel that the Greeks had things right, and through your metaphysical inspirations you have taken it upon yourself to teach the world, as this is your matriarchal duty and what you are best at as defined by The Law. You are walking in the foot steps of Athena, and plan to rectify the wrongs of society as you see fit, or better yet as The Law requires of you. IMO there are much better ways to argue your case. Laws tend to require some maturity and grace, and relying on metaphysics and 'Gods' of a long dead civilization tends to detract from the credibility of anything you are saying--which at least to me, is still unclear. Laws can be well defined, whether they are of natural consequence or of our own toiling with language has very little effect on the outcome. If natural consequence is your means of proving a greater sentience, and thereby proving a greater need to follow these inherent laws as opposed to the ones with which we see fit, it's a position many take. But what exactly are these 'Laws', and by this I don't mean what is the literal definition of what The Law is. Can you actually list what The Laws are, or are we expected to take them as you see fit to make them? I am an animal, I am a human, I am a person in a modern civilization, and I act accordingly. My efforts are put forth such that my needs as a person are met, and if society is working against me in these ends I make an effort to try and make changes to this society so that it better meets my needs. Society affords me this position at this time. But if what you are saying is true then I should not be afforded this luxury as it conflicts with The Law. I don't know too many people who won't have a problem with this 'Mother'.
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