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  1. I was under the impression that mass isnt effected by velocity or acceleration. Can someone explain how a fast moving person of regular mass would create a black hole effect? Is a gravitational field generated by some other means than the person's mass?
  2. Thank you for the thorough explanation.
  3. Why is it that photons are incapable of moving faster than c when they have no mass? I understand the concept of diminishing returns in relation to a massive object like a starship (or any item with mass for that matter), but this still doesn't clarify why time slows down the closer you get to c, effectively rendering you incaple of exceeding that velocity.
  4. There are many fields of science. Find one (or three) that ingulfs you most and research!
  5. I do suppose this falls under the catagory of things we will most likely never understand. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. I just dont see how or why there is an exact maximum velocity. It seems that naturally it should be limitless just as time and mass is. To assign any number to it makes it seem like something (and I hate to use this particular word but..) "designed." could be set in place to keep civilizations from interering with one another... who knows?
  7. I would argue that physical constants could be viewed as evidence of a coded simulation. Also, there's also the notion that if any intelligent beings became capable of creating such a simulation, they would undoubtedly create more than one. Therefore, is it not more probable that we are living in one of the countless possible simulations (of the past or future) rather than the one 'true' universe? Furthermore, if this true universe exists without the physical constraints of the one we live in, they could be a far more widespread and unimaginably more technologically advanced. This is all speculation of course, but physical constants just dont seem that 'natural' to me.
  8. I have a very elementary understanding of physics, but from what I understand there are several physical constants such as the Newtonian constant of gravitation, the Planck constant, and the speed of light in a vacuum. I've also done some reading on quantum physics and string theory and I remember reading an article about the possibility of the universe we live in being a complex simulation of sorts. As I got to thinking, I couldnt not understand why physical constants like the speed of light exist. Why is there a maximum velocity; An exact number where acceleration stops? It seems like something that is hard-coded into nature. I cant seem to fathom why there would be a limit to an intangible concept like speed, when the concept of time is limitless. How plausible is it that we are living in a programmed simulation of a universe, while the 'actual' universe exists without phyical constants and much different laws of physics?
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