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  1. You copied only what fits in your combat strategy against me like a real prosecutor, but there is written also: “…I consider the hypothesis that b-decay is caused by neutrinos, although not really proven beyond doubt, a realistic possibility, realistic enough to justify further research about it.” How can this be –Mister behind the gun – that this physicist agrees with me 100%? That is the difference between real working physicists in the field of research and the Admins in this forum; the first ones want go on with the research - the admins here want shut down everything, because my theory is “mumbo jumbo” in their personnel tailored “reality”. I just see also that he made exactly the same proposal as I: “…The best option would of course be to perform an experiment of this sort on board of a space ship travelling further away from or closer to the sun than the earth does.” Since this admin denies the results of observations there the article: Article removed due to copyright infringement. there! another attempt to block this discussion. I will report this We are in speculations, but he demands a complete house, where he can rest in. Mr. Klaynos, here is an idea, what eventually could grow and have fruits with math, but only if it is not killed before. You will be much more happy in threats with math. By the way: I am not a theoretical physicist. I am an experimental physicist and made 1966 the first traces of alpha particles in a new spark chamber and further I investigated the interaction of metastabil atoms with other atoms and found that a metastable state get ended by a hit by another atom. I waited almost a half century for theoretic physicists to make a theory of it, but what happens? – absolute nothing. Now – on the end of my live (I have 2 cancers and my days are counted) I read that there are new observation which seems to prove my claim. Therefore, I tried to publish it. After this failed I put it in for a. My only intention was it should not be lost for mankind, with it some physicist after me can go on with it. I hoped even to find help here – my mistake. But instead helping me to develop my hypotheses further I am treated in the same way as in a political jail – I am the defendant and some here play the prosecutor. I also was going to post other ideas, but Admins convinced me otherwise: it is better to take them with me in my grave. That is what will happen. Admin: Dein Wille geschehe. Therefore, it is total irrelevant if admins gave me points, warnings and let me drown in their piss, as me was told.
  2. yes, except with the word "more". This comes only in play if there is a chain reaction (laser, gamma bursts etc) between many systems as I explained above. Mostly the free parameter is a point/direction in time and space... It is consistent with other observations. Think yourself of one. For instance in mechanic: you can nothing (in dead nature) move, if you give it not a direction. If you would be able to give it energy for moving without any direction, it would not move, because it don't know in what direction. But what happens in an atom? An electron may get more energy than it needed without simultaniously getting a direction and want emit a photon, but don’t know in which direction if there is nothing out there in a certain direction. The atom itself is total rotational symmetrically. If somebody can move an object without giving any direction, he would render my theory false. In the last 50 years nobody succeeded.
  3. except the last one - and this, because the leading physicists don’t dare to say anything – either negative or positive things to my theory.
  4. You can look in all my publications and you will see it never happend what you discribe - in the contrary, but judge yourself, call the editors. You will hear for instance that I had over 100 positive resonance - a TV broadcast was choosen the best of the year etc. http://www.wolfhartindustries.com/veroef.htm I never did this. I tell you a secret. I am my greatest enemy by myself. I (and others) tried since 1966 to destroy this theory. Nobody succeded. Now my predictions are observed. That's the only thing what counts. If all the admins tolerate vicious lies in this forum it is a dictatorship. Don't confuse the doer with the victim.
  5. You deny everything I wrote, but you presented a vicious lie as "Evidence" without any backup.I just took your own words and proved that the sun returns around the earth. You know exactly what you did and above I wrote what you did. But here again: you looked in Google and you found out the odds that my theory is right are 100 : 1. You took the one as "evidence" my theory is wrong and not reality (that means you) To suppress deliberately 99% of available information is like a vicious lie. You don't like my theory - you don't like me - why are you still here? The rule is if you have a claim you have to present the evidence. and why are you in conflict with me and all other physicist, which made observations in this matter.Why are you claiming only you are able to evaluate evidence? Are you God? Now I am threatened to be drowned in the piss of an army by another admin. (Here must be a nest.) Of course you can drown me in your piss, but as Giordano Bruno, Galileo and other physicists, I will never deny the truth. I said the same thing to the Stasi as the put me in jail. They killed many people, but they could never kill an idea. Do you think you can do it? Now do your worst. - 25 points - and proud of it.
  6. I said only: Ein physikalisches System verharrt solange in einem metastabilen Zustand solange nicht ein bestimmter Wert eines frei wählbaren Parameters von außen vorgegeben wird. A physical system in a metastable state remains as long as not a particular value of an arbitrary parameter is determined from outside. I explained why my experements 1966 support this claim. I tried to publish it now, because there are now observations supporting my claim. Links in my last postings...
  7. and you determine who is wrong and who is write. Rule No 1 What for discuss anything? Of course - you are the hero, the prosecutor – and I the defendant. That’s why you demand to answer all your questions and you answer not my questions. no - this is the link: http://science-technology-inventions.weebly.com/ can't you find it? I have the patent. You can read it in my website I manufacture it in my own corporation. Do you want one? I am sick and can't do what I want...
  8. You seems to be a decent person and I tried a discussion wich people like you, but this is not possible, because always the same jump in crashing the party. There is also a first glance difference. The admin behind the man with the gun stalking me has over 22 000 postings - you under 1000. He is only policing the forum. At youtube admins get not involved in discussions. The police act also so. For a private forum it would also be okay.
  9. ..and made is worse. If you can't even distinguish between an disagreement and a vicious lie you are not able to make this discussion. You should not waist your time. It is still very personnel for the victim. I never picked you. You picked me blocking any decent discussion, Why are just you I have to put with all the time? Why are you always present if I write? Are you stalking me?
  10. I never hold back such information. http://science-technology-inventions.weebly.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/InventorWillimczik http://www.wolfhartindustries.com/
  11. and you never ask your guests! Look to youtube where it works. Why do you call a vicious lie "disagreement"? (You could - with this logic - call breaking somebody’s nose also "disagreement".) There is not a single observation what "proves my theory wrong" - therefore he is a vicious liar. If this is with the rules I am proud to have now - points, because they are very positive in a negative environment? repeating yourself make it not right. You can't dictate what other persons feel. You did not answer my question. Why can you permanent - all the time - post here?
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