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  1. why do u want from others to listen to u? about what? i dont see anything wrong by writing you as u nor because as bc, it suits me in focusing more on the idea then on letters forms it depends wether u enjoy substance or shapes in things, that is to freedom taste and when freedom is the exclusive right then it cant b wrong anyway im out of here dont worry i never enjoy being where my freedom is not welcome since it is wat i am
  2. keep meaning talking to urself but u cant walk here by pretending knowing what communication is nor scientific ways of pointing anything in objective terms when u cant respect else freedom rights then u cant pretend that else exist to pretend that u r communicating about anything
  3. judging a person by its way of writing just bc it looks ugly to u, show and reveal ur own standard that according to my knowledge or judgment should never exist u exhibit clearly ur pride of being only one, as if it is an absolute right to consider then any and all according to ur positive will as existing one mister u should not b allowed to write, words are based on conceptions abstractions so exponential of levels height that include everyone and thing freedom as plural ones realities free and without limiting its objective perspective and facts recognitions to any
  4. this is the point, u do not make the necessary effort for ur own means, u r not a real individual bc u mean to b as a gift u got i didnt ask u any about ur words, how can any ask another on his own expressions in words terms, it is the whole sentence or post that exist not pieces bc what exist is the mouth that said it, there is no info there it is my own self mind expression so free conscious right, my expressions are mine totally, how m i supposed to show u how i speak, it is me not u and since u r not understanding what i said then why r u interested to get smthg of, mayb there is
  5. soul is individual life but what you seem to preconise is objective abuse of individual wills so kind of animal life conditions that of course is everyday more killed from what the condition being become the bases of will so less everyday the nature of will which is free
  6. soul is the opposite to conscious, conscious is objective perspective reactions or drives while soul is a subjective free will sense and moves what explain opposites existence is truth, so where opposites reference seem to be the same present fact that is surely a reason why everything is through oppositions while meaning to take advantage from truth existence that cant b pointed objectively but in conception terms from what truth is first and last infinite character fact that is why the more people enjoy the present existence the more they are conscious life while
  7. if now is the same then now is to truth and not to time, since there cant b plural objective right perspective, objective true reality is one that is why time concern pass and future only so never the present, and why past is the future as the beginning starts from its end, and futur is the past since what would become real is what was a sense so it is like past and futur realize the concept of time in truth pointing relativism of infinite truth in abstract absolute terms that never exist while the concept of present is all to true existence from what is known definitely a
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