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    music(punk, rock and rap, RnB), computers, extreme sports, chicks, and all the other usual stuff young adults like
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    starting bachelor of science in bioinformatics and molecular biology
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    my name is david, i have just started a bachelor of science in bioinformatics.
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    i work at foodland
  1. if imaginary numbers had never been created, then it would be accurate, and a hell of a lot more logical. and i wouldnt have had so much work to do in yr 12
  2. i know there solutions, but if the quad doesnt touch the x axis, it doesnt really need solutions, why not just say the quadratic formula cannot be factorised?
  3. a root or a quadratic is where the line touches or crosses the x axis, if the quadratic has imaginary roots, it doesnt actually touch the x axis. so why the hell do we have to say it has a root? i didnt know there was equal rights for polynomials.
  4. i have often thought about and have been amazed by this topic, i figure it is easy to go forward in time my use of going into 'stasis" (i think its called) where you freeze your body and wake up in the same state some time in the future. as for going back in time, the only way i can thik of is passing everything you know to a younger form of yourself, or going back in time and greating a new present (now future). i read a great book about time travel, its 'replay' by ken grimwood, this guy dies from a heart attack and wakes up the next morning in his colledge dorm. this happens a few times and he meets other people that are in the same situation as him, its a great book and i recomend it to anyone who is intrigued about time travel.
  5. dont forget there is always the chance that there is an alien race that isnt as advanced as us, and in 15-20 years from now we could be flying saucer shaped ships over to them
  6. if aliens did exist, and they visited us, they would have to be more inteligent than us to be able to have the technology to do so where as we havent even set foot on mars yet. my guess is if aliends do exist and are among us, they wouldnt get drunk and clumsily crash their spash ship into earth on a joyride. they will be observing us from afar as if we are an intresting science experiment.
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