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  1. Does that include the possibility of more temporal dimensions?
  2. This conversation boils down to the fact that: There are two opposing theories about the great advances in science. One, called the “eureka” theory, holds that a truly outstanding individual is occasionally born whose brilliant insights illuminate his generation, and whose contribution alone is the cause of quantum jumps in knowledge. This view is supported by naming many of the great scientists, from Copernicus through Einstein, who produced ideas of such originality and importance that they were light years ahead of their peers. These men seemed, unaided, to have changed the course of history. The opposition theory is sometimes called the “zeitgeist” theory, which in German means the “spirit of the times”. It insists that revolutionary ideas are a product of their generation. This theory proclaims that at certain intervals in history circumstances are ripe for new discoveries and that outstanding individuals merely play their preordained roles in developing them. Those who support this theory claim that through the ages many equally able persons have existed, but that only those fortunate enough to have been born at the propitious moment in time make the momentous discoveries that occur.
  3. Is there any proof that the universe consists of only 3 spatial and one temporal dimension, or could there be more?
  4. You said anything that goes through one portal comes out through the other one.Terefore, one would, theoretically speaking, be unable to put 60% of the red portal through the blue one, as it would have to come out through itself.
  5. Firstly, we are cetainly not a product of probability... if that was the case, nothing in the world would be as logical as it is.I mean, ever heard of the 'golden ratio' 1:1.618?Research has revealed that all things perceived by most as attractive somehow have that ratio, e.g. Egyyptian pyramids, Mona Lisa, David [sculpture by Michaelangelo] etc. Also, the last book of the bible [Revelations] was written by one of the 12 apostles John. He was in hiding from the Romans on the island of Patmos when he wrote it.According to his writings, John had visions of what would happen just before Judgement Day.Psychologists argued that he was alone oon this island and was, therefore, mad.However, other psychologists looked at the book of revelations and realised that it was too logical to have been written by a madman.Thus the book of Revelations is in fact true and as it states that the rest of the Bible is true, the world must have been created by a Spirit far more superior and wise than the wisest philosopher could ever be. Another thing is that elements did not evolve - if they did, then why are they not still evolving?
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