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  1. I heard it was widely used medically throughout the world for over 3,000yrs.Then the government started reefer madness out of the blue lol.I believe current society thinks a miracle drug is a pill made of highly genetically modified organisms that carries great risk in the body,usually causing need of other pills added for caused problem(s).And no longer believe any natural foods & herbs can heal & protect the body
  2. I believe water is water.Even when theirs no minerals it's still water.I don't think it would pull minerals that's stored in the body.To me it's exactly the same water in our body. For Minerals,their in just about any food you eat.Even if it's not on the nutritional fact they contain traces of some kind of mineral. I can drink 480ml of almond milk,90% calcium,8% Manganese,8% magnesium,4% Copper,10% Zinc,8% iron,& 4% potassium DV just in minerals. I can eat 60g of black rice,%4 potassium,%4 selenium,%6 iron,%8 zinc,%20 phosphorus,%20 magnesium,%35 molybdenum,& %120 DV manganese just in minerals. I can keep going,but I think it's enough for a example of minerals in food.I found this document ran through a scanner.Towards the end it says: "NASA has reported no ill effects from consumption of approximately .05mg/L(50 ppB) TDS water on board spacecraft.It appears that the possibility that this could have been a problem was never seriously considered by NASA."Then right after it says a field test was done in boulder,CO with about 50 families.They had no ill effects from drinking .05ppM(50ppB) TDS water. Consumption of low TDS water Even military & navy drink distilled.I think if its really that bad,they wouldn't be drinking it still today.
  3. Thanks but I don't trust WHO on water.
  4. I'm not sure exactly where my thread should be posted in.Please move to correct section if I chose wrong,thanks.My interest has grown rapidly this year about water & anything added in it that effects how it functions throughout the body.I find when it comes to health products & marketing them,they like to bend science in their statement on their product(s). I choose to use properly distilled water.Not based on what distiller companies state.But on my thoughts alone.It's sterile & cheap,40 cents per gallon.I read things such as, Distilled water leeches minerals from the body etc. etc.Like this link, My link Dr.mecola also pushes health products on his site.I find this as another he said she said crap.No raw evidence,documents etc. are given. I'm getting tired of people not showing those after what they say.Their is also companies pushing alkalized ionized water,another one that seems to bend science in their statement on their product. I think if someone is going to spend over $1,000 on a little machine that spits out water,they would look further into the science of the manufacturers statements.Sadly most don't.Here is a link that I believe helped me on the quest for truth about alkalized ionized water. My link2 I have drank distilled for over a year daily.I see my doctor monthly for full checkups & bloodwork.I am very healthy.I think this whole using ph for food deal was made up by vegetarians/raw foodist & hardcore PETA supporters.Don't have anything against them.But allot are nuts & like to ignore science. Can you please tell me exactly & in the most detail possible what happens once water hits the mouth & all the way through the end? I read in scientific terms distilled water is basic purity.Then their is lab grade 1 water known as highly purified.Is their any solid evidence available with full documents that either of these negativity affect the human body? I'm sick & tired of people just saying & not proving.Is it not possible to verify on what i'm asking? Thanks to all for their time on this,very very much appreciate it!
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