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  1. this is a very detail subject but im asking simple question We can see even toed ungulates Artiodactyla Odd-toed ungulates Perissodactyla diversity varies in continents and some please like Madagascar Australia and don't have any native. south america don't have any bovids native and bovid diversity is very low north america. Africa has no Tylopoda Cervidae only found on north tip. but very high bovid diversity. Eurasia has both bovid Cervidae diversity. Please describe what factors causes this uneven distribution
  2. what were the causes for Ice age animals( large herbivores ) or animals extinct 15000-5000 years ago in tropical America ?? i learned North american mega fauna extinct because of global warming,a meteoroid impact BP 13000 years ago,and human impact also Eurasian ice age animals died out because of warming. climate warming probably gave the large mammals heat strokes but how could End of Ice age affect Tropical megafuna because they were already adapted to hot environment, human hunted them for food but it's impossible to accept human were the cause of extinction
  3. ok in conventional coal power plants we lost large amount of heat (35%) when steam condensation to water, why don't we just send stream back in to furnace without condense in to water more fuel save
  4. i watched some articles and videos about Cooling severs with mineral oil,is it energy efficient than other methods especially for a small to medium size sever room (that use air conditioning system to cool the room )
  5. Ex- 0.25 dec ---> bin 0.25*2 =0.5 / take 0 0.5*2=1.0 / take1 (0 left so no more multiply ) answer 0.01 bin
  6. ok Water boils and transform in to steam in room temperature at full vacuum. why can't we use this method to desalinate seawater. we don't need any fuel for heating water but just only energy need for maintenance ,pump water ,make water containers full vacuum
  7. soybean milk cant the real milk but is so cheap and rich in nutrients less fat and very easy to home made but i read it will increase Estrogen level in Men. how far is it harm to to men what is the daily recommended amount to drink for men
  8. is Burning wood directly or making wood into wood gas more energy efficient ? i made a wood gasifier in home but i read some articles saying syn gas have very low heating value and i'm little bit confused which process can give more heat burning 1 kg air dry wood or making 1 kg wood into wood gas then burn
  9. What do you think about Origin of Borneo elephants native to the island or descendants from elephants introduced by Sultan of sulu. it's told Borneo elephants are surviving Java elephants (thought to Extinct)
  10. old gold buyers using many method to recycle old gold jewelry into pure 24 kt gold to resell i want to know a good cost effective method to recycle old gold jewelry.purify it into pure 24Kt small gold bars. one method i know is nitric acid method it costly and take long time
  11. Geothermal energy especially in volcanic regions.dig as much as possible and send fresh water to turn in to steam and run power generator
  12. yes solar and wind are clean,cheap energy.but guys, i'm talking about energy problems of poor countries.(GDP per capita is 300,400,to 1000 US $) solar pane cost is likely 0.70$ per watt.a 500 w solar panel is cost 350$.it's just a dream for a household.so 10 MW solar power plant cost nearly 6-7 million $.their government can't afford. but a biomass burning power plant not cost as much as solar panels. only building and power generator is costly. growing biomass and harvesting will crate some jobs
  13. Using Thorium Reactors instead of uranium will be a clean nuclear energy
  14. solar,wind are costly. for built 100 MW solar power plant will cost millions of $.that why even rich countries can't built large solar power plants
  15. Many low income African and Asian countries don't have any Fossil Fuel reserves and they import Coal and petroleum for electricity generation and it's really affect their economy.but many of these countries have huge marginal land it's suitable for bioenergy crops. Growing some fast growing drought tolerant Grass species and built some biomass burning power plant will give them some relief.many tropical grass species can give high dry matter harvest and can grown on dry lands ( Napier grass can give up to 75 MT dry matter per hectare per year but can obviously we can get at least 15-20 Mt DM on dry land ) some fast growing tree species also can used for biomass burning (Ipil ipil tree Leucaena leucocephala ) and grass biomass also suitable for other countries making bio diesel by soybean, palmoil increase deforestation Your Ideas
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