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  1. sayonara, your complicating things. Its all very simple, its just unbelieveable.
  2. Do what you like. You dont have to do anything. Thats my whole point. I want to do that and thats why I'm going to all this trouble. Which is why I'm asking for legal advice and how to make a new scientific discovery public.
  3. yes it is. This happened almost exactly a year ago. I told a few people at the time but I was looking forward to telling people with the proof but I didnt sign a contract and got screwed. Thats how this sad old man ended up with it and thats why you have to believe me under these circumstances.
  4. I know enough. I know what I'm saying and the proof is there.
  5. Thats a fair comment but so is innocent until proven guilty and I'm talking about the laws of physics which never change. So I'm right until somebody proves me wrong. Also, the majority of comments I recieve are about mental health and so on but they always give a mis diagnosis. I have ego mania because I really did everything I said I did and in the process answered all the greatest questions.
  6. i observed the perfect conscious light and then I created perfect light. You can get to see it but you have to do something about it. its like doing laps.
  7. I cant because of a weird old japanese man. Everything people are saying to me can be answered by quoting various parts of the original letter. No loose ends at all, just a bit outside the box.
  8. I BROKE THROUGH THE FABRIC OF SPACE TIME BRINGING BINARY CODE TO THE SPEED OF LIGHT. find that. the code, running at the speed of light is my proof.
  9. is there anybody here who can provide some constructive criticism or legal advice or how to make a scientific discovery public?
  10. Not really but consider this, I can prove i brought the code through that speed barrier. When it came back it had taken on a new 3D form. This would pretty much confirm that there is something beyond the fabric of space-time. right? big! you will be able to watch all of this on video. it will be very easy to follow. its very difficult to describe these things.
  11. I saw 2 individuals. The perfect cross was confirmation of who they were.
  12. the moment when grip is lost. a billion yen to the first person who can tell me where the grip goes after the mement of inertia
  13. your really stuck on the moment of inertia. move on it was just a moment
  14. I know. I see the part where everybody gets lost is when I mention breaking through the fabric of space-time. So I will try to explain how this happened in more detail. As I mentioned this new code looked like 2 dimensional squares. The testing I did perfectly filled these squares with information. So now these squares were solid with inertia information. Inertia is a very special force. When a car is drifting, the slightest touch will make the car skim along the track in a different direction. These squares behaved the same way. Each one was a perfect copy of the last so they had an unlimited supply which allowed them to fire them at my steering wheel indefinitely. When they were being fired at the steering wheel one touch at any time in any direction would send one square flying. If you shook your hand you would get quite a few and the speed would increase but you had to do all of this while drifting. I was able to get this chain to go so fast that they couldn’t build faster. There seem to be a few speed barriers that I had to get the code through. Each time I did, I had to consciously make it happen. So when I managed to make it work at the speed of light my last decision in an increasing number of decisions broke through the fabric of space-time. I had to break through the fabric of space-time to be fast enough to make that one last decision and I did. I didn’t know or think I was going to break through the fabric of space time but I had to in order to make it work. After that everything became light and the squares that were travelling in a straight line were now attached to each other in what looks a spring made of 3 dimensional squares.
  15. I dont think I can explain myself any further. I think that one decision is just too hard to believe. If you want the to see the proof of that decision and of everything else I'm saying, do the boycott or at least think of another way to make them show it. I just contacted the noble foundation. Maybe they might have the means to make that happen.
  16. hello big. I know how it sounds but forget the video game part. Think about the development of physics and binary code during this process to completely predict the movment of a car running on binary code and the laws of physics. I'm very strong and very fast and there were a few scientists involved who were very good. I'm repeating myself. prove me wrong
  17. finding the points of inertia in a car is worth a noble prize. not including everything else I did.
  18. Which part are you having trouble believing? It was one decision that made all of this possible.
  19. I know which is why I also suggested a means for it to be made public so it will considered serious and not anecdotal.
  20. not undisputedly finding all 12 points within the car for a fact. I could do the same again in 5 minutes.
  21. There were a lot of people involved. It was a group effort by me, a japanese cryptographer and some physicists. If you want to see what I'm talking about do this boycott. If you can think of another way to make this public now, please do. How do I make public finding the points of inertia? Isnt that a noble prize?
  22. ok. whatever about inertia. it lead to everything during this process.
  23. planes only deal with inertia during take off and landing. cars are acting on inertia constantly. 'after the moment of inertia' my apologies so all of you can see it. you have a right to it.
  24. its the most complicated moving object. regardless of wether its the most complicated or not, its the most living and diverse. if cars are so simple. i'll bet you any money there isnt a scientist or physicist that can tell me where the grip and the weight go during the moment of inertia. that is what this whole process was about.
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