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  1. it is only obvious that this forum is not run by professionals anymore, it is run by dumb asses!!!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE!
  2. the point of what 1 represents is here in your reply: the unit of counting or measurement BUT............. what distinguishes 1 from "all known measurement systems" ???? where does this 1 start in time and space???? where is it found in Euclidean Space ?????? what is the "origin" of 1 as per velocity and the speed of light? what is 1 as an initial state? what is 1 relative to???
  3. Giving someone a bad reputation only because they ask questions that the science world connote answer is not a climb to success, rather it is a con-game of abuse.

  4. Critical & Anaretic Degrees http://www.cafeastro...caldegrees.html 180 degree marks the star constellation of Gemini, the symbol of this zodiac is pi ratio.... Saggitarius points to the Galactic Center, Of Suspected Black Hole Region: http://www.astrology...cleus.asp?orig= I can prove this using pi and " standard" numerology now: Gemini 6 / Saggitarius 12 = 0.5 1/0.5 = 2 6 / 3.14 = 1.91082802547771 1 / 1.91082802547771 = 0.52333333333333 But again what does 1 represent, this is what I am trying to ask the science community but no one seems to understand this simple question.... WHAT DOES 1 REPRESENT IN YOUR NUMERATORS??????? The inverse? Ok what is this inverse? This is what my 1 here represent: 1 / 5.0042 = 0.199832141 This is a year 1998 of auxiliary time unit numbers. The Galactic Alignment "zone" is 1998 +/- 18 years = 1980 - 2016 http://alignment2012.com/whatisga.htm Whether the link above is true or not, I don't believe in coincidence... BY THE WAY INCREDIBLE ART WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://sacredgeometr...f4-145dae8cbbb8
  5. Murderator Is the same as Rapist, to Typist... Murder is a bad thing, rape is also a bad thing. Through and Through simple and simple... Moderators should not be exempt, this has nothing to do with comments, its the fact people will get offended by this, some just rather not say it... The definition of a Moderators http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moderator OH BY THE WAY CAN YOU EXPLAIN WHAT "sound" is to: Murderator they seem not to know for some odd reason, perhaps I was not clear... The staff used something I think you may find of intrest here is what they stated: Criticizing your ideas or your presentation is NOT a personal thing. It's what science does to make sure any evidence presented is sound and trustworthy. Which of coarse you made fun of me using the same word sound. I would like to see you tell this staff member what you told me about demensionally sound units and or numbers, like I explained to you and others here whom accused me of not making sense. [/modtip] this was your comment to me, remember???? If you were thinking that typing this would clear up any confusion, you're sadly mistaken. What's a "demonsionally sound values"? Sounds like something that would come out of a guitar being played by the Pick of destiny
  6. Yes I know, its called too many facts to handle. 180o rotation of the descending numbers???? Sounds like astrology to me astrology ascension right ascension http://www.astrology...t-ascension.php Oh by the way, great avator photo! Is that Yoga and the & chakras???? Hymmm http://www.mindbodyg...-Beginners.html ANYWAYS.... What do degrees have in common with numbers, remember, their is no signification to magical squares..... Right? Unless you set ratios as .05 right? or as in .5c "Lorentz transformations??????????????? Here is something to concider about this .5 thing http://www.glafreniere.com/matter.htm "E" must be measured in joules, the mass "m" in kilograms and the speed "v" or "c" in meters per second. Note that "c squared" means (1000 * 300000 km/s) ^ 2, about 9 * 10 ^ 16. Suppose a one kilogram meteorite is moving toward the Earth at .01 c (1860 miles or 3000 km per second). It contains .00005 kilogram as m' kinetic energy : b = .01 m = 1 g = 1 / (1 – b 2 ) 1 / 2 = 1.00005 m' = g m – m = g – 1 = .00005 E = m'c 2 E = .00005 * 9 * 10 16 joules E = 4.5 * 10 12 joules. So I guess then me and Benjamin Franklin have the same "quests." Franklin says he drew "magic squares or circles" to occupy his mind http://www.pasles.or...te/article.html While our leaders play dice with our future and scientist debate on new creative "solutions" hence "the old ones don't work anymore" I guess this is the only entertainment this world can offer me at this time. But then thinking about it change always causes anxieties for many... Face it, you used number theory, to prove number theory wrong as a concept.
  7. dimensionally-sound equation http://www.av8n.com/physics/dimensional-analysis.htm On another note: PLEASE KEEP AWAY FROM ME! I have already reported your very offensive name under your avatar! PLEASE KEEP AWAY FROM ME! I have already reported your very offensive name under your avatar! PLEASE KEEP AWAY FROM ME! I have already reported your very offensive name under your avatar!
  8. Was it not you that created that wonderful "decipher" of my magical square??? With vector "lines" that showed a type of measure???? Interesting, however, this is a topic on number theory, magical squares and etc, why all the fuss about numerology??? Gee I don't know, you have done a great job to insult all my posts, you tell me..... With all do respect, none have forced anyone on these topics, if they are unclear, you are more than welcome to proceed to something that is... This may help you in the mean time: Motion is always relative to something and you get to pick whatever that something is when you are solving a problem or doing a calculation. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Motion_is_relative_to_what
  9. Maybe this is why you do not understand things: Hidden variable theory http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hidden_variable_theory Particle Wave... Science still has no idea why this is. I think the relevant thing is this: Science has no idea what the EFE are relative to, So, they have no idea about the size color and or shape of anything on this planet. Communication is a design intended for those whom study the "trend." Everyone can have sex without communication, it is universal, music to is universal, art is universal. I think it is obvious that the 'speculations" are do to the fact that people seldom want to admit they may be wrong about the things they know of. Max Plank was scrutinized for his work in math models: http://milesmathis.com/planck.html Envy, Envy, Envy, wow! It is interesting how the same biasses towards numbers is not applicable to money and monetary systems when infact that to is a number theory in itself that even I will never understand.... Nothing personal as long as I know I am wrong I will always search for the correct way.
  10. What I "think" this has relation to is the center of mass like pi ratio for example What I mean about precession can be seen here as an example: 0.104384134 * 9.58 = 1 http://www.calculate...e.com/sci1.html 0.104384134*9.58 = 1.00000000372<----- you see those zeros? There are not supposed to be there. This is a precession and accuracy problem known as round off errors. Precession is defined by a systems inaccuracy and accuracy in calculations. Instead of an average "finding", some mathematics can be precise, "again" independent from the system that measures it. Again this is a perfect example: 0.104384134 * 9.58 = 1 and 0.104384134*9.58 = 1.00000000372, one is precesise the other is not. I found how to do this by the way, I am precise with anything I calculate. To bad this does no apply to "money" otherwise we would all have a dollar extra for every buck we spend! Round off errors. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/42980 So, just as zero and 1 both define empty space so does pecession in its explained form here. 1 and -1 are precession they are located in exponents of numbers. Electrons have no relation to the center of mass, but this may be wrong due to precession calculations and or functions that need an upgrade. Since the discovery of the h constant we are now far more advance, imagine now how we can be precise!!!!!!!!!! ....
  11. You must not read the entire post here, me and another member have been speaking about the "same" demonsionally sound values I place earlier..... Sorry for the confusion.. That 1 here represent a cycle of precession demonsionally sound in alpha numerics but not only in this fashion... 1 represent a cycle for x, the - 1 is a cycle that is quite large.... However, I have not seen anything close to my values given. Would you like to participate using values such as I? Thanks!
  12. What does 1 represent though? I am confused on your explanation. Does it represent .5?
  13. What does 1 represent to you guys though?? My x and my y values represent the speed of light to a precession as its - exponent.. Meaning that -1 or +1 = precession in a exponential way... Nothing can = 0 from what I know. c/ x17403623434808744+y2712253364740.28 = 1.72231803046111e-14
  14. Y is completely fine: http://www3.wolframa...s=29&w=249&h=65 It states in this link that the exact result is denominator of 2.. This here is my proof for the constant of 2
  15. You state that The connection is tenuous at best. This here proves that magical squares can be further researched. About QM operators: http://hyperphysics....tum/qmoper.html This states QM operators are in relation to waves. I am sure when I say that waves also have in them, circles, sin, cos, and tangents. Also vectors are no different, they create straight lines for their construction. Waves then are used to research topology and etc. In this example I have given on magical squares, the arrangement is meant to have 180 degree symmetry. It has already been stated by another member. This has position in space time, and forms a square, 'general idea' like an identity. The Wave Function a "good example here"" CREATES A SQUARING TOO" in where the "probability" to find the particle is greater in the square. Weather this is true or not about the wave function whom knows, the point is further speaking about this to the science community and stretching our minds to find better methods and approaches to number theory.... I believe in theory that 2 is constant because an exponent can also be represented as a 2x2 matrix,3x3 matrix and etc. Magical squares are just that, they exist in the "squaring of empty space" Remember numbers are a concept not to be taken literally.They give an idea and or relation. In this case a matching sequence.... I can "try to create one using Perhaps you can share that to the Moderator whom place My Post here.... HERE IS THE PROOF OF MY MAGICAL SQUARE. The reason why "my" square here works is because of this: [sum of all numbers in the squares spaces = 30] / [squares spaces 16] = 1.875= 0.005208333 revolution If the total mass of the electrons in an object is about 1/2000 of the mass of the object, as per other member's have stated, then my finding in my magical square is = to 1/2000 0.005208333 revolution Then the precession are bases of ten: 1/2000 = 0.0005 0.005208333/0.0005 = 10.416666 I was wondering how to do this with a simple rock experiment, but obviously I was misunderstood. As you can see, no one realized this about "my" magical square. This is why to me talk is cheap, I am providing mathematical proofs, concepts and ideas, = I am doing all the work, while others are doing all the "speculation." I can do this with anything science has a name for by the way, this is only 1 example of the billions I know. Now that it is confirmed here that their is a relation to mass, electrons, and 0 as the "center of mass" maybe this can be used as a positioning system far more advanced than the wave function is capable of, I am hoping to see some examples that use values and or numbers in the them by other members whom have commented on this Post. I will wait for now.
  16. Yes you are correct with this: [math] x^{2}- 92 \: y^{2}=1[/math] Ok, here are two dimensionally sound values of my personal "try" at this. These units are "sound" with Cosmic Rays, Beta, and Gamma. So that: Cosmic rays * [beta .866*gamma .5 c] x= 17403623434808744 y=2712253364740.28 NOTE PLEASE. This does not mean that I have done this correctly, it was my "personal" simple attempt in the challenge for: A person who can solve x2 − 92y2 = 1 in less than a year is a mathematician. Brahmaguptahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brahmagupta's_formula I think I did pretty good though... Actually anyone can do this, just show us how "you" can prove this to be = h as discrete values of energy = 1 or even just 1 in general. I already provided an example and would like others to participate using "numerical representations" Thanks!
  17. A person who can solve x2 − 92y2 = 1 in less than a year is a mathematician. Brahmagupta http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brahmagupta's_formula This is mine whats yours? 1/1508996212705581.8 = 6.62692186753095e-16
  18. As usual here, when one replies someone else answers, I have complained about this, but obviously no one here listens. Talk is talk, walk your walk.... Please disprove this in some type of math, and or "MAGICAL SQUARE" representation while keeping 0= 1 I am not impressed with the you this you that anymore excuses excuses. The point that I am trying to make here is the "why" behind, 2 being a constant, and 0.5*c = 1/2 c. This is basically the point, that point is that 0=1 the center of mass E=mc squared. What is so hard to understand about this??? You are all smarter then me, I think I may be teaching people things in the background.... Well, disprove this in some type of math " whom ever you are" , using a "MAGICAL SQUARE" representation while keeping 0= 1 CAN YOU DO THIS????? A person who can solve x2 − 92y2 = 1 in less than a year is a mathematician. Brahmagupta http://en.wikipedia....iki/Brahmagupta So I guess 1 = the quantum of action??????? The "newly" discovered quantum of action?????????????????????? WOW!
  19. The argument here is keeping the entire magical square "here" intact. Meaning that another square should be used to disprove the one here in my OP.... This will stop comments such as numerology and etc.....These are excuses, not proofs.... I am looking forward for numerology to be the basis of this topic, when in fact it is not even close..... I assure you.... You did a great job already, its a shame you feel you need to bow out. Thanks!
  20. thanks for your reply, NICE MODEL! The issue is what does this 1 represent and what is it relative to???? I have read much about Bells Theorem, But am still very scratchy on the technical side of science "formulas." Now, looking at your model, (which is better than mine) I am noticing that the 'lines" seems to refer to something like an inverse square law, do you agree? I see this on the image to the left hand side. The symmetry you speak of is what I am referring to as this inverse square law in relation to seconds / seconds, like a squaring of time in where 2 is constant as in a "squared number." This is my guess only here. This is only an idea that I have about how squared numbers when placed in a magical squares makes zero = 1. just as you stated... Again, you stated this "if you want to get rid of the zero, add 1 to every value and the "magic" remains." The issue is what does this 1 represent and what is it relative to???? And mostly what is the magic? I have no idea..... But here is an idea about the 2 of which stays constant: 12+13+14+15 = 54 1+2+3 = 6 54/6 = 9 6^2 = 36 9^2 = 81 36/81 = 0.44444444444444 1/0.44444444444444 = 2.25000000000002 1/2.25000000000002 = 0.44444444444444 0.44444444444444^2 = 0.19753086419753 1/0.19753086419753 = 5.06250000000002 But here I see much jumping in and out in increments of 2, but then they change after the numerator 4. My guess is because the 2 stays constant. Could this be how quantum mechanical issues get resolved? 1/0.4444444444444 = 2.25000000000023 2/0.4444444444444 = 4.50000000000045 3/0.4444444444444 = 6.75000000000068 4/0.4444444444444 = 9.0000000000009 5/0.4444444444444 = 11.25000000000111 6/0.4444444444444 = 13.50000000000135 7/0.4444444444444 = 15.75000000000157 8/0.4444444444444 = 18.0000000000018 9/0.4444444444444 = 20.25000000000203 10/0.4444444444444 = 22.50000000000225
  21. REALLY? THE MAGIC SQUARES AND ---->BELL'S THEOREM http://users.wpi.edu...ns/MSQUARE5.pdf Looks like you may be wrong Sir....I think it is best, to let the Staff Decide, if this should be moved to Speculations, provided that I have links here that support this. However, if this does get moved to Speculations, then so should Bell's Theorem... Thanks for your concern... phenomenon in quantum game theory http://en.wikipedia....seudo-telepathy Magic, Mystery, and Matrix http://www.sns.ias.e.../papers/mmm.pdf Centre for Quantum Technologies http://www.quantumla...symposium09.php Magic Numbers in Market Research | Newsletters | Versta Research http://www.verstares...t-research.html Centered Square Number http://mathworld.wol...uareNumber.html
  22. 0 14 13 3 11 5 6 8 7 9 10 4 12 2 1 15 Note: need help with creating a "latex" grid for the numbers.... If numbers are true forms for generalizing something used by science, can magical squares also generalize the idea of zero? In my opinion, I think they can really help the science world to discover more areas of research! I have notice that in some magical squares 0 can be used as a number. Why I do not know as of yet, and what does 0 generalize I also do nor know as of yet... Infact this one here shows that 0 " appears" to have some value. Of coarse adding the numbers across or diagonally = 30 including the zero. I am wondering what the science world can gain, if these magical squares can be of help.. Hope you enjoy this!
  23. Thanks for your time and typing this in an way that is much more understanding to me. I will take your advice so thanks on this, I will stick around....
  24. Never said that they were connected, but that doesn't mean that its not possible, maybe I communicated the possibility wrong and will work on this more later as I become aware of science terms. thanks...
  25. Well it sure feels like it lately....Thanks for the link..... well lets hope this does not happen otherwise you will have problems in this forum.....
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