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  1. I guess may be it has on significance !alcohol is not so good to taste n just to get good taste they eat things !not sure
  2. In hybridoma technique ..why do v need to kill so many mice ,cant v think of any other way in which v can obtain products without harming those animals ? Cant v use humans for this ,like instead of inducing cancer in those animals cant v take cancer cells from an affected person n lymphocytes from the spleen of a dead person who had the infection ??is there any problems if v use humans for this ?(except ethical issues)i just thought of it coz if v can use mice for this then i guess v wont have much problems with human cells!sorry if i am wrong ! I just posted what i think !(i dont know mu
  3. Happy Birthday, Vindhya!

  4. Happy friendship day to all my friends

  5. I don't know if im wrong.In some way even genes are responsible for ugliness. ugliness is determined by eye shape,skin colour,nose positioning, short stature etc and these are determined by genes and can be tranfered from parents to offsprings.
  6. Vindhya


    If a mother is hemophilic-A and father is hemophilic-B then what type of hemophilia the daughter may suffer from ?
  7. "Another possible explanation for this would be if the father had Klinefelter's syndrome.This means he would be a "XXY" male, so instead of a 50% chance it would be a 66% chance in favour of female offspring, or odds of 624999:1 for this same situation occurring". -Originally posted by Trox Do cats get Klinefelter's syndrome? Even if they get can that cats be abe to produce sperms?(even if they do ,does meiotic non-disjunction always occur in them so that no Klinefelters is born again? )
  8. Vindhya


    Thank you timo ,from next time onwards i will keep this in my mind .I checked the original question but that is same as the question i typed. I wanted to add my calculations but i didn't know how to type the root ,from next time i will add my calculations.
  9. Vindhya


    Please guide me in solving this problem:Find 'n' in the unit vector 1/10(4 icap+8 jcap+n kcap). The answer at which I arrived is root 20 but the one given in the book is root 0.002 .Please tell me if I am correct and if i am wrong guide me in solving this problem.
  10. During the course of evolution if more complex animals are formed (than man), can their requirement of essential amino acids decrease? Can their body adapt itself to produce these essential amino acids?
  11. Then why some amino acids are called semi essential?
  12. Thank you for your help. This was a 2-mark problem for 10th standard student. I just split the expressions and the final answer I got was 2\sqrt 7. Please tell me whether I am correct in my approach.
  13. I am a pathologist 's daughter trying to help my friend. please help me to find the answer.
  14. Exciting images and discussion too.
  15. Thank you very much sir.

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