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  1. I am not a scientist, but I am a tinkerer. My father approached me regarding this subject, and I thought it would be entertaining, if not effective. The concept is that a typical ice runs around 30 to 40 percent efficiency. Electrolysis of water produces monatomic hydrogen and oxygen in a two to one ratio, with some water vapor and other elements in the mix. By adding a volume of this to the air intake on your vehicle, you are increasing the burn in the cylinder by adding the much more explosive power of hydrogen to the air mix. The hydrogen burns hotter, but the water vapor cools the engine simultaneously. Again, I'm not a scientist, but we built and installed a unit in my father's 95 ford ranger. The only other modification we made was to wrap the oxygen sensors in aluminum foil to cause them to run hotter so they would lean out the mix in the engine. Within 5 minutes of running the vehicle with this equipment, the engine ran smoother, stopped knocking, and the constant smoke in his exhaust seemed to dissipate. Driving, according to my Dad, the truck has more pickup and runs smoother. Able to go up hills in a higher gear. he's been running it for a month now and fuel economy has gone from 19 mpg to 27 mpg without any other changes in driving habits, fuel choice, tuneup, etc. You are absolutely drawing more juice from the alternator to supply the electrolysis, but you are getting it back in burn efficiency. Does it work on paper, I couldn't say. I can say it's working for him.
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