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  1. interesting insights...amazingly enough...there is one HHO is good for...generating cash..evidently the http://www.water4gas.com site has generated 20K+ and is going stronger than ever...what is happening to all these peoples' cars who have installed the contraption?
  2. presumably when you run a charge (6v) through it, H2O becomes HHO, and somehow mysteriously, a very small quantity of hydrogen passes in a vacuum into the engine along with a lot of water I guess; You add like baking soda to the water to activate the charge (clueless here - so knowledgeable readers forgive me). Wikipedia explains it... My question is whether their claims of up to 1/3 improvement in fuel efficiency is due to the fact that water is displacing the fuel and less fuel is going into the intake or something. Often, the oxygen sensor will sense less fuel, so actually add more gas and you burn more, unless you can trick the sensor to think all is well...
  3. Is there any weight to the claim made by these web sites: http://www.water4gas.com and http://www.savefuel.ca ? They send HHO into a vacuum line of a gasoline engine and presumably you save fuel...Someone told me there was a recent Popular Science article that debunked these claims. I am really tempted to get a kit from the first site and try it. Also I heard a similar process was implemented on WWII P51 mustangs to super charge them and it worked okay - when it did work; otherwise they blew up..... any insights are appreciated.
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