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  1. Is there a way to convert oxide to sulfide Thanks
  2. Which programme would be best suited for changing .MOV type files to .WMA or .MPG.
  3. http://www.skylighter.com is another source for Al powder
  4. CuO/Al is another nice thermite and all these oxides can be used with aluminium: Fe3O4, Co3O4, CoO, NiO, MnO2, Mn2O3, Mn3O4, CrO3, MoO3, MoO2, V2O5, SnO2, CuO and Cu2O
  5. Good Chlorine Isopropyle Alcohol Bad Ammonia SO2 H2S Acetone
  6. Aspirin


    You might want to check here for a sword (http://www.tolkientown.com/shop/default.php/cPath/119) Enjoy
  7. NaOH worked like a charm, all of it is gone (the oil i mean)
  8. Yes i have, it failed misserably
  9. So my stupid neighbor spilled a whole bottle of motor oil on our drive in and i can't remove it with water and a tooth brush. Any chemical that will remove this nasty stain easily. Help
  10. And this would be usefull to Europeans becouse.......
  11. Or you can also use KMnO4 + HCl, you'll be smoked out of your house in a matter of minutes.
  12. Anyone else here listen to Techno/Future trance/Dance........ My current favorites would be XTM - The power of love M-Plax - The wave Scooter - One always Hardcore All of DJ Rankins songs (well most of them at least)
  13. HAHA I am the only one on this board who knows Slovene Zarad tega se pa počutim tko osamljeno......*sob,sob* Ich kan auch Deutsch sprechen unt English (nooo, really)
  14. I always thought Sodium hypochlorite was NaHClO......can anyone confirm if this is right or wrong Vrus: The salt obtained is a mixture of NaCl and NaClO3 To obtain KClO3 from bleech you need a K ion donor such as KCL which will substitute the Na ion in NaClO3 with the K ion to yield KClO3 hope that answered your question
  15. Brace your selfs for a medival one King: This year my campaign slogan will be "You never had it so good" Rodney (Royal guard): Why not shorten it to "You never had it" And a x-mas one Dragon: Santa clus is a fat creep Rodney: Are you nuts !!! Dragon: .....and of his elves are right wingers Rodney:....stop that !!!! Dragon: It works, every year he fills my stocking with coal. HAHA LOL
  16. So i'm trying to make some KCL using HCl and KOH but i can not figure out how much of HCl and KOH to use. Help please.
  17. No problem Reevers are good for destroying building and large concentrations of zergs such as hydralisks and zerglings I usually place them in my primary defense lines to kill of masses of zergs. But i rarely use them for attack as they are slow, difficult to operate and they need constant surveliance preventing them to run out of scarabs. But they are good for destroying the enemies primary defensive line which will minimize losses amongst the attacking troops Yes, hit and run is good to use with the protoss troops but i usually use this strategy to starve the enemy to death or forcing him to come out and face my carefully prepared defenses. The first thing i do is camp at his gate (This only applies for the map Sherwood forest as this is one that i play the most) and prepare defenses. Then cut off any possible escape route using stationary defenses, after that it's up to him. He usually chooses to try to break out but he was rearly succesfull. The zerg thing. I also use flood, but only hydralisk as they are multi function units (STA and STS capabilities) I think the protoss and zerg strategies have been pretty much exhausted. Anyone have a good strategy for terrans as i pretty much suck at playing with those.
  18. True the 12Vs12 was only a comparison Ofcourse Zealots need some air cover so i usually combine them with some dragoons. So my basic protos strategy is like this: 1st wave of the attack consitsts mostly of Air units (Carriers with some fighter cover) 2nd wave usually consists of Zealots and dragoons and some observers (to kill of the burried zergs) 3rd wave are only small raiding parties for search and destroy missions. Of course when they find a base they call upon air and ground support This worked good in most cases when played against the Zerg. Failed me only a couple of times. Ofcourse if this is necessary this strategy can be adapted to implement hit and run attacks before the main attack to weaken the enemy and possibly minimize losses.
  19. Also scouts are good AA Units. It's true that protoss take long to manufacture units but take it into account that one Zealot can take up many marines and many Zerglings before getting killed. 12 Zealots is a much stronger fighting force than 12 Hydralisks
  20. Gotta love them Protoss. They have the strongest units in the game, oh and those carriers are just.....brilliant Zerg are next in line becouse of theri mass production capabilities......bloody hell, i can make a detachement of hydralisks in less than 45seconds. Also
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