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  1. According to what i know the evolution process proceeded because of natural selection. They change because they are forced to change their way of living in order to adapt to the enviorment. Or not to adapt to the enviorment but just because it lives in a specific enviorment. (i.e A popular theory is that apes lived in trees in certain areas but when grass arrived many of the tree's disappeared and the apes had to adapt to the new enviorment by learning to stand on its two back legs in order to hunt for food correctly. Over huge swats of time they begin to be born in that fashion.) Or from a mutation in a species, And if this mutation is beneficial it is more likely that the mutated version will survive. When that mutated version survives it reproduces more. When that happens there are more offspring with the same beneficial mutation. They will then reproduce more than the kind it mutated from. So on and so on. After this happens a very very high amount of times you end up with something completely different.
  2. I see, the purpose of this thread still remains the same though. Our ideas for curing/treating different types of cancers can be discussed here. As well as better and alternative treatments to the ones we currently have. I will get myself higher education on the subject so i can more accurately give my ideas. As should others.
  3. Okay but would they even want to reproduce? I see the advantages of it now. I agree to your argument.
  4. I said "causes" not cause, I am speaking for the common CAUSES. And those causes can be brought up from a million other things like radiation exposure, bad health habbits and many other things that can cause it to go wrong. Yeah that would be something cool to have sometime in the future. That one would be perhaps a little farther into the future. Lets continue flowing out our ideas.
  5. Also accomplish these goals in an effective manner. If we just plugged the holes whatever it takes of course we would die. But the analogy is equal to this. A. Prevent cancer from forming. B. Destroy it before it kills the person. And achieve these goals best possible. Maybe it is impossible to completely prevent cancer from forming. I do not have expertee's in the subject. But i already know chances can be lowered. But the goal is to do this in any form that works without hurting any of the goals i have listed above.
  6. While my objective was not to breakeven in energy production when i built my fusor, It was only to complete the feat and collect the education picked up along the way. But hearing that enough i guess i will do easy backyard experiments instead. But yes, This is the dilemma when it comes to nuclear power. If we can achieve better than break even it would revolutionize energy because this can be done repeatedly and is a renewable source of energy. As long as hydrogen exist i believe we will be capable of producing such energy. If hydrogen did cease to exist for some reason then we would die from any of the following. A. Die from lack of water unless we found a way to break free of needing water. B. Die from lack of sunlight and energy being produced because the sun wouldnt have fuel. C. Many other things that would end the universe as we know it with lack of hydrogen. So as long as the universe as we know it exist this source of energy would be reliable considering we could produce positive net energy from the reaction.
  7. Indeed. As mentioned in the link given and i lightly brushed on that in the opening of the thread. What we want to do is A. Plug these holes B. Get rid of the water before it sinks the ship. We want to accomplish one if not both of these goals without causing harm to the patient that is nearly just as deadly as the cancer itself. If it is possible do it in a way that will cause the patient no harm whatsoever to life after being cured. Or if not a cure after treatment.
  8. That is indeed true that is what this thread is about. But OVERALL the causes of cancer are generally the same. (Without expertees in the subject)
  9. It is not their faith that they believe directly will protect them, They believe that their god will. And that is not promised and snake handling is a very small branch from christianity and there is a reason why. They go in knowing there are dangers they arent fools. They know they arent invisible and can be killed.
  10. Ok apparently i do not understand, How would it increase their fitness by being that way or doing so? Im gonna head off for now we can continue this later.
  11. So what is it exactly that i can do? Can i get a few good backyard experiments that i havent seen a trillion times?
  12. Superfusion


    This topic did not last very long at all......... Anyway yeah robotics are pretty interesting. We are evolving them and now using unmanned drones for spy plane intelligence, No telling what they got that we dont know.
  13. Based on what we know about cancer so far what can we use as real treatments for cancer/cancers? We know that a "crazed" cell does not get eliminated and begins to reproduce/spread among the area and in malignant cases infects tissue of an organ. We also know that better hygene/health habits such as eating and exercise can reduce your chances for this "crazed" cell from appearing in the first place. Other than our current western treatments lets try and see what we can produce outside of that to slow down, stop or prevent it from happening in the first place. Here is the wikipedia link for more information. Oh yes and other links to more information are much appreciated.
  14. Yes your perspective decides how you see the evidence. If you see things from the wrong perspective it is indeed not evidence to you. And can even show for the opposite.
  15. But what you find there is why is it advangeous? If they maintain homosexuality they cannot effectively produce. With everything known people desire to do so. Maybe not just to reproduce but what you use to do so attracts people.
  16. Interesting... I wonder why though? Perhaps the same problem with testosterone in the brain or another common problem?
  17. It is? Nothing is found in the research? I believe in your case the testosterone is flowing to the brain but it persist? Perhaps its the latter and your brain simply does not react to the testosterone. Humans are very sensitive and have very sensitive brains. Homosexuality is something i have never seen in other animals. I guess with the higher intelligence comes the bigger sensitivity.
  18. Ok i watched through part 2. This does not change my stance. btw, Even if i was managed to believe that God does not exist the values in the bible are still treasure and worth living by.
  19. Correct, Just because it cant be falsified it is not valid, The point is that it cannot be falsified. The difference in the writings and records of Zeus are that they are much older and less reliable because they were the only civilization in the area keeping records in the early days of zeus. In the end this conversation will end nowhere so lets just stop it now. Because of the dig i mentioned before and lets move on to something else for now.
  20. The slavery issue though i have never heard of it i guess if you say so it existed. And he did not say that he would return during the lifetime of his disciples. You either heard incorrectly or such is a lie. You can find that in the New Testament for yourself. Mark 13:32 "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Which tells me that your slavery information may also be invalid.
  21. He lied about his return? Can you please show me the evidence of such? Again, Unicorns are worldly, And my back up for my statement about their being no evidence doing the case of no God as much a service as it does us is based in common sense. If no evidence exist that he does exist. We can still say that no evidence exist that he does not. Because no evidence exist you cannot make a case in either direction and that is where faith plays.
  22. Mistake, This is not the same case as centaurs, centaurs are worldly. God is something you cannot see. Centaurs are visible. Centaurs live in the world. God lives in heaven. Do we live in heaven? No. You cannot make a worldly comparison to something supernatural. In the case of lack of proof, It pulls both ways. It does you no more a service then it does us. Jesus died as punishment for all of our sins. Our future ones and our past ones. When you die you are again baptized in the holy spirit, Which really clenses your soul and makes you capable to be in heaven forever and shed your sins. Based on what i know someone that makes the trip to hell drowns in them forever. But i cannot tell you who goes to hell and who does not and why. Not my choice.
  23. I honestly don't know where the illusion came from that we are living in the end times. To keep the faith of weaker christians? I'm not gonna look out the window waiting for the apocalypse to happen. Nor am i scared of it. We can only know when it will happen when it actually happens. As for him causing such events he indeed does cause them. But this is not for us to ask. As i intended to say last night there is a dig. The only proof atheist have that god does not exist is that there is no proof that he does. And the only "solid" proof christians have that he does is that the only existing proof he does not is the lack of proof that he does. (FYI) If the conversation continues ill move it to another thread moderator iodine.
  24. I would say that i 100% agree with you here. It can ruin it later and many other things later. Not to mention the damage it can cause outside your sex-life. Having confidence is key in success all over life.
  25. Whats strange is reguardless of the person wanting to be a man/woman the body still pumps testosterone/estrogen but it has pretty much no effect on their behavior. Perhaps the problem lies somewhere in there? Perhaps the body receives testosterone/estrogen impulses but the brain never does. Or the brain does but it ignores them. In which case the person makes the choice just based on what they see in the genders. Actually an interesting topic to try and dig into.
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