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  1. The topic mentions God's creations. ....It is generally agreed that a Singularity hit at time zero. This event has been called the Big Bang. Science backs into it from Hubble's Expanding Universe down to the singularity, Theists start infinitely before the BB wherein planning and creation and goals are tested. There is agreement from just after the BB( say 10**64sec) to the making of man. This casm is consuming the debate because of religion politics (where religion is not God) in history. Given that Mass and Energy are here to stay, what is the ultimate goal of the production of all stuff. To cool to a Dark Matter dust and then disappear or to revert to prior BB existence's forever in another Universe.?? Both take "faith" as does investigating the Singularity. The tipping point is to be drawn to a higher order then jump to where your comfort zone is them criticize everyone else. Both sides are exclusive or on autopilot to Dark ash. Scientists can investigate only the existing, Philosophers the, so what. Why can't either explain a higher order without demeaning the other.
  2. Thanx Imatfaal, I deleted it I mostly chose it for the pictogram. zorro
  3. zorro Harassment is one thing but not justifying my post errors is against Forum rules. The critics have a chip on themselves rather than responsible debate. They can send a private message for a clarification if necessary. I think that the general reader who buys Forum Advertisers stuff can understand and enjoy my post's well. For example, posts #1, #10, #12, above are stunning to a general audience and I get many comments. I mean no conspiracy to make an entertaining but yet poignant point on Fusion or other subjects, particularly those that I am Interested in. ... What is my gain for that. AGC 52 is just flat wrong here: " None of the above critics posts above illuminate they only degrade. Why is this still going on? This is just Zorro denying well understood fusion reactions and claiming that it's a mystery. He provides no evidence or support other than vague hand waving and conspiracy shrouded statements. He has stated that he doesn't understand the reactions, yet he keeps making pontifical statements regarding them. " He/She knows full well that we are in the SPECULATION Forums so a general audience feels more comfortable confronting his chilling posts. .....No they prefers to blindly slug away and take their tears to mods instead of my razor messages responses. zorro - 10 Rep
  4. hello mike My post #46 shows a 51% Theist among scientists. The article goes on to say some 60% to 70%may be a better number. http://articles.lati...sci24-2009nov24 According to a survey of members of the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science, conducted by the Pew Research Center in May and June this year, a majority of scientists (51%) say they believe in God or a higher power, while 41% say they do not. ....... zorro
  5. Question: Is surface tension holding the photosphere together more than the Gravitational fields ??? Judging by the way Solar storms rip thru the Photosphere then contracting back to reform, it seems that the Photosphere is more in surface tension not gravitational compression. http://solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov/feature1.shtml Storm watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91H4qgFCauQ zorro
  6. I am Zorro -53 Bad so please be cautious of me.

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      And if you keep making this comments you are going to drive us all insane.

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      Lol duly noted Zorro minus 53

  7. hi, jojo, Well nobody is perfect, especially me. I am reading you but we are not in sync yet. Large stars describes going from Si ... Fe in a exaggeration more than the sun to clarify my point of Si .... Fe . The Sun has Fe thus could have Fusion in its past. That is an insert to show fusion layering not the Photosphere. Whole post is as perfect as is I. I provide, you don't understand yet due to higher expectations on a SPECULATION post. zorro
  8. Engineering Joke of the day. Well, it works on lawnmowers.............. I can see some of you guys trying this! How to start a crop sprayer if the battery is duff. That's a good size engine in the sprayer. Ingenuity at work. Have a great day https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=401176083333530&set=vb.291480754303064&type=2&theater
  9. The Photosphere looks delicious. Now make a cake model of a Fusion Reactor. zorro
  10. Nope, no shares of the $64,000 (Yours is 1Buck) until I get the Nobel ... Ha Moderator Admitting that we Scientists and Engineers don't have all the answers is not a Slam. It is a compliment that the universe is complex but that humans continue to investigate the many unknowns using the scientific method. Ciao, Zorro Greg my man, Well zap me with a -10 Rep. ....ha If you chance to read me once in a while I spoke of going from Si to Fe but not directly; then gave a cut of a large Star showing fusing as it gets closer to the Core. Step of Si, S .... Fe or sloshing in a Si .... Fe mix. I also said that a Si Burning process is also a possibility. http://www.essential-physics.com/Texas/pBook/eBook-SBTE/BookInd-484.html zorro Fusion flow examples: http://nrumiano.free.fr/Estars/supernova.html http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/ast122/lectures/lec18.html
  11. God Particle CERN's work can bemuse neophytes, but the researchers find ways to make it simple. "Everybody knows what an electron is, especially if they put their finger in an electric socket," joked Pierluigi Campana, whose team has just provided the most exhaustive confirmation to date of the Standard Model, the chief theoretical framework of particle physics conceived in the 1970s. They achieved the most accurate measurement yet of a change in a particle called a Bs, showing that out of every billion, only a handful decay into smaller particles called muon, and do so in pairs. For the experts, that finding was almost as thrilling as tracking the Higgs Boson—nicknamed the God Particle. Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-08-higgs-breakthrough-cern-readies-cosmic.html#jCp hello inow, zzzzzzzzz
  12. I am Zorro -51 Bad so please be cautious of me.

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      If you continue to post trollish content it is going to get even worse.

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      "Fear me, if you dare".

  13. You forget to report that as materials go thru the stage points and curie point, there is a transfer of energy. That and a transfer of magnetism and electrical currents are another properties that Iron and a few Elements offer. Which leads to the $64,000 question, what is the Photosphere composed of and what state are they in ???
  14. Asking for something that we both know is either wrong or not attainable is an unacceptable trick but not a attack. Some of it is valid levity. I have provided much evidence . Please see the OP down to Post #3. You just ask for trickery backup wherein you have the data but won't reveal it in advance. I pointed you to the "Binding Energy" analysis that you refuse to accept frankly. You can do your own google and homework. The Photosphere is a vast unknown and I too have many more questions than you have answers.
  15. hollo again greg, You keep asking for a thesis style conversation when none can be done in your way by a non Nuclear Engineer or Priest. All; in a open thread, as is this one is, understand how I use the language in this way. Si to Fe can go many ways depending on the isotopes and hydrogen bindings. You seem to be a purest here and won't reveal how the steps are to get there. Go ahead and complain to a MOD if you wish. I chose this SPECULATION Thread to turn back attacks such as yours and allow a General member to be comfortable from critics such as you. Sorry No insults here. Just ribbing because he forgets pressure impacts iron magnetic properties. CHILL Cap, .... zorro
  16. hello mod, Changes made thanx, God Particle is used by CHERN in a creation context so it is allowed to use it. It's origin of usage is unknown His tears condemned my colors which is allowed for clarity. You judged this unfairly at me and not to his intrangences.
  17. Science is inconclusive on the phases of Fusion and Burning. The layering we now consider as Fusion is a mix and a mesh of Fe, Si, N, and all the rest. 0 to 8 Solar Masses seem to be the unclear. I presume some of the reluctance is the secrecy of the Weapons programs. What would Sheldon say to that.
  18. hello john WHAT !!!! the sun is a tremendous Dynamo and when iron is compressed back around its triple point phase it turns on it's Magnet. Sir, you may realize that properties of materials vary according with their temp vs pressure characteristics. You likewise confuse the rest of your conversation with basket-weaving I would guess. ...... Go back to your basics and return your edu. degrees is the only hope for us.
  19. Hello Bio. NO No, they are unreliable also. in that clicking on the links goes dead thus hidden Rev 1 http://articles.latimes.com/2009/nov/24/opinion/la-oe-masci24-2009nov24 According to a survey of members of the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science, conducted by the Pew Research Center in May and June this year, a majority of scientists (51%) say they believe in God or a higher power, while 41% say they do not. .......
  20. ..... duplicate please trash. hello melllinia. Light and heat are transmitted thru the Photosphere by the circulating storms at the equatorial belt. To control this and other factors, it is proposed to rotate the Reactor thru a magnetic field. Thus producing a dynamo also withh the iron in the P-h shell. And use the light as a laser feed and control. hello again: I am neither a Nuclear Engineer nor a Priest. I have seen the calcs in the Binding Energy Analysis and use the fact that Si ... Fe Fusion occurs in stars 8X the Sun and larger. Our Sun has Iron and is a dynamo. The miraculous entity, if you will, is that the Photosphere is there. Shielding 14m dK down to around 4000 dK. Your crummy equation won't predict it nor compute it's fusion elements. BUT IT IS THERE ANYWAY. I SEEM TO LEAN ON OBSERVATION than my iMAC.
  21. That is an unreliable Source. The LA Times found around 40% Theist Scientists. http://articles.latimes.com/2009/nov/24/opinion/la-oe-masci24-2009nov24
  22. Thanx for another melancholy lecture. Your kind named it the God Particle and the Big Bang. I suggest that you not Blaspheme. I am sure that your God has instituted the First Commandment also. Let us know when you hear of an A-thiestismo Particle. Good Science will always consult God; not religions as the Jim Jones, A=theists. Lost Christianity, Wikkka ......
  23. hello mike: This is not my fields of expertise. Maybe you could OP new threads. .... I would like to know also. << zorro
  24. Very true mike, thanx. The Church owned the salaries of the Sciences from the 18th century and before. Now we are paying the high prices for the inquisitions Fascism.
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