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  1. right. Lets start again on a clean slate
  2. Sure, I'm a little crazy too. I take prescriptions for that. Its not because of GTA or violent movies.
  3. lol jk. Thanks for a fun argument everyone.
  4. Oh, deary me. So sorry, Sir. I didn't mean to offend an adult . May I wash my Elders feet? Please, don't tell Papa ! I beg of you sir!
  5. "The first 'mission' I played on the game introduced me to two of the lead characters old gang members. One had become a crack dealer and one called 'Bear' had become an emancipated crack addict who was the subservient slave of the crack dealer. I thought that was a very strong message about choices, the scene was more dramatic than I'd expect from a" Exactly my point. The game also depicts the crooked cop blackmailing the main character and many times your friends die. Sure, GTA has always been a naughty game, and is intended for mature players. I feel I can handle it, as well as my sister.
  6. If you have already bought the game, why are you bad mouthing it? If you are sensitive about the profanity and the content, don't buy the game.
  7. the character is C.J. Johnson. I gave him a fro and stash
  8. I just got it yesterday. The Xbox version will probablly come out in a year or so.
  9. The twinkie. What the heck is in that stuff? Take a look. http://www.twinkiesproject.com/
  10. They looked more active than algie to me. Probably nothing special, but its definately not dirt.
  11. castor bean seeds are VERY high in Ricin. Many poisionings involve castor bean seeds.
  12. Exactly. I know bumblebees can fly, I just wanted to know why people say they shouldn't.
  13. I've heard this saying so many times, I don't know if it is true. It is that the bumblebee aerodynamically shouldn't be able to fly, but it does anyway.
  14. Your central circadian clock may be off, but I doubt it. What kind of light do you sleep in?
  15. i live a mile away from the ryder cup, and i saw sylvester stallone. W00t.
  16. but you can't control how they start, and only the most experienced lucid dreamers can change the setting and other main parts of the dream, and even that is rare.
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