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  1. Please can you explain me how to use that ecuation in the indicated question (align of the point to the plane)?
  2. Ok I agree, I used the term "quad plane" to explain that type of plane. How the ecuation ax + by + cz = d is used?, let say in the plane the values are (just any value as example): Point A X = 23.5 Y = 10 Z = 20 Point B X = 10.6 Y = 5 Z = 2 Point C X = 35 Y = 20.2 Z = 14 Point D (the one I want to aling to the plane by moving it on X or Y or Z) X = 4 Y = 46 Z = 52.4
  3. http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd193/Flak_SFN/quadplane.jpg
  4. Ok is difficult to explain and this board do not allow uploading. You have 3 points in an XYZ enviroment, that create a plane, lets call it 3-plane because it is made of 3 points. You can move any of the points at any place on XYZ and will still have a plane. Now , you have 4 points on an XYZ enviroment, that can create a plane, lets call it quad plane because is made of 4 points. If you move any of the points in XYZ you will get a 3D surface. I indicated that it can create a plane because if the extra point is correctly aligned that will create a planar surface. That extra point can be moved on X or Y or Z to be aligned. Then the info is XYZ values for 3 fixed points that already create a plane, and the value XYZ of the point that need to be aligned to the 3 fixed points to create a planar surface by change its X or Y or Z value.
  5. Quad Plane: a plane made of two triangles (wich is know as plane). You can move a point on a plane to any position and you ever get a plane, let say a planar surface. However on a quad plane you move a point and you get a 3D surface, so the task would be move that point on X or Y or Z to get back a planar surface.
  6. As we know, 3 points define a plane at XYZ, if you add another point then you create a 3D polygon. My question is that if there is a way to align the new point to the others so you can create a quad plane. The info: 3 points with XYZ coordinates (base plane) 1 point with XYZ coordinates wich have to be moved on X or Y or Z to be aligned to base plane and create a quad plane.
  7. It dont show about Al or other metals but thanks.
  8. Ah yes, the range it could be up to 1000 meters, altough the common range will be under 500 meters.
  9. Yes, but oriented on the relationship between weight and speed.
  10. Yes thanks, what about the speed? Im just talking about WW2 tracers altough I dont know how they worked.
  11. http://jersey.uoregon.edu/vlab/KineticEnergy/
  12. I want to determine the kinetic force of WW2 aircraft MGs.
  13. Hello, I want to know the color of the different elements when exposed to hight temperature. By the moment I´m interested on the mix of Mg Al O, and how it can change depending on the % of each element.
  14. Hello, I want to determine the kinetic impact by meter square. The data I have is: speed, weight, diameter and lenght of the object.
  15. But because it was made with a limitation, if you have a truck than can carry 10 boxes because it was designed for that is a limitation of the design not of the non-posibility to carry more boxes.
  16. Flak


    The Concorde break the sound speed and the people is able to move inside it.
  17. What about if it have one?, we only have theory to determine that but not the right technology to meassure it up.
  18. As most of you know, with the Relativity Theory limit the speed that can be archieved. Acording to it, anything with mass can´t acelerate to the speed of light and even more pass it. However when Einstein developed is work he used all what he could proof, and the speed of light was the most higher value of speed know. Latest research as show that some particles apear and disapear, showing that the move faster than light. Also the photon have mass, if not why the light got distorted on a black hole?, they need to have mass to get atracted. Mass should be infinite to up and to down, the photons have mass, very little one on the same way an star have a big amount of it. So we should rework the RT?
  19. You have to buy the magazine , but dont care is just a little coment about, but the entire stuff there is quite interesting.
  20. Astronomy October 2004 http://www.astronomy.com/
  21. This is not a discussion to get winners or loosers.
  22. The lightspeed have nothing to do with time. If we get the light of an start 20 years light of distance we are just receiving the light of 20 years ago.
  23. Lol, you are asking for a solid info about?, let say the following: there are as posibilities that lightspeed cannot be overpassed as the lightspeed can be overpassed.
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