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  1. Is posible to add a paleontology forum under the Biological Sciences forums?
  2. Acording to a science magazine, the people studing the cosmos finds the Andromeda`s Galaxy so similiar to ours that they think it is like a mirror. Maybe there are some kind of symetry on space, or that the galaxies form in the same way.
  3. Interesting post. I dont think Einstein is wrong, but I think that speed can go faster than lightspeed, and that photons may have some kind of mass.
  4. I think that some people here need to check better what I DID WROTE. Chandrasekhar, on his theory, realised that if an WD go over the limit it can became a null or collapse to infinite. Some people around the world didnt like the idea, even Einstein wrote a note about. His mate (I dont remember his name) suggest him to left that line of investigation and go over the studie of star movements. LATER, Oppenheimer continue his work about that WHAT IF, and there where it comes THE THEORY THAT AN BLACK HOLE DONT LET THE LIGHT TO ESCAPE. It was a comment and someone started to "challenge" me, because he didnt have anything more important to talk about. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- BTW, interesting link.
  5. Go and check a book about. Or wait later I will post info about.
  6. You are uneducated on Chandrasekhar limit theory.
  7. I liked that of the uncloaking.
  8. FIRST: I`m not talking about Oppenheimer limit. SECOND: I didnt say that Chandrasekhar limit explains how BH works THIRD: Chandrasekhar limit, states the posibility of a formation of a BH if overpassed.
  9. Anti-matter can be of great use for propulsion devices to reach high speeds, however is unsure if they can be aislated on big quantities somewhere, neither talk about "secure" manipulation.
  10. Yes Sayonara³, but there was explained as a basis for BH existence. Going back to the original post, the info about Black Holes provided either from Chandrasekhar and later by Oppenheimer is that can lead that the lightspeed can be beated. Let me explain it again but better. I wont explain how an star work since is somewhat long and most of you SHOULD know it. As said before if the mass of an star is above Chandrasekhar limit it could be aside other things a black hole. Then later Oppenheimer described how the black hole may work, by strong gravity forces the photons got attracted and cannot escape, for that the black hole is "invisible". However altough as ok on theory, on practice is unknown. For example if photons go to the blackhole at light speed, why not show a "funnel" patern. I think that the photons are attracted to the BH at speeds higher than lightspeed, for that it is "invisible" AROUND the black hole.
  11. Chandrasekhar stated it (Chandrasekhar got a Novel on some part for his studies on Black Holes), and Oppenheimer explain it aswell. I shall post those notes later here?
  12. You mean, like if we just where a photon and traveling?
  13. Currently trying to develop a technology that will make me able to kick Aeschylus without move from home. If an star go over the Chandrasekhar limit it can became a black hole, it is STATED there. Or I have to scan and post the whole theory here?
  14. I said that Chandrasekhar limit can be aplicated to Black Holes and so on, unless you only want to tell me that I´m wrong. It seems that someone needs to check about if not.. No you haven't' date=' that is clear.[/quote'] Is clear that you only want to make me upset by kidding.
  15. ...really? Typically...
  16. I will put some info on day of this, and I will be really interested on know how you can apply that
  17. I think you didnt read my post above yours.
  18. Well, just call it "the UFO for the inhabitants at Alpha Centauri"
  19. I dont want to be inane, so if you happy with that explanation, thats ok. For me, pure energy cannot be affected by gravity, unless they are "attached" to mass. So say that energy is affected by gravity is like to say that energy have mass.
  20. I think there is a big difference between uneducated by the subject and not agree with some aspect of it, as a note I`m dont desagree with all the theory. As I said before. Massless objects or energy? For me is not the same. Do you have a diagram with the complete structure of the photon?. I`m not making inane statements, dont you think that say that the photon "CAN NOT HAVE MASS" is inane? As said before you have SOLID information to say that the photon dont have mass? About if I`m uneducated, the stated above about black holes (ONLY THAT, SURE) comes from the studies of Chandrasekhar (wich later Oppenheimer expanded) on the limit of the star. I want to know if you even remember that RIGHT NOW.
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