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  1. You may be right - in which case they will shortly find the crater. Let's see what transpires.
  2. Lunar eclipse flash - electrical discharge "...a flash of light seen during totality has astronomers on the hunt for a new crater on the moon...." https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/01/meteor-hit-the-moon-during-blood-moon-eclipse-heres-what-we-know/ They will likely not find any new crater and here's why: It hit me early this morning: When sunlight hits the Moon's surface, the temperature can reach 260 degrees Fahrenheit (127 degrees Celsius). When the sun goes down, temperatures can dip to minus 280 F (minus 173 C) - pretty extreme. Typically, daytime on one
  3. In a further reverse for Andrea Rossi, the editor Sterling D. Allan of Pure Energy Systems News, one of Rossi's more ardent and effective supporters has backed away from the creator of the E-Cat device and labeled him "Buyer Beware": "Rossi Tells Florida Bureau He Has No U.S. Factory, No Nuclear Reactions" http://pesn.com/2012/03/11/9602054_Rossi_Tells_Florida_Bureau_He_Has_No_Factory_No_Nuclear_Reactions/<h1></h1>
  4. In an article that seems to be quite thorough, Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat energy device are looking less than stellar: New Energy Times: "Rossi's Profitable Career in Science" http://newenergytime...n-Science.shtml ...On other fronts, Defkalion, the breakaway company that Andrea Rossi until last year had dealing with, claimed that representatives of the Greek government tested their device and deemed the tests a success. Only days later, the company shut down their official discussion forum, claiming future announcements of news would be forthcoming. Simply put, to date there is n
  5. Defkalion issues a short statement upon the conclusion of the tests with the Greek government officials: "Tests with the presence of high level Government officials have been concluded. Opinions and results were very positive. Announcements will be made upon mutual agreements, at a time yet to be defined. Tests continue with international Authorities in the coming weeks" http://www.defkalion....php?f=4&t=1237 Are all monumental historical events this anticlimactic, or is it just me?
  6. It is now Feb 27th, and new news on the web about Defkalion is eerily non-existent (testing of their device is supposedly underway, having started on the Feb. 24th and is expected to take at least four days). While continuing to wait, here is a decently written summary of what the all the various institutions are up to... Wired Magazine: "Race for cold fusion: Nasa, MIT, Darpa and Cern peer through the keyhole" By David Hambling 27 February 12 http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2012-02/27/rossi-roundup
  7. OK, putting their money where their mouth is. We wait with bated breath... "Defkalion: Independent Testing Will Begin Feb 24th" http://www.e-catworld.com/2012/02/defkalion-independent-testing-will-begin-feb-24th/
  8. Andrea does not rise to the $1,000,000 challenge, casting further doubts on the veracity of his device: Forbes: "Rossi Responds to Smith's Challenge to Prove E-Cat Works" http://www.forbes.com/sites/markgibbs/2012/02/15/rossi-responds-to-smiths-challenge-to-prove-e-cat-works/
  9. A One Million Dollar "Put up or Shut Up"?: Forbes: "E-Cat Proof Challenge: $1,000,000 is a "Clownerie"? (Updated)" http://www.forbes.com/sites/markgibbs/2012/02/14/e-cat-proof-challenge-1000000-is-a-clownerie/
  10. At the heals of DefKatlion's announcement last week to allow testing and outside independent monitoring of their energy generator, comes an article by visiting Sterling D. Allan to their establishment with his latest impressions: "Hope from Athens found in Cold Fusion" "...In the coming few weeks, they will be having at least seven different groups come in to test their device, beginning with the Greek government next week. The results from each group will be published. Each group will have 48 hours to test the device and a control to which they can compare it..." http://pesn.com/20
  11. Still more smell: MSNBC - "Fraud claims over E-Cat 'cold fusion' machine heating up" http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/46342612/ns/technology_and_science-science/#.TzliiFxSTZc Mr. Rossi is going to have to pull something out of the fire pretty quick if he has any hope of not being utterly discredited.
  12. Not looking very good for Andrea Rossi. A well-written article that lists a continuous line of misadventures that, when added up, comes off pretty smelly:Report #4: Rossi's NASA Test Fails to LaunchFeb. 10, 2012 By Steven B. Krivit Editor, New Energy Times http://newenergytimes.com/v2/news/2012/Report-4-Rossis-NASA-Test-Fails-to-Launch.shtml
  13. It would seem that the independent tests of the Defkatlion device is going ahead... "...So far we have received applications and we are in the process of preparing independent test with 7 well-known research centers and organizations from Greece and abroad. We have received hundreds of applications from independent individual researchers from around the world. Obviously they can not meet all these requests memonomenon researchers within the space of the next two months..." http://freeenergytru...-defkalion.html
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