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    Satellites are hacked

    hmm hmm Dude, are you crazy? Please explain to me how a hacker can cause a sattelite to cause people on the news to blink more? This really doesn't make any sense. I propose a test, I have Dish Network, and a sattelite dish outside. If what you say is true, sticking my head in front of the sattelite should cause uncontrollable blinking. Brb... Nope, no uncontrollable blinking. Could you perhaps explain how any of what you claim is even remotely responsible? Perhaps demonstrate how a sattelite signal can cause excessive blinking? Stay away from crack people!
  2. ok, so it is not exactly walking on water, but I have personally seen humans proceed over the surface of a body of water. I've done it myself as a matter of fact. To do it, you need a motorcycle (dirt bike is advised) a body of water, and nerves of steel. Get moving as fast as you possibly can, and as soon as your front tire hits the water, shift your weight to the rear and never let out the gas. You will skim right across the water, and, so long as you don't slow down to much, might actually make it to the other side. I tried to hunt a video of a guy doing this very stunt, but, unfortunately you will just have to take my word for it. Oh, and uhm, don't try this at home, it can kill you. edit: I suppose that it has more to do with the speed at which you cross the water, as opposed to weight. Insects are very light, but, also equipped for such stunts. Also, think about people who ski barefooted. It requires a certain speed, and, going to slow will cause one to sink. As to claims of supposed historical figures walking on water, sorry, it didn't happen. Nothing for science to prove
  3. what about Quantum Leap and Sliders? QL was a rather long running series, and, sliders had a pretty neat story. But, I'd have to go with Stargate, but I wish they would have kept Richard dean Anderson in the Mcguyver character, "Hates guns, uses duct tape and pocket knife to destroy Gould mother ship" Now thats a show
  4. hmm, any chance a drink was spilled on it? We've all heard the one about the guy who used his cd-drive as a coffee cup holder. Maybe it's kinda moist in the house, combined with normal dust build up inside a computer. But if it is brown and sticky, I'm voting on coke
  5. http://www.winamp.com they've been doing it for a while. It is not the best quality, but there are pay services that advertise good quality. Everything is going net based now though, telephones, tv, radio, and I just saw a commercial for a sprint phone that allowed you to view tv. A likely TVIP system would be p2p, like kazaa, or, skype, as p2p is about the best transfer method out there.
  6. drz

    Water Diesel Engine

    Sorry, didn't read the whole post, short on time. But they actually do run water in engines. The particular trick is called "water injection". There was a thread around here somewhere about it. If I remember correctly, it helps cooling head components and pistons, plus, increases the oxygen by a bit. It also allows you to run a lower octane gas in higher compression engines. They do this on gasoline engines as well. Something that may be of interest, they also do "propane injection" for desiels which functions alot like NOS for gas engines.
  7. easy man, go buy an entire ac unit from an old car in the junk yard Get a air tight box. Setup the Auto AC to blow cold air in the box Use an electric motor and a pulley and a belt to drive the ac pump. You could use a lawn mower engine, but, wouldn't be a very cost effective. I have no idea how cold you could get with this, maybe you could use multiple systems, or, if the area is small enough it might get pretty cold.
  8. Hey, thanks for the ideas, that score site seems to be very usefull. Phi, about the time I read your article, I tried turning the radio down with the tv remote, pretty ironic. Not a bad idea, I'll get in touch with ya soon. As to my qualifications, I have little, a ged and a customer service specalist certificatoin from ecpi. Other then that I've managed a resturaunt at 17, worked in shipping receiving, and about 4 months of retail. I also do construction, siding, windows, etc and all sorts of electronics. I've self taught myself alot about computers since about 1990. But thanks for the ideas and advice
  9. I know you guys here are smart. So here I am seeking some advice. I've recently been married, quit my pie inventory job at P&G and moved 150 miles away. I found work quick, for a $4 pay cut. Worked there for about 4 months when the company decided to fire me because the inventory was coming up short. Nevermind that the store has no security systems, no way of preventing theft, and a poor setup. Anyhow, this gets you to my current point. I'm unemployed, and tired of working for people who will scapegoat you in the blink of an eye just to get out of there screwups. Before I lost my job I obtained a membership with a wholesale dropshipper, much like SMC but way better. Anyhow, I've tried my hand at online auction sites, without much success. The problem I keep running into is exposure. Anyhow, I had a thought today, perhaps I can use my wholesale membership to supply local retail shops with counter items, you know, lighters, knives, little toys etc. The stuff you buy on impulse as your checking out at the counter. But my problem here is I know very little about how to get started. Selling online I don't really need any licenses or stuff, but out here on the street it is a much different story. Another thought of mine has been to start a computer type company. I also have access to many computers and components. I want to get in on the trend of integrating multimedia in autos, and the market in this area is huge, but very little in the way of suppliers or installers, both of which are within my capabilities. Anyways, I'm basically stuck, and looking for some advice on climbing out of this whole I'm in. You fellas are smart, I look up to many of you, so now I'm asking for some good advice. And by no means am I advertising, not quite sure the policy on this, but I'm strictly wanting advice.
  10. I liked 2, until I beat it, never played it again But Gran Turismo 4 is out, and really, thats all I'll be playing the rest of the year. I didn't even know they were going to put out a 3rd dmc.
  11. I find often that computers that are used on the internet often, lots of programs installed on, removed, etc eventually need to be refreshed. Much like a car, 3k miles you change the oil, 25k (my preference) i change plugs, and so on. Drive it for ever eventually you gotta change major stuff. On the computer, sometimes the OS needs an overhaul. You can try fixing the registry one of the times it boots properly. It sounds like your running 98 or maybe me. It would be very helpful in determining whats wrong if you could provide some more info about your machine, like; Type, IBM, COMPAQ, model number if its custom the specs about motherboard, cpu, ram, etc. and what version of WINDOWS are you using? Like 98, NT, ME, XP If you bought it from a big company there is likely a sticker with OS type and CPU on the case somewhere. Just a random guess it sounds like you've got what I've come to call a clogged registry. Alot of programs do not get uninstalled properly, or leave behind small traces that bog down the loading process. Out of habit I simply reformat my OS drive about every 6 months and reinstall. There are programs to fix it, and it might not be that at all. You may consider taking it to a local pc repair shop.
  12. They've been working on the cell for years, its nice to see some solid working numbers for it. It does make you wonder how Intel and AMD will cope with it. I've been loyall to AMD for years, but IBM just may win me over.
  13. drz

    Fire without heat

    I watched one video, number 4 I think it was. I have a few questions. If the fire is not actually burning things, why does it appear to be a normal fire? If the fire does not produce any heat, why does the guy putting his hand in the fire remove it fairly quickly? I've done that same feat for much longer with a normal camp fire. Nothing special. Wet your hand before hand and you can go even quicker. But honestly in the video I watched, things were on fire, looked kinda like logs, and small coals along the ground. As to what kind of technology can produce this fire? Movie editing software can do amazing things.
  14. as to the Cell chip, we mentioned that some time ago, its been availible since december for developers unless its been pushed back Remember??? But ya, basically IBM and Sony will own the world soon.
  15. hey, you guys are pretty good with math. Atleast, lost me about 2nd post. Anyhow, interesting stuff. You mentioned using the house itself to heat the sterling, have you heard of solar passive? A friend of mine's father built his house with this concept. Solar passive You got to click around a bit, but that site kinda explains it. Basicaly though, using a structure built like this, perhaps use a wood stove/boiler for extra heat, you could have a warm area. I don't know what temp a sterling engine requires to operate, isn't it temperature difference??
  16. I use a black mouse pad, but anything solid works. I'm confused how a pattern is supposed to confuse the mouse??
  17. drz


    well, theres some pretty strong drugs out there.
  18. well, don't know how scientific it is, but my town (Asheboro, NC USA) is home to the biggest habitat zoo in I know America, and possibly the world (I'm uncertain about the latter) They do alot of stuff to try to help with endangered species and such. But science, from southern USA, hahahahahaha, thats a good one.
  19. Well, I've never messed with chemicals to much, most of my mishaps have happened on the 2 wheeler. My friend, however, was trying to hook up a propane tank to his toyota truck, hoping it would produce a NOS like effect. He duct taped a line from the propane tank to the input of the windshield sprayer pump, then, rerouted the sprayer to mist the propane into his intake. Needless to say, he was found passed out in his truck, with the truck running and in gear. Somehow he managed to keep his foot on the clutch, but the fumes from the propane built up inside the cab and damn near killed him.
  20. drz


    for all we know, he already came back, and is locked up in some loony bin seeing as how we consider people who claim to be god crazy. Wonder how that would throw a wrench in the divine plan if jesus ended up getting locked up and drugged into a submission?
  21. I have no clue as to what these things are.... however, I'd not go spazzing out and not drinking tap water anymore. People have been drinking water for, how long now? I've seen an alcoholic drink so much, he'd redrink his urine once he ran out. Whatever those lil boogers are I highly doubt will hurt you. I read once we have thousands upon thousands of microorganisms living just inside our mouths. Not to mention inside the rest of our body. You breath more of these micro-things with each breath. So I guess you need to quit breathing as well. I understand the concern, but there is probably more nasties in mountain dew. It would be interesting to compare those samples to some bottle water. It is also pretty neat considering the objects in your photos could be mistaken for some astronomical object.
  22. heck, I know an old man right now who used to drink a 5th of everclear (195 proof, 95% alcohol) every night for 40 years, and has not a problem wrong with him. I also know another old man, around the same age, who drank cheap american beer, everynight. He drank enough he traded the cans in each month to help with the rent. Anyhow, he's been on dialysis for about 8 years now. Same to smokers, I've know people who smoke like a 2 stroke for 20, 30 years and have not a problem. Then there are people who smoked when they were younger, end up with lung cancer, or some other related problems. I think ole jesus said it best though, "Everything in moderation." I'd say away from beer though, its nasty stuff. The thing about alcohol, if you drink to much, it will come back up
  23. drz


    I don't know all the technicalities, but I'd imagine it has a certain temp it must reach before turning to vapor or what not. Like, what ever that temp is, say, 40 F., (not saying thats it, I have no clue) then it would depend on how warm the room temp was, as to how quickly the cup would warm to that turning point. I'm sure some pro around here has a better answer.
  24. thats kinda what I got going on Gib. Again though, I must say, HAT!!
  25. the key word there of course is should. But if people don't care, or expect some grant saviour to come fix everything, what do you expect will happen? I mean, the earth I'm sure has been much, much colder then it is now, and likely, much hotter. I'm sure it has a way of dealing with imbalances and such, but if we're tipping the scale quicker then it can react, what will happen? I had also read something about the oceans absorbing alot of the emmissions, but, suggested that if this trend continues or increases, most of the ocean life will go extinct.
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