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  1. Not just the point Its very common for people to go for cannabis to something worce http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/drugs/Pages/Cannabisdangers.aspx
  2. Oh they are aware of the dangers.But do it anyway.. they basiuclly have the attuide off it will never happen to me scares the heck out of me.... heres a quote Oh and may i ask about the weed thing are you not worried about say for example one party going wrong? Nope? Its worth it
  3. Yes by the way i do have alot of views that are not normal but im not normal.And i dont plan to be. Just try and imagine this.If everyone believes that sex is not intimacy that how come we arnt just having sex with anybody we see as in walking down the street. There is something about sex that most people have behind closed doors and its kept private. Does that not describe intimacy 1. close or warm friendship or understanding; personal relationship2. (often plural) Euphemistic sexual relations Even if your having sex with a stranger it is somewhat intimacy because you are with them and not someone else at that moment but doesnt last. I know its unrealstic."wait for your soul mate" but it must be more special that way,You can hardly tell me no one wants that
  4. Victims is not the work i would use.But yes. of cource it is. it does not matter where they come from.worship.How they live Children should not be having sex in the first place full stop. I have no idea why people thing sex is everythink in this world and it does annoy me alot. Sex i believe is our human terms is a act of pure intimacy and any act of sex that isnt for both people this makes them both victims.You may argue that sex is a natural process and happends all the time 24/7 a form of creating of spring but we as human claims we are more than just Animals that are just alive to create more of us? Therefore minors having sex makes them both victims. The child should be out playing and learning. the adult should be with his own adults. a child cannnot understand the intimacy at that young age, or shouldt for that matter
  5. Well in science terms a dream is considered a way to keep you in the sleeping state and most dreams last for around 20mins most likely max from what i have read. In psychology terms a dream can have some important things in them for example ive moved to a new school resently and the name of a new person person popped up in the dream and i havent forgot it. But mostly its random pictures and thoughts as most people cannot remember dreams after a few mins
  6. Is there anyway in which i should try to help these friends and new friends?.You said it there right yes.But surely its so dangerous at the age of 14up and they treat it as a every day thing Your see ive recently moved schools around 140 miles in the other direction and Everyone in my new school is a completly a different world. From a young age ive allways been intrested in helping people from things like opening a door.To standing up to bullies. Allthought i can make very little diffence to the lives of the friends left behind.It worries me greatly that i can do little so wish to help people that i currently can is this a wise idea. Or should i let people make there own mistakes which i find very hard to do due to feelinging so worried and partly to plain for not stopping it. Too give a example of what i mean a girl ive be befriended asked me what my morals on sex was after i asked what her thoughts were due to a convo about a party she went to. I repleyed that i want to right for the right girl and makes sure its right.She found it confusing and odd.....Im quite different from other guys to say the least
  7. Yes this is why im so intrested in psychology,due to other peoples un logical actions rather than my own. Most to do with being concerned with friends that do with sort of thing and me being so against it im in my teenage years so this stuff come up alot.I end up getting into arguements with closest friends due to disagree with them and them allways coming back with the statement "its normall every does it".Is this the case because i do feel preety different seeming to be the only one totally against it? or have i got the wrong end of the stick? bare in mind i do get into these arguments due to careing and worrying like hell;) about them
  8. May i ask what is your personal opinion on smoking/drinking/sex underage/ect opinion as in would you do/not do it what do you think about it?
  9. Okey, yes thats intresting.But what if they dont enjoy it. Take "Peer pressure". hypothetical scenario.A guys at club with some friends everyone else is drinking.He goes and gets hammered with them allthought he does not want to.The next day he realy regrets what happen. pictures of it went on fb pla pla pla. Why take that sort of risk from there being little chance of actualy getting something from it?.Simple hypothetical scenario but fits the explaining of it well oh and im very into chance by the way
  10. I would suggest that you do not try to You could do some real damage to yourself if you want to somewhat dream then go read a story or play a pc game like mass effect but dont mess up your body to do so.
  11. If alllways been fascinated with why people do things without a real reason From things like drinking and getting drunk to people smoking.We all know its dangerous and dumb but yet we as humans do it to are sefls and then called a natural part of life. Its strange there isnt like a form of brain reflex that stops us from doing this sort of thing. simlier to the way reflexs work when you for example touch something hot and pull your hand back as soon as possible.
  12. Hello all im new to this just wanted to say hello

  13. Hello all im new to this just wanted to say hello

  14. Oh one day it will most likely be possible But Why would you want to be one? The benefits would be cool but alot of bad would come from it. over population ect
  15. Helllo My name is beast unleashed well thats my PC gamer name but i am rather fond of it. I am very intrested in Psychology and was wondering if you people could give me another way of looking at things. I want to understand why people do things.Things like smoking, taking drugs.swearing.bulling. everythink that if i person was to actually think about it would not do it but yet they do.The sources ive looked at mostly saying because they enjoy it but i want to go even deeper than that. Thank you.This is my first post on your website dont be too harch
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