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  1. And that doesn't confirm it? He will, huh? That sounds like a confirmation. However, I think the opposite. I think atheism is doing that.
  2. If you could perform abiogenesis, then that would just as good as God healing an amputee, I guess. Then pretend you believe in one, and show me that it is better.
  3. And they have better (or equal) science, and logic than us in the modern world? I am talking about the creation of our world, yes there are crazy theories out there! Think before you post! Think of the answer before you ask the question! If you can't figure it out, why is the universe here?
  4. The "God theory" comes from the Bible, whereas the "Santa Claus" theory comes from parents. The Bibe doesn't say that God is false, but your parents do(or no longer deny their lie). There's a big difference between Harry Potter, and the Bible.1. The author of Harry Potter would even say that the books are false. The authors of the Bible are no longer availiable. 2. The Bible tells the story of creation, whereas Harry Potter doesn't fit with anything we see today. Please, next time, before you post stuff like that, try to see how I would respond. This is a big waste of time which could have been avoided.
  5. What worlds have we seen being born? Why did you post this? Those seemed correct to me. Maybe you should read the post again. I think you're getting confused. Those don't answer my question. I'm still asking my question. If those did answer it, show me. Perhaps I missed it. I don't see how the answer my question. That's the same website where I got the lithium problem from. There's the problem. The whole reason why we are still talking about this today. I think the opposite. I think that God is "getting bigger". I think the evidence is expanding, why do you think God is "getting smaller"? It is not insane with miracles. So your idiocrasy is the same as the people who lived thousands of years ago?Also it never really said anything to the contrary (directly). Sure. Tell me why it's not evidence. I haven't seen any, but if you do, does it really matter? The Bible's purpose was so that people can stay out of Hell. Again, doesn't say anything like you are saying (directly). I'm still asking it. It never said anything about lithium-7 being possible at the amount which is. Did I miss it? If God is real, He can make the universe start and stop, no matter what science says. I cannot tell you when the universe got created, nor when it did not exist. Only God knows that. I think it's a fact. Whatever you think it is does not matter to me. You're forgetting where we came from. The healer at my church has healed dozens of people, and John of God has healed hundreds. What makes you sure it was just a coincidence? If I haven't answer you, repeat yourself. Where? God created a third of the amount of lithium-7 than what the Big Bang says there should be.
  6. Um, yes, there are lots of problems. God could of created the world. You cannot argue with that. So far, I'm still saying "Where did the lithium-7 go", so I can argue with the big bang. Would you believe in God?
  7. Anything you say happened with creation of the world is really just a place holder. There will never be an atheist creation theory that doesn't have problems… at least at this rate. There are no problems with God creating the world, except, if you say "the lack of evidence".
  8. The Santa Clause theory proves itself wrong whereas God does not. Neither was I, but just go along with "the vast majority of children" as if you were one of them.
  9. I'm sure that your parents have said (or have no longer denied) that Santa is false. The Bible never said that God is false.
  10. If you think that that is obtuse, then maybe you should take a look at Matthew 5-7. No. Because the more a miracle happens, the less it seems like a miracle. If I said, for example, that I was an amputee, and that now I've been healed, what would you say? Think as if it really happened. If it is impossible that the earth formed by itself, then a god must have done it, and like I've said many times, no god has more evidence than God.
  11. I will re-ask my question "Where did all the lithium-7 go?". This is one of the main reasons I believe the big bang is false. It said in the article that someone said that this is probably one of the things suggesting that the big bang is false. Yes, there might be other evidence, but like it said, there is too much excitement in the big bang for any problems to say that the big bang is false.
  12. God is supposed to be your god, not some other thread, so that people see you as someone worshiping that god as if you were for that god, not God, so that you may be accepted by others. Like my mother's back.
  13. I'm not sure if I understood that page, but those healers have healed much more than tumors. Ummm... yeah the title is "Christian Evidence", is it not?
  14. It doesn't. It's not the best of evidence, but it's still evidence. Stopping the earth for rotating is better than a miracle? I'll see if I can get Him to do that, but stopping the earth from rotating might not be a good idea... anything else? Yeah, this thread is getting more and more pointless. I just have a few more things to say, and then perhaps it should get locked.
  15. Oh! Sorry I didn't explain! I'm pretty sure that those were works of the Devil.
  16. Are your parents telling you that the Santa is real more evidence than the Bible saying that God is real?
  17. Really... I'm not sure of what you want me to say. I'm not going to reply to this. You know what I will say. We've been here before ... a lot. There's one! Unfortunately the Christians have more. God does things for the better.
  18. Evidence Some of these things make the big bang impossible. This has turned me away from the big bang. http://www.newscient.../13-more-things Where did all the lithium-7 go, and what about the lithium-6? Here's evidence of the Devil. http://www.newscient...ebo-effect.html Perhaps I should just stop wasting my time here. I believe in God, and you don't take anything as evidence. What would you take as evidence?
  19. Same thing as the big bang. What the difference? The big bang cannot be true unless abiogenesis is real (or something like that). That makes it another place holder. What are you talking about? What makes it almost certain? Here's the evidence of Santa Clause verses the Christian evidence:There are gifts on Christmas morning --vs-- The earth is here That has nothing to do with the fact that Santa did that. Santa can't go through the chimney(or can he?) Parents have told people that --vs-- the Bible tells us that Our parents are liars. Your cookies are gone on Christmas morning --vs-- Miracles happen Your parents like cookies. Why don't they eat them. Now which one of those seems like more evidence? Yes there is. Stop saying this! Yes. Examples? Miracles are beyond what science can provide for us (usually). Presents can get under a tree easily without Santa.
  20. I do believe that the Devil is real. There is no evidence against him in that video. The Devil is evil, but he is also pretty smart. By making people believe that he doesn't exist, he makes people believe that the Bible is false, leading to them not believing in God, leading them to Hell. The Devil has used the fact that if the Israelites knew him before, something bad would happen (this is what I assume. It's better than atheist believing in abiogenesis.) ... I don't know what. Perhaps I will find out. There has to be a reason. The thing is that God is so amazing that there has to be a reason for everything (this is what the atheists assume with their theories["there has to be a reason for everything"]).
  21. I am talking about odd coinsidences, like the one that Jaden talked about. Has anything like that happened to you? God has way more evidence than Santa Clause.
  22. You haven't understood me at all. I was talking about the fact that it says "I am the LORD". Now do you get what I'm saying? Really? I think it does.
  23. Okay, now you're going into stuff I don't know enough about. Were there scrolls with in Isael that were against God? Where were the scrolls of the other religions. Oh wow. There's tons of evidence. You haven't explained anything with the two healers. Why are they not evidence? I'm confused. What oringinal?
  24. Well, from the evidence I have, it looks like this is a miracle. I think on this image… …I should black out "Religion" and put and atheism because of this post. Alright, here's my reasoning for this being a miracle. What evidence do we have? 1. We know that there are more atheists on Science Forums than Christians. 2. We know that if this isn't a coinsidence, it is a miracle. 3. We know that the Christians on Science Forums have posted more "coinsidences" than atheists. 4. We know that a coinsidence has an equal chance of happening to anyone, Christian or non-Christain. Gathering this we see that #3 violates #4 unless either • it was a miracle instead of a coinsidence --or-- • the atheists here are not displaying their coinsidences Show me that this is the answer, atheists, show me your coinsidences that that worked out for the better!
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