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  1. Then what about two planets having the same density and iron cores but are 20 million kilometres apart?
  2. That's what I was thinking of, yes, but I don't know how we can do so. It's not like we can modify ourselves to have gills, right?
  3. With all the concerns about rising global temperatures and higher sea levels, not to mention no habitable planets within our reach, what are we to do to survive? Should we start genetically altering ourselves and our animal life in order to survive changes in our environment? What are the benefits vs. the consequences? I'd like to know since we're running out of time and options here.
  4. Okay, then what factors would there need to be of hypothetical planets that were 10 million kilometres apart?
  5. Me again, with another problem in my story concept. I've been considering the fact that if planets were too close to each other's orbit that it would drastically affect what happens on them. I don't know exactly how close that would be though. What would happen if two planets were only 500,000 km apart? Would it depend on the physical traits of each planet?
  6. It could be applied to civilian roads, and maybe even upgraded over a few more years for use in off-road vehicles, allowing the latter to detect information about what kind of surface they're driving on, right?
  7. So it would be full-scale cars (or bikes in case a motorcycle version got made) with onboard computers that monitor the properties of the track to keep from crashing?
  8. I remember the Speed Racer movie (love it or hate it), and although it was a financial flop, it impacted me with some artistic inspiration. Physics-wise the designs of the film's race tracks just makes sense for it's jet-propelled cars. It's like driving on a giant HotWheels track. But would such a motor sport be possible in real life? We already have the technology, but I've never seen racing jet cars on a roller coaster-esque track in real life.
  9. It's because their eyes were each angled off more to the side, instead of aimed right out front like our eyes. I have trouble imagining being able to see well enough with my eyes angled more to the sides.
  10. But if a member of the species in my concept had the same vision as velociraptor or deinonychus, would they still be able to run forward?
  11. Would they see better if their eyes were angled more forward? I thought that to evolve into an anthropomorphic form they'd need to see forward instead of into two different directions all the time (That's how these dinosaurs would have seen, isn't it?).
  12. This is a scenario I've been wondering about related to a character I'm working on. She is from a civilization of anthropomorphic creatures with similar properties to dromaeosauridea (Velociraptor, Utahraptor, and Deinonychus just to name a few). Their native environment is essentially the same as the thick jungles in Africa, South America, and South East Asia. They mostly live in tree houses. With those factors in mind, what would need to change in their body structure for them to work? EX: Their head shape, would it stay the same? Or would the nasal bones be narrower to give the eyes better capabilities?
  13. Yeah, I was wondering about that myself. That's why I was thinking of the craft being supported by quantum levitation instead if it was going to race on a Hotwheels-style track.
  14. Okay, but what if I wanted to make my craft go through one of these?
  15. So even one with turbofans couldn't take hills?
  16. I thought hovercraft racing would be more fun to watch if the craft were faster.
  17. I know hovercraft struggle to get up hills, but what if they were faster? And if so, how would we be able to make hovercraft faster? Could we build one with jet turbines instead of the traditional gas turbine system?
  18. It would be cool, and maybe more within our reach than trying to build thousands of maglev roads across the world.
  19. Here's an example of what I was thinking of, but more for a car (I couldn't get a picture of Go Go's bike from Big Hero 6).
  20. By which I assume you mean heavy axles instead of rotating ones.
  21. So the wheels would have to be thinner and the axel thicker?
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