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  1. listen... i have no intentions to use it in bad ways... i,m only interested in things i can do with it such as placing different materials in front of it an see whats happens... thats why i ask you guys what purpose does a thing like this suit? i saw the nuclear scout video on youtube.. but that is nothing that interest me....
  2. So.. Take a lead block they said... Drill a hole and drop americium in it they said.. Cover the hole with aluminum foil and you have a neutron gun... My question would be, what can i use it for maybe some other new experiments. if you have any great ideas tell me please. i will give you the results of following. becouse basically there is nothing about the neutron gun in google
  3. Okay asume you have a plane witch is tilted 45 degrees. The force is 1960 neuton for the whole area so i have a forward force but i just cant figure out how much force would push it downwards... Lemme ulpload a picture of the idea
  4. Well first of all search for receptors.. Find out how they work and how do they receive information.. Then compare them becouse its basicly some receptors that pick up different molecules and reproces them to information. While skin works as capacitor on touch sending messeges to the brain. So your tounge can feel touch. So it have nerver as skin do.. While nose receptors convers molecules in to some form of data..I would say that toung does something similar but isnt as sensitive as nose... I hope this helped.. I once had a few hours of in class room about receptors but i have forgotten most of it
  5. Okay so, now i have figured out the force the air is pushing against the wing. But now i need to figure out how much of that force will be converted into circular force? So far i have calculated a wing area of 40 squere meters wing angle is 45 degrees and the force is 1960N I i,m awar of that i need vector calculus.. But i dont know from where to aproach it. Plzz help
  6. yeahh that i,m aware of .. i have a wind force pushing a plane (easy) but suddenly i have a wing .. that i can also calculate .BUT wind make the wing turn side ways... how do i figure this one out
  7. so i have this windmill specs for single wing L=40 meters B=4 meters Area of wing is 80 m2 what equations will i need for figuring out how fast it will turn at a given airspeed?
  8. Its a colege degree. When i mean write a exam i mean i,m going to do a reasearch on a event then send the pappers to my teachers.. And then i,m going to a exam where i must defend my statements in these pappers.. And yess it helped but sports does not cover my need of electricity .. So if you have more interesting thoughts trow them here
  9. hey everyone i,m about to wriite my physics exam. Wich i,m going up to in 3 weeks. It must contain: Kinematics Angular motion Vector calculus Oscilations Thermodynamics Pressure electricity and some quantum mechanics.. i was sugested to write about a ship sailing trough atlantic ocean.. But it didnt really catch me. So i wanted to ask if you have any fun/interesting toppics for my exam =)
  10. okay so i,m aware of that x goes trough 4. But what role does a ? can i even set like `0=4*a(uplifted in x) but since its a up in x. can it have a value or would it be just like a is from -infinite to infiniti? Btw thanx for the khan acadamy but everything there is mesurred in pi and radians witch is very hard to convert in head..
  11. Lets say f(x)=4*a^x. Its goes trough ( 2,100). And i need to find the value of a. Where do i start what do i do. How do i counter this function ?
  12. So as told in discription my problem is functions and parabola calculations.. Everything else like trigonometry and so i find comparely easy to see trough... Do you have any good ways how i can memoryze function formulas and understand them just by looking at them or make them by given the amout of values... Plzz help me out herePs if you know any good websites dump them in as well
  13. Ahmm anyone good at function calculus.. HELP ME

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