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  1. Fair points, however, unless I'm mistaken, mathematics arrived at the possibility of multiverse; all things equal math is objective, if you will. The same cannot be said for Religion. -AH
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Agreed except I looked to the adjacent vehicle. But I appreciate what you are saying - and the other replies. However, my description and question thereof pertains to the admitted relatively unscientific approach to arriving at a ball-park estimate. Clearly too many variables exist to realistically duplicate this event in vivo. That said, generally speaking - and commensurate with Iggy's post (thx Iggy) - when discussing this with my daughter (and while still considering her genius-level IQ) wouldn't a pretty quick a
  3. Hello. Forgive my lay review here but this is the background to my question: My daughter and I were headed to school one morning earlier in the year. She was reading 101 Dalmations. While stopped at an intersection - I looked over to the vehicle next to me and surprise, surprise, you guessed it - there in the back seat was a DALMATION. This morning on the way to school we got to talking about that very event...that coincidence. It then occurred to me while trying to give my daughter a ball-park notion of the (high) odds of having those two events occurring again at random - that
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