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  1. Wow Martin, that's the second time you pointed out a large mistake for me today. I feel kind of stupid now. Especially because I had learned about the uniformity of space before, I had just never thought about it in depth. Anyways, I can't really see how it is possible to have space and space-time end, so I'd be willing to say that space is infinite.
  2. Thanks for the clarification about recession speeds, Martin, it seems to make sense for me. "If you want links to recent papers, please ask." I don't know if I have enough understanding of theoretical science to read through peer- reviewed papers, but if you have links to some of them, than I might as well try. If you guys are interested my theory, I guess that I will explain it, although keep in mind that it's a fairly basic, and I expect that it will have some massive holes in it. Here it goes: In my theory, I'm accepting that m-theory (and therefore string theory) is corre
  3. I always imagined space to be an infinitely large vacuum, and our universe is only a tiny section of it. It is possible to have an infinitely large vacuum because a vacuum does not contain matter or energy, therefore there are no problems (in my mind) to having it infinite. I also think that other universes probably exist somewhere in space, but this is pure speculation.
  4. I just have a quick question about the singularity that theoretically was the universe before the Big Bang. I don't know the exact calculations, but it seems like the singularity would have an escape velocity far above the speed of light. If so, how did matter escape from the singularity? (I'm not talking about space; space is massless, and so can travel past the speed of light without violating general relativity, right?). I had a theory about it, but I don't have the skills to tell if it's possible, let alone prove/ disprove it. Thanks in advance.
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