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  1. Mission Impossible: Save the Article )))) from Software Scientifics
  2. I have some questions regarding varicela virus. I have checked Internet but the information varies so much. If anybody knows that: What is the chance to get infected with this virus for adult during the close contact with infected one ? For children it is written 97-100% but I didn't find any information for adults. Thank you.
  3. On the other hand by using mitotic marker you should see more mitotic cells in comparison to the normal tissue. The cancer cells go to immature mitosis more often so the amount of this cells should be more in particular time point.
  4. Hello everyone! Happy New Year! For those who are still interested: We bought Leica, because of really good software. There are many additional features like making map of area of interest and so on.
  5. Hello everyone. And thank you for your participation. I'm still alive )))) YES, I'm "senior scientist" (as it was mentioned) and YES I'm working with Yersinia more than 5 years. And I know quite good how dangerous can be this kind of situations. But (if somebody misunderstood me) writing this topic wasn't the first step I did. Of course, I went to the doctor... actually ran there, of course, they treated me with all possible and impossible antibiotics (after they washed my stomach several times). I don't ask what to do ))) I know what to do better then anyone else, because that was a mutant that I made myself and actually I know against which antibiotic they have resistance. The aim of this topic was just to see if anyone else had that kind of BAD experience. "Did I won a million dollar?" - no, sorry ))) Answer is correct but you are not the first one who gave the correct answer. )))
  6. Today I was doing experiment and accidentally swallowed a few LB drops with bacteria. The bacteria is Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis - the "young" brother of Y. Pestis (causative agent of the plague). Actually Y.pseudotuberculosis is not so dangerous as pestis but anyway the feeling is not so comfortable. Has anyone experience of "drinking" Yersiniae ... I mean the one who is still alive )))) And the million dollar question - will I die or not?
  7. Nikon is leading, but the final decision we'll take next month (when the money will arrive) )))
  8. That is right. But for working with images I use Figure Adapter that is quite handy. It works with any graphical format. For the analyzing - NisElemenst from NIkon is ok, but then you still need some other good graphical software like Figure Adapter to convert files to the format you want. The issue with auto-focus is the important if you gonna follow the cells. Nikon has a PFS (perfect focus system) but I'm not quite happy with that. I don't know... we will have the test-drive for both next week. And actually they have different type of incubators. We'll see.
  9. Thank you. We actually have done this. And now we end up with this two. I was using the Nikon quite long time, but I'm not familiar with Leica at all. The problem (according on my personal experience) is that the microscope looks pretty nice during the presentation, but the real problems you see when you work long (like some software issues, I don't know, not so many file format support, or mechanical questions, or the problem to keep the cells alive). The cells we use are Cancer cells (U2OS) and HeLa cells, in most cases.
  10. Hello. We are going to buy a microscope for live cell imaging. Now, after some months of discussion, we end up with two brends - NIKON and Leica. Does anybody worked with this microscopes? Which brend you would suggest for live cells imaging?
  11. Actually it depends what kind of cells are you using. In case of PMN's (human neutrophils) you can use α-Polylysine. It is commonly used as an attachment factor to improve cell adherency.
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