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  1. if they did, surely someone would be able to see the american flag on the moon with a telescope...or was it conviniently on the the dark side of the moon?
  2. i like the idea of the world being flat. wud b interesting
  3. what about the atomic bomb. that was certainly summit that changed the world: a) it certainly changed japan, for the worse b) was chemically a great achievement c) it seems to have stopped any further world wars since a lot of countries now hold nuclear weaponds and are all scared of a nuclear war. i guess the chemical process would be the fission process, but youd have to look that up. good choice thou..it made both history, changed the environment and has changed life in general
  4. the above quote gives me visuals of a black background with green square grid over it, kinda bulging and tunelling in2 a black hole (ne1 seen that 3D episode of the simpsons?) am i thinking of the right thing here? i understand what everyone has said so far but i cant visulise "space-time" has ne1 got links to a site with graphical info on it?...i always find tat much easier tnx for everything so far thou
  5. amam seems right there; the first living organism must have been either a bacterium or a virus (something small anyways...i dont like biology). if it was a virus we have decended from viruses, if it was a bacterium then at some point in time one bacterium will have been infected by a virus, thus changing its genes to the viruses genes. is it possible that still today, however many billion years later, the most basic trait of a virus' DNA, "to multiply untill all resources have been exhausted then move on", is still within our genes? stands to reason.....other basic traits reman; the instinct to feed, reproduce etc. why not the virus trait? then again, other animals must have also decended from those very earliest organisms, so why dont they behave in such a way? perhaps it is because they CANNOT behave like this, for exhausting all their resoures would mean the extiction of their species. the will to survive overrides most other instincts. humans are the most intelligent beings on the planet...we are capable of exhausing natural resources and finding an alternative afterwards. maybe this ablity gives rise to the natural virus trait. maybe im just rambling lol
  6. starting to understand. am i right in saying that at the beginning of the y=x line, that was the start of the universe? and as time increases space also increases or expands?
  7. many of the threads which discuss theories of space/gravity etc. use the phrase "space-time". can anyone please give me a simplish definition of this for it is a concept i havent come across at all before. grateful for any response
  8. isnt a virus techinally non living? last time i checked most humans are living creatures.
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