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  1. Now I'm at high school. And yesterday, I've learned that respiration is c6 o6 h12 broken by o2 to give co2 + h20 + energy. If the main content of glucose is carbohydrate(coh) then can we react water and c02 to get coh in any form? If we could get that, then we could just make an artificial canal from lungs to stomach. Please think about it and give me some explanative reply because i am only just trying to enter the world of biology.
  2. The universe could rip apart, that is why this is just a hypothesis which is not experimented, there is only a chance to stop expanding and start contracting. And black holes are stretching the space-time. The more massive a black hole is it stretches space-time. I will tell you an experiment. If you take a trampoline which is 5 meter square, take some 50 kgs of weight and put it in the trampoline and if you measure it's area, it would increase. So the more weight you place in the trampoline, the more it is increased in area. Then like this, if the area of the space time is increased because of any mass or a black hole, then it is being stretched. And I agree with in the case of light which would not be in the mega black hole but as the universe which this light is containing itself is contracting, it would be soon sucked into the mega black hole.
  3. Black holes could stretch space-time by increasing its mass. For an analogy, in a trampolne if we keep a 50kg body, it would stretch the trampoline, but if we keep a 5000 kg body which has same size, it would stretch even more and could tear the trampoline, but space time can't be teared, it would just stop stretching. So the more massive the black hole the more it stretches the space-time into it. But the whole universe is expanding more powerfully than the black holes pulls the space-time. So galaxies recedes frome each other. Then why does everyone who reads my hypothesis ask for an experiment to prove this? I'm sure this can't be experimented in a lab which is billions of times larger than it. Thanks
  4. So if it will expand forever and is accelerating, will the universe once expand faster than light?
  5. O.K. so let me think..............................Still thinking.................................. [ANY SUGGESTION FOR ANY EXPERIMENT (which makes sence) WILL BE ACCEPTED]
  6. Does universe expand for ever or will it have a big crunch?
  7. But this is entirely not a subject to test as easy as to drop a ball from 10 meters. This is complicated. And I didn't say that this will surely happen but there is only a chance to happen. And you can't say that all scientific theories should be experimented. There are some topics which is about extreme conditions or cannot be tested like knowing the taste of cyanide.
  8. There is dark matter more than real matter in the universe which has a specialty that like gravity is an attractive force, the anti-gravity(dark energy) has a repulsive force which is the cause for the universe to expand.
  9. But I posted the topic in Astronomy and Cosmology section because it is related to Cosmology.
  10. What would be the fate or the future of our universe? Will it expand to infinity? Or stop expanding or start to contract? My thoughts joining space time, expanding universe and black holes led me to think of a new idea about the future of the universe. Let me explain it. Lets start with space time. Albert Einstein's theory explains to consider about a fabric like a trampoline as space time. And any body with mass would create a curve in this fabric which any other body near to it is attracted to it like a whirlpool. And black holes are the remnants of giant stars which is collapsed to a point because of excessive gravity. So a black hole in this space time would create not just a curve but a log tunnel like well!!! So now you've got what is space time and about b black hole in space time. Now lets talk about the reality. We know that the universe is expanding, so the space time of our universe should also be expanding. So we understood that space time is stretchable. Is it infinitely stretchable? There is my prediction. Space time is not infinitely expandable, because like the nature's limit which we can't go faster than the speed of light, there would be a limit for space time to expand. It would be after billions of years later that all galaxies would be swallowed by the block holes seen in the center of the galaxies and these black holes would join together to form a mega black hole. So at this time, both space and time would be stretched by the mega black hole (the black hole stretches the space time by the long well-like curves in the space time created by its excessive mass) and by expanding universe. When it stops to stretch further, the universe won't be able to expand further and would start to contract to the black hole. When it reaches the limit of contraction, the universe would be a point which would be infinitely hot and massive and would burst and start to expand which is called the big bang.......... So I conclude that when the space time or universe reaches the limit of stretching or the expansion, it would start to contract because of the deep curve created by the mega black hole and would come to a point called singularity, when it can't further contract, it explodes and starts to expand again. So there would be time before the big bang we know................. [PLEASE THINK ON MY THEORY AND CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG AND I ALSO REQUEST YOU TO PROMOTE MY THEORY]
  11. but i think that the curve of gravity in space time fabric would be the contraction of space in and time in reality.
  12. we all, even Einstein say that space time is a fabric in which its curvature due to the mass is the gravity. Ya, I know that, but in reality, is this 'fabric system' possible? Because the real space is 3 dimensional and how could be space along with the time be a fabric of 2 dimesions?
  13. lets see space as a space time fabric. so this space time fabric has been expanding since the big bang. and we know that there will be a limit for everything. so after a limit, it will be not able to expand, and it will start to compress.
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