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  1. Some questions - why do you think you have diminished immunity? How would doc's check communities for this or any microorganisms - they've no such authority. Klebsiell oxytoca i a common environmental bug - esp. in households - so you may not have acquired it from another person..
  2. There are more microbial cels in and on our body than human cells. The numbers in/on respective parts are more likely to be functional than concerning.
  3. Thanks - probably assumed its was from our friend sammy and jumped to a negative interpretation. I need to read more carefully.
  4. How would he make more money if there were fewer people in the world and why do you think he desires more money? I think you betray your bias in the assumption of both points.
  5. Sure. It's not uncommon in fungal studies, esp. as one can't sample readily s mycelial culture without taking the whole mat. You could do a side-by-side comparison with your previous method to see if they're equivalent. Here's one ref - tho it used a smaller quantity of medium. http://aem.asm.org/content/49/1/101.short
  6. Interesting - the dishonest person continues to defend such an obvious lie. Did you or did you not claim Gates said "lets kill/sterilize people with vaccines" or are you ignorant re. use quotes and the word blatantly (note corrected spelling)? You have to wonder at the motivation of the author of the initial post. The initial video was at best tangential to his apparent anti-vaccine agenda. The ill-considered 1/2-assed speech of Gates he managed to find is dishonestly qouted. Grow up kid - if you have a point - state it.
  7. I see honesty is your short suit. He did not say "lets kill/sterilize people with vaccines".
  8. Are you really that dishonest? That he is not logical re. lowering population with better health care and vaccines - except for reproductive health care - is not the issue. These were not his words.
  9. Ringer - perhps Bill Gates isn't as immoral and you would presume to be if you had his wealth.
  10. Liberties? It's techncial garbage. Don't try to find rationale for the silliness from television, technical accuracy is not considered in their effort. Sulfur compounds are not per se harmful any more than odor response is necessarily harm avoidance. Sulfur is an essential element to life and makes up a signficant part of our bodies. We eat garlic and cabbage and skunk oil has been used in perfume. Studies, esp. with sludge amendments, showed that viruses (viral infectivity of a population) do not survive well in soil. That doesn't mean they all go away - the studies didnt have the sensitivity to confirm zero survival and infective doses can approximate a single virus.
  11. Why do you "believe" the (text of) the above video?
  12. So you interest is in the efficacy of vaccines?
  13. This is a lecture by an unknown speaker - not a peer rviewed paper and the bias here is obvious in "religious fanatics", funvac fr religius fundamentalism, etc - terms that he did not define. We don't know sample size, controls, how confounders were addressed, blindinging, power. He offered "individual" examples rather that statisticlly-based findings. And the speaker offers the sophomoric error or presuming coincidence establishes cuasality. For the presentation - he did not offer compelling data to his hypothesis.
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