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  1. Hi everyone, Protein structure is a complex thing...and also confusing! I was going through literature about protein structure prediction. If given a primary sequence of a protein, how can secondary structure be reliably predicted? I am aware of tendency of aa to be associated with different secondary structures, is there a specific algorithm used for calculation of secondary structure? Is there any other way to model a protein structure based on primary sequence besides homology modelling? Thanks in advance for input and also for reading this!
  2. @charonY, can you tell me example of an obligate anerobic fungi?
  3. try using microtitre plate...you can analyze more sample in one go. I think they are cheap. As far as incubation is concerned if you have anerobic chamber or CO2 incubator for anerobic conditions. Advantages of doing it. 1. you can analyze more samples. 2. chances of contamination are low 3. Quantify you result with less pain
  4. I am just curious whether sinus infection can be caused by tooth? If that's the case which microorganisms may be involved....strep?
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