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  1. I have got a Maths project coming up and I would appreciate it if any one could give me some ideas or if possible some links . i was thinkingmaybe doing it on probability of genetics but i cant find info anywhere. genetics. The project has to be 50 pages of booklet and a model if possible,. PLZ HELp
  2. a chemical god?? is it possible?? i just have this thought about a god being completely chemical &biological origin. what is god ?? god is a source of life what keeps us alive? the earth and its elements what are we ? biological if u see all these qs and as it could add up to something.
  3. chari1

    Define Life

    yt2095 how canit be that movement is part of life. when plants dont move,and they have life.
  4. chari1

    Define Life

    life??hmmm? life is made up of all the five elements.when these five elements combined they formed mother earth.on mother earth from the water emerges life .and father timepermits evolution to continue.
  5. Hallucinations are sensory perceptions that are unrelated to outside events -- in other words, seeing or hearing things that aren't there. : Fever, which can occur with almost any infection, frequently produces hallucinations in children and the elderly Intoxication or withdrawal from such drugs as marijuana, LSD, cocaine/crack, heroin, and alcohol Delirium or dementia Sensory deprivation such as blindness or deafness Severe medical illness including liver failure, kidney failure, and brain cancer Some psychiatric disorders, particularly schizophrenia, psychotic depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder
  6. chari1


    could some poisons be actually lifesaving medicines or useful drugs lets have a look at the poisons Poisionous Plants Aconite Apple (Balsam) Apple (Bitter) Baneberry Bloodroot Bryony, Black Bryony, European White Bryony, White Cabbage Tree Calabar Bean Calotropis Cherry Laurel Clematis Coca, Bolivian Cocculus, Indicus Dropwort, Hemlock Water Foxglove Gelsemium Hellebore, Black Hellebore, False Hellebore, Green Hellebore, White Hemlock Hemlock, Water Hemp, Indian Ignatius Beans Ivy, Poison Laburnum Laurel, Mountain Lovage, Water Mescal Buttons Nightshade, Black Nightshade, Deadly Nux Vomica Paris, Herb Poppy, White Saffron, Meadow Spurges Stavesacre Strophanthus Thornapple Wake Robin, American Yew so do any of these have any extra STUFF ,SOME EXTRACT ,SOME THING THAT CAN CURE A DISEASE
  7. i think a normal compound microscope wud work. i lost my password so thats y i changed my user name. (its a big parapharnelia to get it back thru email coz i m working ona slow connection)
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