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    i am a huge fan of leonardo da vinci
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  1. chari

    In our lifetime..

    id say fusion power plants due to lack of oil on the earthand increasing prices on earth of oil
  2. i am trying to start a project on this anyone who would like to help can email me at leovirtuvian@yahoo.co.uk please join in all who can .try to make it real.
  3. right !! but do you think that its possible to do this without so much financial expenditure!
  4. thats why this is the tuff part
  5. tthis is just what the life force can do it is amazing.i am going to tryit.its done by freezing the water ,writing what u want ,then removeit cut up a slice and then tto the microscope.
  6. hello all, i am a new member .i am a huge fan of leonardo da vinci.but i specialize in the study of chemistry and especially water: our life force.i am also a football fan.(aresenal). ok.there was my. intro here is what i mean when i say that there is so much to understand in H20. i recently read a book on water & how it absorbs information and shows a difference in the crystals. EXP: NO 1 there were photographs of the crystals when certain music was played like beethoven,mozart,elvis etc and it was amazing when they played beethoven the crystal was like a gold star when they played mozart it was like a silver star and this is the coolest when e.p heart break hotel was played in the begining :it was shaped like a golden heart in the middle :pieces of it broke of (like a heart break in the end :the pieces were trying to come back together heavy metal and the crystal had ripples and if u look closely it was like a skull EXP.NO 2 the water was frozen and they wrote stuff on a paper and stuck it to the test tube in which the frozen water was kept. woow! it was amazing first they wrote you idiot on one of them it was as if u drop a stone i water 80% of the human body is water.imagine i u call someone a fool all the water in their body becomes totally sick and they feel like the water coz its a part of them. they wrote love on the water and it was a beautifulgold star. beautiful: a kind of aspread out gold stars soul: a golden star wiuth a heart in the centre ugly:too sick to describe thank you .a huge gold crystal u make me sick >cant describe it see the photo> soul> make me sick> angel and devil> heavz metal*music theres more .but the book iread was in german so it didnt have the negative things like when they wrote hitler on it now u see how interesting water is
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