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  1. Hey come on guys theres no reason for this kind of reaction.I never call anyone stupid,or insult them in a personal way.Im only having a laugh so dont send me to coventry i beg you,if you dont like it i will stop doing it,if thats what you all want. Just let me have this last one.....im doing this from work you see,its my coffee break.. GET a job you friggin dole scroungers.I pay taxes so you idiots can sit home on your fat ass and talk science straight out of your collection of New scientist.I have to actually do the damn thing.
  2. Hey just speaking the truth here lads no need to jump on me.Hey you want scientific proof just visit his posts for a look yourselves.Thats if he doesnt quickly go edit them.
  3. No dont take any notice of YT,he Likes to think he knows stuff but asks a question,says he has an answer to it but doesnt post it,he waits for good reply's then says yes this was the solution He thought of..How its done is use your logic(rubber bands) Take your straws and split into two equal groups of ten,make sure your rubber bands are wrapped around ten straws. Now take some sissors and cut the ends of the straws,so that the other ten fit into each other to make a basket of straws(like the joe ninety cage)you will notice that the rubber bands are now linked into the structure. twist one band and in the remaining loop place the egg. now do this for all bands and you should end up with a straw cage,and the egg held in place by all rubber bands,You will immediately see that the egg is not touching any of the straws but is held from all sides by rubberband which will act as crued shock absorbers.Now wrap the whole structure in masking tape and drop it from your height.The bands will absorb the impact leaving the egg intact. please note that i made the bloody thing took me 3 hours of pissing about getting the egg right but it worked though. good luck
  4. why do they call it a TV set when you only get one
  5. The only wetas we have in the uk are when its been raining and you sit down on a bench.If your unlucky you end up with a really wetas
  6. IQ tests give an average,age related score.On some i get scores of above 190 others 180.But i think its just a waste of time really and apart from getting in a club it serves no purpose,how can one compare the genius of say Einstein with Beethoven,anyone who isnt moved by either is doing too many IQ tests
  7. sorry many apologies....just a bit of light hearted fun
  8. go on tell him sayanora..cheeky git...who is he to assume your a vegan when you love a burger...and as his insinuating a similarity to broccoli and animal life,well thats just pissed me off...its sunday so im off to boil alive some cabbage after ive ripped its limbs off one by one......so if you hear some screams from my kitchen....you will know..mmmmwwaahahahahaha!!!
  9. I stated that i couldnt offer any links on the net.But im sure if your intereted enough you could find it.Im not really inclined to go searching for homo stuff,i dont have a problem with it just not interested.As you agree about transgender being genetic you dont have to stretch your imagination that far to consider the link.... You would probaby get more insight finding a gay forum for yourself...i heard that many gay people testify to the fact that from being infants they new their sexual preference( hard to imagine an innocent child with no preconceptions of sex or experience of life,being attracted to their own sex as a conscious choice)
  10. According to the BMA schizophrenia is to a degree in everyone of us... No it isnt....yes it is....i said it isnt...who ya fcuking talkin to ....you dumbass...im sick of you every time i say out you always have to start...no i dont ..yes you do..
  11. ROFL....i enjoyed some of the posts here,really tackling the issue with no consideration that gay people would be horrified to read. Unfortunately there is enough data now (though i cannot point you to it on the net) that homosexuality is genetic..if i recall its something to do with the brain.. apparently this gene is on/off as the fetus is developing and the result is regardless of sex at birth your a homo! I realise its pretty basic but its true...i think its also linked to females in a mans body etc....we have a bloke walking around the cathedral city dressed every afternoon in a skirt,blouse,makeup,and Nike trainers.......he would look rather fetching if only he didnt have a beard ROFL...its true i swear..(hey i have a beard..oops)
  12. well chimps will probably think we have been great...some of them have been in the movies since the thirties,others on tv doing PG tips adverts.... As for Dolphins who can forget Flipper.....man they were the days
  13. Thats my character and personality,in real life i act like this because its who i am and i couldnt possibly change it.My nickname is TREE BEARD (dont make me regret this ) i didnt give myself that name you understand.But most of all i enjoy being this way,i make people laugh at my own expense.Which breaks down barriers and makes people open up,being dull i have found sends people to sleep. I dont want to be pretentious or all knowing,or put myself higher than my fellow man simply because i have learnt a subject i get satisfaction from.Regardless of education or background there are nice people out there and i want to meet them.Education doesnt mean clever my wife has no interest in the cosmos, Atlantis,Eric von Daniken or the vitreous luster of Tourmanline.However in the reality of life i do not compare,she knows were we are going,who needs paying,who not to pay,the gibberish that comes out of our 18 month old daughters mouth is translated for me,she knows when she's thirsty,tired,ill,bored.She is a linguist,psychologist,psychiatrist,agony aunt,friend and endless other qualities to which im humble in her presence. When my car teleports from were i thought i left it,she instantly calculates the colour coding of parking zones,number of bays, which level we were on,which side of the lift to get out and then dumbfounds me by saying ours was next to that nice red one!!! "Pass me my Calvin and hobbes" (Im not stressed sayanora it was my attempt at idiom)
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