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  1. I think it is one of the possible but highly improbable beginnings of life, human life, intelligence, etc .; I think 1 in a million would be giving this possibility to much credence.
  2. I just took a quick look at your site. Cool! Mine is pantheory.com It appears that we both have a book in cosmology and plenty of related ideas. I'll read more of your site as time permits, Regards, Forrest
  3. Md65536, "I don't have a firm handle on curvature but I think curvature due to mass approaches 0 (flat) as distance approaches infinity, but it is still non-zero at any arbitrary distance???" Yeah, that sounds right to me according to the warped space model, that matter warps the space surrounding it and is the cause of gravity. " ... there is an intrinsic limit to distance based on time (concerning gravity). A mass cannot have any effect on anything outside its light cone." (parenthesis added) This is also valid but indirectly there is a gravitational effect of everyth
  4. gillian, Even if clusters are huge gravity wells and that escaping light from them are bent, does not mean that intelligent space craft would have to follow this course. Like from Earth to orbit the most efficient way to orbit to save fuel is to follow a circular path into orbit. If fuel was not a concern you would just go straight up and away like sci-fi UFO's. Some day I believe we won't waste the time with circular paths to orbit or to go out and about
  5. Of course some consider that speciation is still debatable. It is at the heart of evolution just following natural selection. I suggest you read as much as you wish on the subject. As for myself I have seen lots of great examples/ evidence for it but don't wish to spend the time to find the links at this time. Hopefully, for your questions sake, others will do so. If not later I might look for the examples that I aware of. There is lots of evidence that some of the animals within the same genus can bread together, lions and tigers, whales and dolphins, horses and donkeys, etc. One of the
  6. Md65536, ".....It seems that if space is flat (infinite) and homogeneous and isotropic then an abstract definition of distance would match a real definition of distance? Then, even if we couldn't measure distance in nothing without putting something into it, we could extrapolate it. This relies on the assumption that spacetime curvature is homogeneous to an infinite distance in any direction, which kinda implies that infinite distance is defined. I'm confusing myself now, but there must be something in this statement. Matter causes spacetime curvature at a distance. That curvature c
  7. Hello,

    Give me a holler. My first posting was 6/13/11

    Looking forward to general science discussions.

  8. You are on to something. I think your thinking is correct. I just made a posting in the "What is space" thread started in 94. What I said there is what I will say here to you and I think not different from what you assert. Space can properly be defined as the volume that matter occupies. Linear space can be defined as the distance between matter, where matter is the yardstick. As Rene Descartes put it, space is an extension of matter. "People before me believed that if all the matter in the universe were removed, only space and time would exist. My theory proves that space and tim
  9. Howdy all, I'm from California and have spent a lifetime studying physics and cosmology. I am an alternative theorist and have written a book and technical papers concerning alternative cosmology and related theoretical physics. The model that I propose is now more than 50 years old. I have broad interests in science along with many other subjects. I enjoy a good discussion on the net but in my experience arguments on the net do not bear fruit . I am not married but have adult children ages 30 to 34. I am of retirement age but have several on-going businesses. One is in construction,
  10. Wow, this is a long, old thread but a very good question. Where does space end? I think it comes down to the definition of space and there is no consensus concerning a definition. I agree with those Big Bang theorists who assert that both time and space were created from the beginning of the universe, and there is no such thing as before that. In the same way the meaning of space could be defined as the volume that matter occupies concerning its volume, or two dimensional space could be defined as the distances between matter. This I think explains the question. Space extends as far as matt
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