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  1. I briefly read through this post (haven't tried the links yet), and it described some of my experiences. I see colored dots that flash and move everywhere. I can see then anytime anywhere, especially when in darker places. but at times they form patterns. The most recent pattern consisted thin green and brown/red/orange (it never stays still) that swirl around each other. It breaks up and the colors change to form ill-defined shapes that morph into each other. I should add at this point that I have not taken any drugs (prescriptions aside), do not do any drugs, and am not on any prescriptions right now. I can recall a math class (I was staring into space after a test) when I noticed the bright green ones were lining up into rows, those rows are curved and on a circle. Some of the dots were closely spaced and others were brighter and further apart. The pattern repeated. Imagine that pattern on a road, like the asphalt texture when driving on a road during night. the pattern comes around and under you. Then the widely dots stop moving with the closely placed ones and begin to spin the opposite direction. I noticed this whole thing years back and went to an eye doctor, who told me that aside from some floaters everything was perfect, (beyond that considering the 20/15 vision in both eyes.) A counselor said that some of these events may be linked to lucid dreaming. But much of the time they can happen when I'm perfectly awake. Like right now, or rather 20 minutes ago when i noticed i can permanently see them regardless of what I'm looking at on 2/3 the vision over my left eye on the right side, and only when the right eye is closed. For what it's worth I have also had random instances of Synesthesia. When I'm bearly asleep a noise will seem louder than it really is and the dots will arrange themselves into a shape(s) specific to that sound. ex; floor cracks evoke crazy, but defined, chaotic b/w zig-zag lines that go everywhere. My window glass making a creaking sound from the temperature change during night is a large rectangle with smaller ones around the line that outlines the larger one, all light blue with a white/grey background. They dissappear as fast as they have appeared. I have not gotten properly diagnosed for this. Well, sorry to get off topic there. ~erin
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