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  1. trying to rationalize things that you dont understand can be interesting but in no way does it make it less real
  2. I love the whole Idea of time travel. If it twere possible, I think that people would be amazed. much the same way that the first fire started was startled by fire. Or when watching televisions Star trek sparked cell phones from the ever so popular communicator! Or even the horseless carriage.... All things are possible, the only thing that is impossible is human ignorance from marvels that have yet to be discovered. Funny as it sounds though you can be pessamistic or optimistic. When asked if he thought he was dishearted about it taking 1000 failures to create the lightbulb Edis
  3. I finally have the difference in elevation 620-677 elevation difference=57feet 57 feet from the pond to top of the hill from the pump to the top of the hill 633-650 from pump to top of the hill 17 feet I made a better image of the project that is here: http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/4264/irragationfq6.th.jpg
  4. Yep profitable. I use my mind to distinguish things in diverse and complex situations. how could understanding of relativity profit me? Simple. It provides me with entertaining thoughts of the what if, it spawns imagination and intricate thought. It shows me the difference between ignorance and genius and all the grey matter between those too that are very relative. Remember not all treasures are gold and silver, but treasure can come in many diverse and unique profits beyond that of which monetary mediums could ever afford. So Yes my horse-feathers are profitable! any care
  5. I dont think we evolved from apes or dogs or fish or birds. It doesnt follow religious belief or even creation stories. Sure its a possiblity and its interesting to imagine but it isnt something that can be proven without a doubt. The many followers of the religion called evolution have run into blockades with the theories they have suggested. I think we do evolve though in some senses like from being a baby to being a man to being an old man to being venerable to being dead and beyond. The word for that is aging though not evolution. I like the idea of evolving linguistics and find that histo
  6. Yup I plan on filtering the water from both sides using a removable trap on each end of the pipe
  7. lol yeah yeah was a brainfart was thinking about that after I posted and found the barometer lol
  8. its not even 20 feet up over the span from fence to fence. More then half of it is level ground about 150 foot is up hill from pond to top of hill lets use the figure of 20barg as you suggested Ill look for the barometer and see what it says
  9. Im not sure what 20 barg means. It is a measurement of vacuum? I plan on pumping it uphill using a sump pump perhaps yes its less then a 20 feet rise over 300 and 600 feet Ill look on my map for elevation difference
  10. we arent talking about straight up and down we are talking about hill region btw here is an updated picture
  11. 3) Im actually planning on hooking into the drip valves with both lines alternating back and forth pump from the storage tank and pump from the pond. 2) 4 inch piping is what I plan on using for this and I am also considering putting 2 sprinkler heads on the ends that I can turn on and off like the drip lines 1) Flowrate for the drip valves im not sure really........I havent figured out what would be acceptable what range would I be looking at? I would assume the drip system will be flex pvc 1 inch and about 50-100 foot section with holes running ever 5 feet on each side The valves w
  12. hmm, It is described that two photons quantum tunneled through prisms and reached the sensor at the same time as the rest of the photons reached their destination. What your telling me is that just a wave phenomenon and if it were one photon it couldnt have happened? The relevance of a singular photon versus a pair of photons is what? What was seen using your perception? I am using seen in regards to my own perception of what I read from an article and the data from the experiment. I would love to understand the relevance of this violation of SR. And I can already here people sayin
  13. OK I am here for ideas to elaborate a system to irragate 6 acres of ground using solar energy and a generator to jump start the system. Let me set up the idea here. 300 feet pumped uphill from a water well then 1000 feet to the edge of the property and downhill about 600 feet into pond, overflow going into a creek 300 feet is pumped straight without a break in the line at the turn going across the hill about every 100 feet I will have a drip system that is on/off so that I can water that section using gravity to drain the water back to the pond and/or creek Now to the area
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