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  1. Sorry I don´t speak English. God is not an alien. WE ARE THE ALIENS. The theory demonstrates that Earth was seeded. The INTELLIGENCE makes a criptation of 0.273... in every thing. The Farenheit scale was defined for Farenheit but Kelvin discovers that (for the existence of absolute zero) we can make a absolut scalle for temperatures but we have to take a reference (water at 1 atmosphere). Kelvin says:liquid water 100 degrees and the frost water temperature is 273.15ºKelvin. Man relationed liquid water with 100 and that give us 273.15 the normal thing was that Kelvin said water liquid 10 and we would have frost temperatura of water (absolute) 27.3 (THE MOON TIME) Translate with google http://www.lakraoqlta.com.es and you see everithing. radius moon/radius Earth=0.27... (surface moon/surface earth) eleved(1/2) =0.27... (volume moon/volume earth) eleved(1/3) =0.27... moon time ciclus/100=0.27.. 100/sidereal year=100/366.2=0.27... INTELLIGENCE put the number of spins to Universe (366.2) and invented the year 365.2 days (366.2-1) and INTELLIGENCE knowed that we are going to use days.(when invented the year invented the day too). INTELLIGENCE put the moon time in 27.3 because take it from water temperature (273.15) water frost absolute temperature(for 1 atm)/1000= 0.27... radius Sun/(400 earth radius)=0.27... (surface sun) eleved 1/2 / 400 (surface Earth) eleved 1/2 =0.27... (Volume sun) eleved 1/3 / 400 (volume Earth ) eleved 1/3 =0.27 To demostrate my theory: you can obtain estimations of e an PI (the pi estimation is 100 eleved 1/4 or 10 eleved 1/2) Estimation of e: ((100 eleved 5) (moon mean radius)(ecuatorial moon radius)(moon surface eleved 1/2)(moon volume eleved 1/3)(moon polar radius)(moon ciclus time)(moon ciclus time)(sun radio)(frost water temperature)) / (earth polar radio)(earth men radio)(earth ecuatorial radio)(eatrh surface eleved 1/2)(earth volume eleved 1/3)(100)(sidereal year or number)(400)(Earth radio)(1000) = e eleved 10 you obtain e=2.72 e with 0.40% error With exactly the same dates you can obtain an estimation of PI Singe pair example: 100(moon surface eleved 1/2)(moon volume eleved 1/3) / (Earth suface eleved 1/2)(earth volume eleved 1/3) = (e estimation) eleved 2 e estimation = 2.72.. Error 0.31% 100(moon surface eleved 1/2)(Earth volume eleved 1/3) / (Earth suface eleved 1/2)(Moon volume eleved 1/3) = (Pi estimation) eleved 4 Pi estimatión =3.16... error: 0.66% YOU HAVE INFINITE PAIR OF ECUATIONS Please look 24 pair of ecuation in lakraoqlta.com.es Salam
  2. it is the unit of propose temperature by Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1724, whose scale fixes zero and one hundred to the temperatures of freezing and evaporation of the ammonic water chloride. We introduce anothe factor that is ammonic choride with farenheit scale But whit cesius or kelvin we just use only water for scales. Celsius. -273.15 0 100 Kelvin 0 273.15 373.15 Abs zero ICE Water steam ONE degree Kelvin is the same that one celsius degree, just changes the position of zero. Ice water steam diference 100 degrees.
  3. To Sayonara. With this theory this is not a planet, is space ship maded 4.500 millions years ago. If someones made this thing. They have technology. (pi dominates space). ( e dominates logical) Someones can have Internet 4.500 years ago. They can study genetical Enginering and fabricate the species in the sky and they put all species here. My discovery/theory changes all. They can evolucionate a men or made it in a laboratory. With one man you can make/clonate a woman because man cromosoma is XY and woman cromosoma XX. But with a woman today is not posible clonata a man. With two mothers cell from the first man you can separate x and y cromosoma pairs and intoduce only XX and you have a mother cell female and with the necesari conditions for this cell you can desarrollate the first woman. Mother cell are taked from bones and marrow. Do you remerber the old hystory of Adam, Eve and the rib. Salam (peace)
  4. To the insane alien. Very simple: if 4.500 millions years ago there was an intelligent alien (like you) that mades bio-evolutives systems (like the Eatrh-Sun-moon): we are aliens. And we are a creation evoluted on Earth or maybe in other place of the Universe using genetical enginerig. You can clonate a woman from a man but not a man from a woman, because you need a Y chromosome and woman is XX (man XY). The only posible process today is a genetical enginerig or evolution to made a man. To take a mother cells from him and change the Y for a X and we obtain a female mother cell that could become a woman with the conditions of embrionary process. Mother cells are taked from bones and marrow. Do you Know the history of Adan and Eve and the rib? Coincidence????????? Personally I don´t believe in evolution (Darwin). We have the 99% of ADN that monkeys but this don´t demostrate evolution. This only demonstrate that we have the same origin (creator). We came from the same factory. Salam (peace)
  5. To Cap'n Refsmmat (Dr. Evil) Sorry, I´m from Spain and I dont speek english. I want to say +400 greater in size (lengh,space,diameter,radius...) Not Volume or surface The volume size provides from "radius cubus" and for this thing you obtained 400 cubus = 64.000.000 larger in volume. You say:The Sun is 370 times farther from the Earth than the Moon is. Incorec:The Sun is 387 thimes farther from The center (not the surface) of the Earth. minimal distance posible betwen the Sun to the surface of Earth=(distance sun earth) - (ecuatorial radius of Earth) =149.600.000 - 6378 = 149593622 distance betwen surface of Earth to moon = (ditance from Earth to moon) - (ecuatorial radius of Earth) = 378022 149593622/378022=395.72 The minimal distanstance to Sun is 395.75 in the ecuator and in the equinocio days But in another place and other day we can disfrute total and annular eclipses. The relation: (sun size/moon sice) = (distance surface earth toSun)/(distance surface earth to Sun) is verified because the the eclipse is annular or total. My numbers DON´T seem to be made up. Visit my website "lakraoqlta COM ES" for more information (only Spanish, sorry) To Sayonara³: ME too. Salam (peace)
  6. THEORY ABOUT THE ARTIFICIAL ORIGIN OF SYSTEM EARTH-MOON-SUN Who we are, where do we come from and where do we go? I will expose my theory. The life is the most remarkable characteristic of the planet Earth. The base of the life is the water, the vital liquid, without which the life so and as we know it would not be possible. In addition it has a property that withstands almost only to other compounds and chemical elements: when happening of the liquid state to solid its density diminishes what does that the ice floats and allows to the life in the seas and frozen rivers. Studying the water the man fixed the temperature scale between the ice and the steam of water to 100 degrees Celsius. The later advance of science decreed that a minimum temperature in the Universe exists to which the zero absolute one is denominated and whose value is of -273.15 degrees Celsius. Once explained all this I will expose my discovery. If we took the value from the terrestrial diameter like length unit, the size of the moon is 0.2731… Earth size = 1 Moon size = 0.2731.. This one is the number of the zero absolute one that arose from which the man put number 100 between the ice and the water. I will call this number NUMBER K = 0.27315 If we took the value from the solar day like time unit, the time of the moon is 27,3… days, that is to say, 100K days. Earth time = 1 day Moon time = 27.3.. days We can see a relation between water and moon. If we make the inverse 100/K we obtain 366.09… that is the number of turns that the Earth gives in a year with respect to stars or what is the same the duration of a year in sidereal days (it is always the number of solar days + 1). The relation between 100 and -273,15 in the temperatures of water is verified only in 1 pressure atmosphere. Earth pressure = 1 Absolute zero = -273.15 Zero absolute in relation whit water = -273.15 degrees Celsius. The moon drags the water on the Earth surface and generates the tides that are as well the people in charge to generate the wind. The Sun drags the water by the sky when evaporating it and it distributes for the planet thanks to it to the aid of the wind. The Sun is 400 times greater more than the moon but this 400 times far away from the Earth surface, which causes that we see them of he himself size and producing the spectacular total or annular Sun eclipses. The size of the moon 0,27315 and its time 27,315, if I raise the system of 2 equations with two incognitos 0.27315=X/Y ² and 27.315=X • Y ² I obtain like result X=2.7… and Y=3.1… the numbers e and pi, numbers of logical and geometric intelligence with a smaller error to 1%. The K=0.27315 number contains all the prime numbers from the 0 to the 9. All this induces to me to enunciate the theory that it was an intelligence with mathematical and scientific knowledge that design the system Earth-Moon-Sun and caused the origin of the life in our planet. The Earth is a gigantic designed spaceship 4,500 million years ago. DEMONSTRATION: The terrestrial polar diameter is of 12.713.824 meters but the altitude of the North and South poles is 1-4 meters and 3200 meters. So we have a water sphere size of 12.710.624 meters. The lunar polar diameter is of 3.471.940 meters. If we make relation 3,471940/12710624 = 0.2731526 The error in percentage with respect to number K=0.27315 is -0,00095% In addition due to defrosting to the poles the error approaches zero. The solar time is one day and the Moon time is 27,32166 days. The error in percentage with respect to the number 100K=27.315 is the 0,024%. This error is stabilised (not grow and not decrease). The solar year is of 366,256436 days sidereal. The error in percentage with respect to the number 100/K=366.09 is the 0,0429% In addition terrestrial rotation stops and the error approaches zero. If I raise the system of equations size of moon in respect to the size of Earth = 0,2731526 = X/Y ² and the relation time moon (27,32166 days) with respect to the solar day (one day) = 27.32166 = X • Y ² I obtain Y=3.162… that are the number pi with a 0,666% error and X=2.731… that it is “e” number and with an error of the 0,49%. It could be an intelligence criptation method whith the numbers of intelligence e and pi. You can see this method only in Spanish searching "Metodo de Typiko para la encriptación de la inteligencia" in google Spain. Relation distances to the Earth surface-Sun / Earth surface-moon = 395.70 Relation in polar diameters size Sun / moon= 398.48 The difference is smaller to 1% In summary, the water is ice 1000K degrees Celsius and liquid 100 degrees Celsius. The Earth measures 1 and moon K. The Earth turns around the sun 1 day and the moon 100K days. The Earth in a year gives 100/K returned around stars. The calendars solar and lunar are the same and are based on the water one comes from the function 100/K and the other of 100K. That the sun eclipse is total always has been defined as an incredible cosmic chance, but this demonstrates that the chances are many more. The Sun is 400 times greater more than the moon but this 400 times far away from the Earth surface. 400 is a so perfect number. THE MAN IS A CREATION By Typiko Abdul
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