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  1. Sorry I don´t speak English. God is not an alien. WE ARE THE ALIENS. The theory demonstrates that Earth was seeded. The INTELLIGENCE makes a criptation of 0.273... in every thing. The Farenheit scale was defined for Farenheit but Kelvin discovers that (for the existence of absolute zero) we can make a absolut scalle for temperatures but we have to take a reference (water at 1 atmosphere). Kelvin says:liquid water 100 degrees and the frost water temperature is 273.15ºKelvin. Man relationed liquid water with 100 and that give us 273.15 the normal thing was that Kelvin said water liquid 10
  2. it is the unit of propose temperature by Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1724, whose scale fixes zero and one hundred to the temperatures of freezing and evaporation of the ammonic water chloride. We introduce anothe factor that is ammonic choride with farenheit scale But whit cesius or kelvin we just use only water for scales. Celsius. -273.15 0 100 Kelvin 0 273.15 373.15 Abs zero ICE Water steam ONE degree Kelvin is the same that one celsius degree, just changes the position of zero. Ice water steam dif
  3. To Sayonara. With this theory this is not a planet, is space ship maded 4.500 millions years ago. If someones made this thing. They have technology. (pi dominates space). ( e dominates logical) Someones can have Internet 4.500 years ago. They can study genetical Enginering and fabricate the species in the sky and they put all species here. My discovery/theory changes all. They can evolucionate a men or made it in a laboratory. With one man you can make/clonate a woman because man cromosoma is XY and woman cromosoma XX. But with a woman today is not posible clonata a man. With two mothers
  4. To the insane alien. Very simple: if 4.500 millions years ago there was an intelligent alien (like you) that mades bio-evolutives systems (like the Eatrh-Sun-moon): we are aliens. And we are a creation evoluted on Earth or maybe in other place of the Universe using genetical enginerig. You can clonate a woman from a man but not a man from a woman, because you need a Y chromosome and woman is XX (man XY). The only posible process today is a genetical enginerig or evolution to made a man. To take a mother cells from him and change the Y for a X and we obtain a female mother cell that could be
  5. To Cap'n Refsmmat (Dr. Evil) Sorry, I´m from Spain and I dont speek english. I want to say +400 greater in size (lengh,space,diameter,radius...) Not Volume or surface The volume size provides from "radius cubus" and for this thing you obtained 400 cubus = 64.000.000 larger in volume. You say:The Sun is 370 times farther from the Earth than the Moon is. Incorec:The Sun is 387 thimes farther from The center (not the surface) of the Earth. minimal distance posible betwen the Sun to the surface of Earth=(distance sun earth) - (ecuatorial radius of Earth) =149.600.000 - 6378 = 1495936
  6. THEORY ABOUT THE ARTIFICIAL ORIGIN OF SYSTEM EARTH-MOON-SUN Who we are, where do we come from and where do we go? I will expose my theory. The life is the most remarkable characteristic of the planet Earth. The base of the life is the water, the vital liquid, without which the life so and as we know it would not be possible. In addition it has a property that withstands almost only to other compounds and chemical elements: when happening of the liquid state to solid its density diminishes what does that the ice floats and allows to the life in the seas and frozen rivers. Studying the
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