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  1. You're going to have to have a hell of a lot of knowledge in electronics and circuitry for what you're trying to do. You're going to need to know how to use basic passive and active electronic components (in their individual forms, not presoldered onto boards), microcontrollers, RF transmitting and receiving (which means knowledge of frequency, phase, and amplitude modulation), and just a more complete knowledge of this sort of stuff than what you currently portray. Its not just ripping apart an RC car and mounting the motor in a different position; you must get lighter, higher-rpm DC motors, a higher-energy density battery than those nickel cadmium or lead acid they use in those cars, and you're going to have to know a lot of physics on aerodynamics. I think you're a little out of your league on this one.
  2. I see. I guess this effect, if wishing to use minimal resources, is strictly bound to near light spectrum and beyond. Thanks for the help.
  3. And tutordave brings up a good point: it would be hard to have a healthy emotional bond with an animal that cannot provide reciprocated emotional responses. I think pets should stay innocent pets, and sex should be between wives and husbands, and boyfriends and girlfriends, or other arrangements based on your sexual orientation.
  4. Humans, aside from dolphins, are the only mammals, or animals for that matter, with a cerebral cortex developed enough for the capacity of higher cognitive ability, including "thought". We cannot assume that animals can "think" like humans do, with words and a language to interpret stimuli in a, what we would refer to as, coherent string of thought. As far as we can tell animals merely 'think' by complex subconscious reactions to certain stimuli, without consciously acknowledging that they are indeed acting on said stimuli. With that said, even if animals did have "emotions" on a neuro-chemical level, their brains do not hold the capacity for conscious recognition of said emotion. This is what I meant by sentience: the capacity to hold conscious recognition of stimuli with regards to a sense of self, not just merely the response to a stimuli. An animal can seem to be happy or morose, but if that animal has no conscious awareness of self, its current emotions do not hold any more function than for survival; being happy when there is food nearby increases the chances they will eat more and be satiated, whilst being sad and morose whilst sick increases the chances they will get rest and heal quicker. As far as we can tell, humans are the only animal capable of knowing that we are sad or happy on a conscious level, and are capable of forming complex and higher-level decisions based on said emotions. Humans are fundamentally different from other animals with regards to neural structure, so we can infer that it is this difference in brain structure that gives us our capacity for sentience. Though, like you said, this still doesn't mean it is right to go ahead and engage in socially unacceptable activities with other forms of life. But on a side not, morality is contingent upon consciousness; without being able to be aware of self we cannot judge actions. Sexual behavior is also a culturally dependant as well. In more rural and underdeveloped cultures, engaging in sexual activities is not that big of deal, and if you take a look at ancient mythology, many stories had bestial undertones. Its a complex issue, and the answer I believe is more of a personal moral decision coupled with societal norms than a clear cut yes or no.
  5. Similar to what Rasori stated, Our perception of reality is [usually] limited to three dimensions, and even two dimensional figures and images are still perceived via three-dimensional mechanics (light reflections, refractions, etc). The fourth dimension, which to some is time, is beyond our capacity to perceive and manipulate. We can go ahead a throw a ball through three-dimensional space, but it would be pretty hard to throw that ball through fourth-dimensional time as well. It would seem pretty impossible to throw a ball into the future or back into the past, and thats because it usually is.
  6. Like iNow had stated, even if you had removed every particle in a defined space, new ones would pop into existence via Hawking Radiation. There can never be nothing in a defined space, and thats the principle behind zero-point energy. There is actually quite a bit of something where there is nothing... and it may very well be that something is merely the result of a lack of that larger amount of something... if that makes sense at all.
  7. I don't know if you've ever had a male dog that hasn't been neutered, but they hump anything and everything, more than a teenager in heavy puberty. This brings us to another dilemma though: we have to assume that animals are capable of sentient thought to come to the conclusion that consent is even involved. If they have no deeper sense of "I" or "Myself" other than for primal motives like "I'm hungry", then they are incapable of deciding whether or not to partake in sexual activity for themselves because there is no sense of self involved. We also have to assume that the animal involved has the capacity to make such complicated decisions, and is capable of feeling assaulted if they indeed had decided not to partake in sexual activity against their will. I know many people with pets like to think their "members" of the family can think and have feelings, but we really have little proof of conclusion for either side of the debate. Sure they make decisions, like to eat, poop, drink, and sleep, but those are merely lower-level neural responses to intrinsic and extrinsic stimuli. And on another, more fundamental level, we are all just piles of cells with water to fill us up. I believe that humans have that little something extra from the stars that makes us who we are, but for animals it may very well be that they are merely the result of many cells following certain chemical pathways to allow 'life' to occur. Sentience as far as we know today is a strictly human attribute. Now I'm not saying do whatever you want because everything else is just bits of cells, water, and other materials and therefore has no feelings; doing so would be destructive. We have to be responsible for our sentience, but as far as I see this responsibility extends only far enough to ensure the prolongment of the earth, its life, and the human race. Therefore, as long as we are not physically harming ourselves, other sentient beings (sentience again is debatable as to its scope), and the planet, we are pretty much free to do what we want.
  8. There is a fundamental flaw with this logic. HHO is an energy *CARRIER* and gasoline is an energy *SOURCE*. In order to produce HHO, you need energy from somewhere else, whilst gasoline is already there, and all one has to do is pump it out and refine it and voila, energy in a fluid!
  9. 2) Specifically is kind of technical. Usually each pixel has 3 8-bit values to represent the RGB value of that particular pixel, and often modern applications that use alpha channels have an 8-bit alpha value as well. In programming they are often represented using hexi-decimal notation, i.e. 0xnnnnnnnn , where the each pair of n's (there are four) represent Alpha, Red, Green, and Blue respectively. White would be represented as 0xFFFFFFFF, and black as 0x00000000. A somewhat transparent magenta would be 0xAAFFFF00.
  10. Hello, I remembering watching a video from SIGGRAPH 2006 of this Japaneses research firm using IR lasers to form "holograms" in the air by making small bubbles of plasma in the air which produce light visible to the human eye for a split second, acting much like a pixel. The plasma bubbles were produced by focusing the infrared light from the laser to a point at some distance in the air. I've asked someone who has also done this and they had stated that an energy density of 200mJ per 10ns can create this effect. I don't have the money for a Nd:YAG laser to try this myself, but I was wondering if other forms of electromagnetic radiation can create these plasma balls. I know microwave ovens are easy to come by and many have a lot of power available. Would it be possible to focus the microwave radiation out of a magnetron using a parabolic metallic reflector to a point some distance away and create a plasma ball in the air, much like using a laser? Would microwaves have sufficient energy densities available (for instance is it possible to pulse magnetrons fast enough to get 200mJ of energy within 10 nanoseconds?) Thanks!
  11. Mitosis produces 2n identicals of the original cells, incapable of fertilization. Meiosis produces variation through the 'crossing over' stage of synapsis during metaphase I believe. It is important because it allows for evolution and perpetuation of a species to occur through producing genetically different offspring. This is elementary stuff... there are tones of books with this information in it.
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