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  1. Well friend, In a recent article I found that venom from king cobras is being tapped to develop a new painkiller several thousand times more potent than morphine but without the addictive side-effects, and a biomedical company set up by three Singapore bodies to refine the drug and bring it to market.
  2. My friend, Certain forms of experimental hypertension may be induced in animals by increasing salt intake with or without the administration of mineralocorticoids or reduction of renal mass. It is easier to produce salt-induced hypertension in young rats than in adult rats. Dahl demonstrated variability in the response to salt loading in normal rats and by inbreeding was able to develop two strains, one of which was sensitive to the hypertensinogenic effects of salt, the other of which was not sensitive to salt. Cross-transplantation experiments have shown the importance of the kidney in this form of experimental hypertension.
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