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  1. Get a grip on your MIND, and start making it do YOUR bidding, not it's addictive bidding. Strength comes from being STRONG, not caving in by saying "I'm weak". Millions upon millions of people have quit. Find someone you dearly love, truly love, not some BS fantasy, and quit when that person encourages you to do so.
  2. Usual: Print more currency. Risk: Inflationary collapse; Unusual: Use the "Monetary Reform Act", 1983 or thereabouts, signed into law by Reagan, to exchange the entire currency at "any rate deemed necessary and prudent". In other words, steal enough out of everyone's pockets to pay down the debt. In reality, just another form of taxation, or parasitism, your choice. imp
  3. Mooey, the ONE material in your milk which should be most troubling to you has not been mentioned: Strontium 90. When I was a kid growing up, in America, the news posted daily the average levels of Sr 90 in the local milk supply, and advised by age how much to drink, maximum. It is hard for me to believe that, knowing the persistence of Sr 90, it is no longer to be found in milk. Fact is, it couldn't be removed then, never was, and probably STILL can be found to some degree in our milk supply; no one worries about it anymore, sort of like mercury in tuna fish. Sr 90 was produced in large quantities during the above-ground atomic bomb testing, which loaded the air currents circling the globe with various radioactive contaminants, Sr 90 being one of them. Fallout brought large amounts to earth, grazing milk cows ingested it with their food, and it presented in their milk because Strontium is so similar chemically to Calcium. Our bodies assimilate Strontium like they do Calcium, and distribute it in our bones, where it remains irradiating our cell structures for life. Denial of it's presence there is a blatant lie. Question is, how much? If you fear the presence of unwanted materials within your body, get a copy of the book "Our Stolen Future", which illustrates very well how over 90% of ALL human beings inhabiting the earth today present detectable levels of the herbicide 2,4,-D in their bodies. 2,4,-D is chemically so similar to ESTROGEN, that the body picks it up and distributes it throughout. This one material ALONE has done irrepairable harm to humanity. But, enjoy life! However much of it may remain. imp
  4. Cap'n, is that 30 posts AND one month, or 30 posts OR one month? imp
  5. Pray tell, how in the world did you come to be aware of the Great State of Texas' concern for use of laboratory untensils? imp
  6. Find a place which caters to old car buffs, buy a replacement Model T Ford ignition coil, hook it up to a 6-volt battery, and you will have all the activity you desire. (they have the vibrating contacts already built-in). imp
  7. Yes, there are. "Free" Cl in pool water kills small organisms, and in the process alters the Ph level of the water. In arid/semi arid climates, the available water usually has a relatively high Ph to begin with, and the activity of the Cl tends to drive it even higher; hence the need to add acid to bring the Ph down, but never below 7.0. I have never seen a need to reduce the Cl residual by applied means, unless way too much had been added; swimmers can easily tolerate 1ppm, and given a few days time, the residual will dissipate by itself. The generally recommended level to be maintained is, I believe, 0.3-0.4 ppm Cl. imp
  8. Most often, I simply dismiss the more ludicrous statements and contentions presented, but here, I am compelled to remark on the above: The implication is that criminals will disarm themselves while going about their business if they are assured their victims are unarmed? This is among the most damn-fool lines of reasoning concerning firearms that I have ever heard!!imp
  9. I cannot help with your quest for "phase-stabilization", but would point out that due to several physical qualities, ammonium nitrate is an undesirable and difficult compound. Extremely hygroscopic, the material quickly becomes a wet and pulpy mass if exposed to the air. It then is relatively useless for anything but plant fertilizer. Indeed, when sold as fertilizer, it usually is made in the form of "prills", small, coated spheres, to resist absorption of water until used. It's somewhat unpredictable ability to dissociate instantaneously adds danger to use as fuel, I should think. This quality has made procurement of the material a scrutinized activity. imp
  10. For me, the frightening part of the super-high gasoline and diesel prices is the fact that ever-more purchasers are using credit cards to buy fuel, thus deepening their debt, since it is very unlikely that any reasonable percentage of them pay the card billing in full each month. The credit card debt is already totally out of control, with the fuel prices pushing it still higher. This situation will only resolve itself in the form of sudden drastic price decreases (unlikely), or an accelerated rate of personal bankruptcies occurring. imp
  11. hobz, here is how I have always pictured this question: knowing that electric charge always tends to distribute itself on the OUTSIDE of a conductor, and that a Faraday cage represents a conductor, the charge distributes itself on the OUTSIDE of the cage, with none existing on the INSIDE. Simplistic, yes. But, for me, understandable in everyday terms. imp
  12. Any chemistry textbook will provide the answer to your 2nd. question. If the answers to all of your questions are handed to you via the internet, you will never learn anything of value. imp
  13. If the contacting surfaces of the wheels and rail did not DEFORM under the imposed load, the AREA of CONTACT would be zero, that is, a a straight tangent (rail) to the curve of the wheel. If contact area were zero, no force could be transmitted. However, in reality, the metal surfaces deform elastically, the amount depending on the load; the finite contact area thus produced allows the transfer of forces from wheel to rail. The same concept is applied in ball bearings- the raceway curvature is slightly LARGER than the bearing balls, which deform under load and lose their shericity to conform to the raceway. Exagerrated, did you know that bearing balls assume an egg-shape under load? imp
  14. imp

    Hillary Mis-steps

    All of you have provided thoughtful insight. Several angles I would never have thought of. Thank you. imp
  15. imp

    Hillary Mis-steps

    What could Sen. Clinton possibly have been thinking when she remarked that Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June while running for the Presidential nomination?? imp
  16. I taught Math locally, rural high school, 2002-03, and was amazed that the standard punishment for these young adults was swats administered by the Principal! I questioned my classes about their own personal regard for the meting out of authority- the answers were also amazing. Some laughed as the procedure was carried out, some misbehaved simply to get out of class often, but all AGREED the procedure did little more than set the student population ever further against the administration. imp
  17. imp

    Electron Speed?

    Why do you not now explain how the displacement "flow" of electrons "pass through" a capacitor, if the source be a.c.? Also, since the dielectric blocking the "flow" of electrons has finite (though very high) resistance, figure on some of the displacement current actually passing through the dielectric, even as excess and deficiency of electrons pile up on either side of it? Finally, why cannot electrolytic capacitors satisfactorily handle a.c. circuits? imp
  18. Can anyone help with this one? We got a 1993 Van awhile back, and now want to start using it- (Ford E-150). No info underhood on whether it is charged with Freon 12 or new-fangled 134a. The Ford 1993 Shop Manual says clearly F-12. However, the system is equipped with the access ports which accept quick-disconnects, which I thought were only used with 134a. The older systems had smaller, threaded ports. It clearly needed additional charge, high-side showing about 100psi at ambient 80 degrees F. Does anyone know, whether the presence of the newer ports signifies 134a? Is there any simple way to determine what material is in the system? Thanks, in advance, for any help. imp Edit: What might result from mixing of F-12 and 134a in the same system?
  19. This is very true. Generating installations using hydro-power have in the past necessarily been built at relatively long distances from the use-point, as populated areas are rarely near the chasms used to dam rivers. Then too, politics come into play. Hoover Dam, for example, sent it's power output to the Los Angeles Basin for 50 years, rather than populated areas closer, for treaty reasons. As public loathing of nuclear plants has reached fever pitch, new installations of that type have been built far from the end-users, if at all. imp
  20. Please explain how renewable energy concepts relate to electrical power lines. I suspect the length of power lines is less important now to the owners, as higher, and therefore more efficient, voltages have been successfully used, as well as direct current transmission instead of alternating, which eliminates a-c losses. How would a global power grid span continent-to-continent, with thousands of miles of ocean between? Which ever-warring factions would own it, were it possible? imp
  21. Understood. Disgusting, but true. imp
  22. Dark, thank you for responding. Reason I ask such questions is that searching internet takes forever with the slow dial-up service I am stuck with. No DSL available here; even cell phones are dead! imp
  23. Looking at a supplier website, I found a cautionary statement that they could ship no laboratory glassware or other equipment to anyone placing an order from the State of Texas! It seems a regulation has been imposed that requires a PERMIT from the Texas Department of Public Safety to purchase or possess lab apparatus! This was imposed as a means to thwart the use of such equipment to manufacture illegal drugs. Consider the enormous number of commercial concerns, schools, R & D operations, not to mention amateur experimenters, who now must pay a fee to obtain a permit, in order to continue work. Does anyone have additional information pertaining to this, such as will this become a widespread trend? Does anyone think this is a viable approach to countering drug manufacture? Finally, what if Pyrex kitchen-type measuring cups become popular substitutes for beakers, will they then, also, become illegal without permitting? This post not aimed at the politics of this, but rather continuing availability of equipment. imp
  24. Does not the usual process of growing through childhood to young adulthood involve "brainwashing"? Or do you feel that children normally process the experiences of maturing by weighing and evaluating such experiences for themselves? imp
  25. Would someone be willing to explain the common indicators for Ph of solutions? For example, does Litmus paper simply indicate QUALITATIVELY that a solution is either above or below 7.0 PH? Or is there some degree of QUANTITATIVE amount of color-change? How is Phenolphthalein paper used? And finally, my Ph-indicating paper changes color immediately, as the liquid proceeds upward through the test paper, but the color returns to original paper color, more or less orange, behind the advancing wetted area, which does change color for a short time, but then returns to orange. The instructions say check color within 30 seconds. Trouble is, within 10 seconds, the whole test strip has returned to original color. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!! imp
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