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  1. Is the travelling object contracting or the space, in which the travelling object exists, is contracting?
  2. If we observe a traveller who travels at great speed, we feel that his time moves slower than ours. But the one, who is traveling, feels his time is going normal. The contradiction comes only when we compare our time with his time. Otherwise everyone feels everything is alright with their own frame. We calculate the light's speed in our own frame.
  3. Some Science fiction authors described Human race as “Self Destructive” in their stories. Are we really? If Population increases exponentially, our needs for the usage of resources would also increase. We may postpone the run out of resources with our full effort, but it would come to an end sooner or later. I think we can do nothing about it. Do we have any other options?
  4. As a learner of Physics I am very much interested to know about the EM waves and EM field. As far as I know, the Electric filed and Magnetic filed are perpendicular to each other and that makes the EM field propagation. EM waves are fluctuations in that field. Radio waves, micro waves, IR,visible light,UV, X-ray, and Gamma rays are EM waves at various frequncy ranges. I want to know why do the frquency ranges vary? Which makes them to vary and how? are the electric and magentic fields are spread all over the universe? are they fade away when getting farther away from matter?
  5. Recent disasters proved nuclear energy sources are highly dangerous. We should think and implemet every possible plans to reduce the usage of renewable and non renewable resources. It takes thousands of years to form every drop of petroleum under earth but people wasting it within seconds.
  6. I have heard Universe is expanding in accelerating speed because of Dark energy. What is Dark energy? If it is true when will Universe stop expanding? will it need any other force to slow down?
  7. I am not a physcist, not even a student. But My average man's mind cannot understand how a particle can act like a wave when we are'nt looking? though I am an atheist, I agree with einsteins words " God does not play dice".
  8. Advaithi


    Is it possibile to find the meaning of all ATGC combinations in DNA? If yes what will be the consequences?
  9. Evolution of Species including human race is consequence of mutations. Mutations are consequence of improper replications. Well, the question is the mutations are just accidental or they are made intentionally by the speices to make themselves as "The Fittest"?
  10. Physicst say according to the rules of quantum physics, sub atomic particles have duality as "particle and waves" . I dont understand this. We all know the sub atomic particles are the basic matter of an atom and all the solid materials including you and me are made up of atoms. Then what is reality? What we are seeing in every day life is just a pattern of waves? is there nothing solid?
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