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  1. Snitches get stitches in my town.
  2. I'm just pointing out the absurdity of holding any validity or faith in the IPCC report.
  3. Many proponents for illegalizing drugs say that taking drugs impairs your judgment and you don't have control over hurting someone else. That is why it should be illegal... In order for this point to have any bearing at all, you have to PROVE that legalizing drugs will sgnificantly cause an increase in usage, because the above opinion about drugs do NOT depend on whether the drugs are illegal or not.
  4. What makes you think you know better than the entire scientific community? http://www.okieonthelam.com/?p=1693
  5. I gues you've never heard of the petition signed by 17,000 scientists saying there is insufficient evidence to conclude global warming is caused by man. So 2,000 scientists really isn't anything.
  6. A crime is an act that infringes upon another's rights. And are you advocating the illegalization of self-harm, or are you just being argumentative. And do explain why the events that would have to occur would be unlikely?
  7. What I was saying was that causality has no factor in illegalizing something. You punish the person for the CRIME he committed. Not for what causes him to do it.
  8. And Tree actually said he wanted to illegalize self-harm.
  9. Then you arrest that person according to the CRIME he committed, not what causes it. People also lose the same ability to judge when they are in fits of rage. Are you saying fits of rage should be illegal?
  10. I've often wondered this myself, but I don't know.
  11. You think it should be illegal to harm yourself? Why? Who will judge ehat is good and what is bad? That's so dumb, it will be America's downfall. "We know what is best for you!" Ever read 1984 Tree?
  12. So when you see your daughter cutting herself that isn't as bad as her smoking pot? Because this is what you are saying. Just wanted to let you know.
  13. So you think harming yourself should be illegal? Wow.
  14. Think of it as a right to self harm. Or so you think it should be illegal to harm ourselves?
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