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  1. We don't know. But like djmacarro I believe that all animals have souls. my question to him was how do we know that they do not possess the intelligience to understand their own souls. The point you make about verbalizing thought is irrelevant as far as a dog is concerned. We do not know or understand every nuance or noise or movement that a dog makes to other dogs. We largely only understand dogs in relation to ourselves. Do we say that a new baby has no soul because we do not understand everything which is expressed within their crying?
  2. You might want to have a look at this page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wire_wheels
  3. Guess what I'm trying to know is, can selfish acts inspire a generous soul?
  4. I worked for a man once who it seemed to me at the time, loved no one but himself. He collected people like many people collect objects, he bad- mouthed everyone of us to the other - always confident that he was in control. He operated like a puppet master. But if you ever asked him for anything his anwer would always be yes. Is this a selfish man?
  5. Why don't we have a misc subject area where subjects such as logic, economics, neuroscience, nanotechnology and many of the other areas mentioned could go. This could be done for a trial period and the two or three, that prove to be the most popular can remain in the own subject area.
  6. But why? Surely this is completely out of character for the MOD? Me thinks the whole thing has been conceived mischievously from start to finish. - But I'm sure I'm wrong.
  7. Sorry, crap writing on my part. I was apologing for not being able to remember her name
  8. The strange story rumbles on. It seems the woman, (and I forget her name) apologies. Is doing a deal with itv television for her story. I didn't think military personel were permitted to do this?
  9. Did you see this site? I thought the diagram was pretty handy. http://www.preparatorychemistry.com/bishop_combustion_analysis.htm
  10. I consulted a friend, and heres what he said. To answer your question about how we determine the chemical formula for a compound, here's how it works. There are a variety of techniques we can use to dermine what elements are present in a particular chemical. These techniques include: gas-chromotography/mass-spectrometery(GCMS), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), infrared spectrosocopy (IR) and a few other chromatographic methods. These techniques can identify what elements are present and what percentage of the compound it makes up. I don't know how much detail you are looking for here but I can explain this further if you would like. I would recommend that you go to google and look up the information on GCMS, NMR and IR and that will help you understand how each one of these work.
  11. This is a good question. I don't know the answer either and I'd like to know too. Could it be some kind of microscope?
  12. One of the Boroughs that this will be used in, is the borough which I live in. I'm really tempted to pick a fight (with a friend) underneath one, to find out what the voice says.
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